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Where’s the bombshell? Soledad asks

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 This video at is comical and worth a watch for the simple reason that Soledad stays on the case and wants to know: where’s the bombshell in this video…I don’t get it!

Then a white guy comes on to point out that as a white man he agrees with Soledad and points out that there are all white people in the background cheering and smiling Obama the student on.

Where’s the beef? Methinks the mainstream media is making a big deal out of a molehill or is it a mountain out of a molehill? Regardless we knew that Barack and my sister, who looks white, sat in Jeremiah Wright‘s church for a time. 

Chicago people are addicted to radical theology and to radical politics.  We just roll like that.  The women are also addicted to natural hair, or at least they were when I lived there.  Including me we sported long beautiful naturals for years before it caught on again.