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Malcolm Gladwell: Biracial and proud of it

English: Malcolm Gladwell speaks at PopTech! 2...

English: Malcolm Gladwell speaks at PopTech! 2008 conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cover of "Outliers: The Story of Success&...

Cover of Outliers: The Story of Success

I have just listened to three audiobooks  read by author Malcolm Gladwell.  I have heard of him and his books but just happened upon his Tipping Point and Blink both of which are worth a read.  He is not quite as smart as John McWhorter because in his interview with Gates he peppered his answers with lots of  “ahms, and you know” I’m like WTF?  This guy is not doing a good interview.  Was he nervous or was there bad chemistry between the two talkers.  During his many lectures Gladwell is well, coherent and not stumbling over his words.

My only problem with his thesis in Blink about thinking without thinking is that one is not using the brain or thoughts to reach lightning fast accurate assessments of situations that would harm them if they were to stop and think.  It’s called intuituion and it operates above the mental plane not on it.  So technically he is not correct but subjectively I can give him a pass on the book.  It gets people to thinking about intuition or making choices without thinking but intuiting and TRUSTING THAT INTUIT.

 Oh and how can I forget the Outliers about success.  This October his new book ” David and Goliath” should be out in print.

He  confirms one thing I know from my past life research that nurture and culture are huge and they are passed down just like genes to offspring.  Not only that but particular traits are indeed part of a family’s DNA

I also found this link about his genealogy and that his grandparent was named Thomas Adams.  That’s strange because that’s my maiden name and my grandfather, not the same person of course, was also named Thomas Adams!

I will have to do a little more research because we in fact could be related through our European ancestors.  It’s ironic because my anglo ancestors are mostly on my father’s side hence the name Adams.  However, my mother’s people are Mediterranean hence my olive coloring and Italian ways. 

More later on this guy.  He has interviews on youtube also you can check out. 


Ashton no longer in Baez sight, Judge rules==WTF?

Exclaim personal attack

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Judge Perry is funny he misspoke a bit.  He said “if this don’t make a hill of a bean.”  I think that idiom goes “a hill of beans” judge.

But wow, double wow, Baez has made one personal attack on the prosecution after another.  But it does not wash with the judge.  It seems that he has removed Ashton from Baez’s line of sight. That’s not certitude. It may be that the attorneys decided that one.  They have been asked to review the videotape of their behavior.  No audible comments, no gestures, no facial looks that might signal disproval.  I wish this were true of teachers who can act a fool if they so please.  That won’t wash in a case of law or a court of law.

 Wow, never heard of that before have you? Judge Perry looked at the video and said that both, get this both of the attorneys have violated his orders not to clown, not to call anyone out, and not to act up.  Both did both.  Okay.

Movie Review: Two Spirits

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I love Native Americans and their culture.  The Navajo people are part of the organic fabric of this country and their DNA runs through the veins of most red-blooded Americans. We have acquired and borrowed many words from a people who have their own dialect, food, culture and artistic achievement with distinct gifts welcomed by American culture. To that end they have added their collective voices to the debate over the identity or identities found within the politically correct term LGBT community.

Independent Lens documentary Two Spirits beautifully tells the story of the short life and brutal death of 16-year-old Navajo boy named Fred Martinez. Along with that storyline the writer and director also present a less well-known spiritual belief surrounding the Navajo word nadleehi. It includes the understanding of what it means to have two spirits or an equally strong masculine and feminine brain. In their traditional culture such a one is honored; seen as both counselor and healer–the two spirits person is not shunned or derided. Understanding two spirits is essential and their word nails it. Androgyny suggests a state of mind or body found between the masculine and feminine and lack of distinction but two spirits means something deeper more esoteric. The Navajo believe in four genders: feminine woman, masculine man, feminine man and masculine woman. And this film mines that belief.

Fred’s life as told through the words of his mother and family friend reveals a child who was giving and looking and finding himself in two bodies–one female one male. And his daily life reflected that reality because some days he would dress and look strikingly girlish especially after he learned to style his hair and apply makeup. Other days he would resemble a boy wearing baggy jeans and T-shirts. Achieving a level of physical beauty became important to Fred and he relished his chameleon appearance.

Two Spirits also includes personal experiences as told by other Navajo who live as openly gay individuals. Most of them were told that they were different from day one, from the beginning something was seen in their life as a power that comes with full participation in the culture they are born into. Along with a discussion of two spirits the film includes human sexuality and its complex nature that Western culture wants to box neatly into two genders and one means of copulation between a masculine man and a feminine woman. This film discusses how the straight and narrow path of sexuality has been shattered by the Navajo who held marriages between gay people long before it resonated in Western culture and becomes a teachable hour on the subject.

Fred is adventurous and loves to mix and mingle with everybody and is not afraid to go into town. His mother worries about him because of discrimination against her son that she knows will collide: his brown skin and his feminine side that he does not hesitate to display. Just as he was disciplined at school for wearing clothes of his choice; his non-conformity was not appreciated by his peers or by the school’s administration, and the town at large will not want him either. Fred was headed for a deadly confrontation that he did not see coming.

Fred went to town for a regional rodeo and carnival and never returned. That night he went with friends to the rodeo where Sean Murphy also went with friends. It is believed that Fred got a ride to the convenience store with Sean and friends who went to an apartment but decided to go out again. Was he tracking Fred? No one is sure but later his body was found with a crushed skull from two nearby large rocks that Sean found and used to kill Fred. The murder was investigated as a hate crime (a crime which is committed against an entire community) but Sean pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, sentenced to 40 years in prison, which satisfied justice.

While Two Spirits may not redefine what marriage means in this country for stanch Christians–it can reshape key concepts about human individuality that includes sexuality and embraces gender identification not gender confusion.

Casey Anthony Prosecution–wrapping up with DNA

Cross section of a hair

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Today’s expert DNA witness testified that the hair found in the trunk of Casey’s car using mitochondrial DNA,  (traced only through the mother’s line) not nuclear because the sample was too small (one hair), that Casey, Caylee and Cindy Anthony could not be excluded as the donor of that hair.

The defense could get the case in the next couple of day.  The prosecution is wrapping up the duct tape evidence.

Then she went down the percentage list of what racial populations could be excluded.  Mitochondrial DNA is less accurate than nuclear but it is also good enough to exclude like 90% of the population.  The hair was also shown to be from someone who as deceased so that means out of the three women only Caylee was deceased.  The prosecution seeks to put the hair of Caylee into the trunk of Casey. 

Now the heart shaped stickers found in Casey’s bedroom, an outline of a heart was found on the duct tape, duct tape on followed by heart-shaped sticker.  Follow the duct tape has been the meme that could lead to the guilty findings of Casey by the juror.  The stickers could convict.  If the sticker fits, you must find guilty.  If the duct tape is placed in anyone else’s hand but Casey then you must acquit.

More later

DSK, DNA, Dress

By Jonathan Dienst and Shimon Prokupecz

A DNA sample taken from Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid, has been matched to material found on the maid’s shirt, sources familiar with the case tell NBC New York.

The 32-year-old Sofitel maid has told police that Strauss-Kahn groped her, locked her in a bedroom and forced her to perform oral sex.

Sources familiar with the case say material on her shirt matched Strauss-Kahn’s DNA. Another source says DNA testing on other evidence from the scene is continuing.

Watch DSK do the perp walk on the video.

Black African Muslim Woman from Guinea Charges Strauss-Kahn w/ Rape — update

The black woman in question, and in hiding, has been described as both pretty and plain.  Sort of a Cleopatra syndrome where the men write the history and write in what they will.  Another person described her as pretty with large breasts and a nice rear. But the French have called her not pretty because they saw her when she fingered, oops bad word choice, DSK in a lineup.  


Dominique Strauss-Kahn (French socialist polit...

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On Tuesday her lawyer, Jeffrey Shapiro, said he had no doubts his client was telling the truth about her encounter with Strauss-Kahn on Saturday.

“She came from a country in which poor people had little or no justice, and she’s now in a country where the poor have the same rights as do the rich and the powerful,” Shapiro said. “What (Strauss-Kahn) might be able to get away with in some countries, he can’t here in this country.”

Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said at his client’s arraignment this week that defense lawyers believe the forensic evidence “will not be consistent with a forcible encounter.”

But Shapiro dismissed suggestions that the woman had made up the charges or tried to cover up a consensual encounter.

“This is nothing other than a physical, sexual assault by this man on this young woman,” Shapiro said in an interview in his Manhattan office. He said that the woman didn’t know who was staying in the 28th-floor suite she went to clean on Saturday afternoon, before she said she was attacked.


DNA should settle what went on.  Once he said it was consenual that tells everyone that he was there and that he did have a sexual contact with the black woman, a poor woman from the country of Guinea.   She might get paid.  His past won’t come in unless he takes the stand.  There was more than one charge but the only one that has been named is oral sex.  Was sodomy involved?  We hope this is not another Polanski case.  If the maid has the only electronic key to enter the suite that could incriminate the DSK and show that this woman couldn’t care less who DSK was. She came forward as a rape case and that’s all that matters. The woman is in hiding and Strauss-Kahn is on Riker’s Island under suicide watch wearing an orange jumpsuit.  Now that’s justice.

Update: What if this maid is a lying illegal piece of shit? What if this black woman is just another scam runner from Africa? Does it make her case a lie? No, not by itself.  But if she laid a trap for DSK and he fell into it with his dick then she is guilty of many things including making false accusations. 

The thing that bothered me about the first hearing was that she did not know who the man was.  She works in an over the top luxury hotel in NYC the Sofitel and we know a bunch of illegals don’t take rooms there, no only jobs!  If this woman is really an illegal in sheep’s clothing then send her black ass packing…no passing go.  But if DSK is guilty then throw the book at him.

What I learned from the Holocaust

I am reading many books this summer. Most of them are about ghetto life during the Holocaust. When they move the peoples or groups it reminds one of the crimes that killers do. The experts always warn never go to the second scene or allow yourself to be moved by the perp, especially by a car.

This is crucial. The Nazis continually moved the Jews from place to place, ghetto to ghetto, train to train and finally from train to truck where many were gassed. Also from train to showers where many were gassed, all were burnt.

If you still don’t know what really happened to Anne Frank then I’ll tell you. She and her family were in a camp after they were discovered or sold to the Nazis. They were there about 3 weeks before being moved to Bergen-Belsen. Camp liberation was around the corner. She and her sister had the lice and the sores and succumbed to typhus just weeks before the end.

They were either buried or burnt after their deaths. Margo died first.

In Cup of Tears the author Abraham Levin wrote about the ghetto in Warsaw for a year and a half. I was looking for Roman Polanski’s Krakow ghetto but could not find accounts of it, like the Warsaw ones. Levin wrote up until he too was caught up in one of the last great transports to Treblinka. He was into the gas chambers and into the ovens before he could say a prayer.  Polish Jewry was no more.

If anyone knows of accounts of Krakow ghettos let me know. They are rarer.

People believe that only their people are great and wonderful and sainted. Why don’t we extend that to other groups and races? That’s what I learned from Cup of Tears but already knew as an anthropologist.