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Katie and Kruz Kall it Kwits

English: The Actress Katie Holmes at the Natio...

English: The Actress Katie Holmes at the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, D.C., May 24, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the latest episode of divorce celebrity style: Katie Holmes who returned to the small screen in The Kennedys and Tom Cruise who is starring in a broadway show about metal heads are calling it quits after a lavish wedding and a daughter named Suri.

The divorce episode of these two where millions are involved is probably pretty much settled if they had a prenuptial agreement.

Heloise recently wrote a review of the book “Inside Scientology” where Tom, and by default Katie loomed large on that creepy scene.  I am sure Katie won’t need to go begging with her split with Tom.  Rumors of Tom gayness and cultness probably doomed this marriage before the lavish Italian nupitals.  What a waste.


In case you missed it: Will Smith and Jada Splitsville–really


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Will and Jada split and plan divorce.  And Jolie is still a stick.

In Touch Weekly reports that Jada recently met with a celebrity divorce lawyer and quotes a source who says that she has “finally begun to take steps to dissolve their marriage.”

The magazine first reported that Will and Jada had separated in August after 13 years of marriage. In response to those allegations, the pair said at the time, “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”

Terrance Howard—is he depressed?

Terrence Howard at the 2007 Toronto Internatio...

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Howard and wife Michelle Ghent (biracial Eurasian IMO) are in divorce mode.  She is calling him the N word.  I’ve seen this often in mixed race couples.  The white partner resorts to calling the black one the N word or their family does it.   He has allegedly thought about killing himself and is also exhibiting tons of self-destructive behavior.  Terrance you got money–get help before it’s too late.

11) Over Thanksgiving weekend, Terrence Howard called Michelle Ghent Howard and told her “I felt like killing myself today.” He stalked her for several days after, on the telephone, until he sent the following email on Dec. 2:

“If you wanted, you could crush me with the push of a button. I have no recourse, I have pleaded with Jehovah to fortify my heart that I do not fall into angry and revengeful retaliation against my forsaken love.

Debra Messing divorcing after 11 years

That Was the headline.
Debra Messing’s holiday season isn’t looking too jolly this year.

The “Will and Grace” actress, 43, has called it quits with her husband, writer-producer Daniel Zelman, 44, after 11 years of marriage.

The couple, who met years ago as students at New York University, have a 7-year-old son Roman.

“(They) privately separated earlier this year,” Messing’s rep tells the Daily News. “The decision was mutual, and they remain supportive of one another and committed to raising their son as a family.”
From new York daily news

Jennifer Lopez: Married on Rebound—Divorce on Downturn

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.

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Jennifer Lopez is talking trash about her recent separation from Mark Anthony. But celebrity marriage observers could see this rebound relationship was headed for the rocks from the getgo.  My first thought was rebound even though she had slept around and dated Mark before. I think they were even engaged.  But the engage has turned to enrage and something happened to the “rebound” marriage.  Hell, who hasn’t Jennifer Lopez slept with? Rumors are that she and P Diddy are getting back together.  Who cares? 

The real story is that they manaaged to get married and stay married long enough to have a few kids.  That’s probably the reason she got married in the first place to add to the number of majority minority in this country.  But sleeping around will only result in divorce rounds.  While I’ve never seen a study on the celebate crowd (Like myself) or the young people who limit the number of people they sleep with before marriage or wait until marriage (like my two kids did) before sexual and emotional actions take place.  With the libs in firm control of the media don’t expect to see too many studies or blogs about how marriages built on Christian values, abstinence and few partners last longer and stay stronger than marriages after multiple partners.  We won’t hold our breath on those facts forthcoming….it’s bad for business.

Winehouse and Fielder Drugging it out

Amy and her husband Fielder-Civil both skipping their way down the broad road to destruction: drugs.  They were not just two London/British Jews in love with each other both from obscurity into the fame depot with songs from Amy’s “Back to Black” rocking the music world as one of the best albums ever. 

Well, some of us have had earthshaking love affairs and I should know, I’ve had more than one.  And love is a muse and acts as rocket fuel for the heart and mind.  There’s no cure for alcoholism and the only cure for love gone bust is time. 

Matt Lauer’s Cheating Ways

Buzzabout Matt is that he has cheated on his goya wife and she is about to leave his jew ass. Is it true? He’s still wearing his wedding ring.

Divorce Hollywood Style: Jolie/Pitts Splitsville

The Jolie Pitts have seen a divorce lawyer a top lawyer. They need to split the money and the kids in half. Or something like that.

They also need a divorce lawyer because in California if you are living together for so long you are married. They are married so they need to get divorced and split and share the kids up.