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Breitbart started life as a wealthy Jew

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Breitbart the “enfant terrible” of the Internet has died where he first started in Brentwood, yes that ritzy place, California the former home of OJ Simpson

Andrew was controversial and loved it. 

He was adopted by wealthy Jewish parents and at one point lived in Venice Italy where he met his wife.  They returned to the states and were penniless for a while and then he started writing for Drudge Report for no salary.  They thought he had talent. As said before he also helped to build Huffington Post when it was a startup. 

He changed his site from to Big Business, Big Government, Big Journalism.  He is credited with the first photos that outed Weiner and led to his resignation.

He was walking home near his Brentwood home when he collapsed.  His neighbors saw him collapse and called 911.  He was taken to UCLA Medical Center where MJ was taken and pronounced dead.

He died of a massive heart attack.  Andrew had heart problems in the past.  I read that he was not into the lib healthy diet and exercise propaganda but believed in eating, drinking and getting merry on his wealth. 

So long Andrew. He was 43. 


The Drudge Report Drumming up race wars?

Black Bike Week Festival 2008

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The headlines at Drudge are all about what blacks teens are doing in cities this past weekend in major mets that are predominantly black. I looked at a some of the stories and yes,they were about black and brown people”acting in a riotous manner” especiallyin Boston where even the national guard was called in.I think it’s deliberate becausethat site has millions of hits per day.
I too write about black on black crime and white crime with specific stories also Mexican crime. Drudge headlines this
all in one day about black teens who run amok in big cities?

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 I was able to cut and past them here:

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Chaos causes DNC concern for convention…
Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park…


Obama: OBL Death Photo NOT coming to website near you–updated

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White House will release the death photo of Osama bin Laden OBL. They are not sure of the date. Okay folks, no photo create your own LOL. 

 I think Drudge got carried away with the siren and shouting that it was an eminent release. It ain’t.

They again described that he was shot in the eye with part of his skull blown away, therefore it was an gory looking.

 Okay, sorry about that wording but Drudge Report said this in error.  Now it’s later for the photo but soon for the video.

I am not liking how a lot of Repubs are not giving Obama credit for capturing and killing Osama.  Look for his photo just saw the link on Drudge report.

The King is Dead

Multiple sources have confirmed this: Drudge is reporting per TMZ that Jackson is dead.

Say goodbye to the King of Pop. RIP BIO