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Rick Perry The Complete Package

When Perry sought re election here recently we facebooked some opinions between some online bloggers and others who write about politics.  We were as a consensus none too happy that he was running….again, because we knew Perry would win again.  But then I lamented that I was not voting for no democrat by the name of Bill White, did not want to see him in the Texas mansion.  So while I did not vote in this last election I have voted for Perry in the past.

I think the man is sort of a complete package.  I mean he is also a career politician but a pretty good one.  The only thing that he did was try to shove the vaccine down every teens body and that was protested and the people won that battle.  It was a vaginal vaccine against cervical cancer I think.  These days because of the invasion of so many people from other places the kids here get so many shots and vaccinations that it’s stupid.  I mean you have to get vaccinated against hepatitis for goodness sakes.  Who is gonna get that disease as a young child? You can if you live in filthy conditions or are exposed to them among other means of transmission.

No way my kids got those vaccines and I do not support that at all.  But other than that and the allowance of too many illegals into the state I have no problem with Perry.  He is a Christian an Evangelical I think and I get that.  He is a family man and a man who thinks he can win and does win. 

He is not a transplant like the Bush family are from Maine.  He’s a real Texan and looks like the typical good looking men here.  Some of the best looking men I’ve ever seen really.  But I told Obama that I was through with him if he appointed another super duper liberal to the SCOTUS and he did.  Since then I have nothing to say to him.  Forget the poverty and the job’s thing that’s a biggie but I pulled back my support from him when he put those two women in office for life: Elena Kagan and Sotomayer.  Yuck.  I was just ill over those two appointments really not over it yet. 

But for sure Perry is no Bush, he ain’t no Obama either.  He ain’t even Mitt the businessman and career politician.  Maybe we should put Mitt and Perry together and put the white man back in the white house because I am sick of all the racial wrangling going on.  I mean I am the only one who can get away with that LOL. 

So hopefully Perry won’t appoint a Mexican from an illegals stock to attorney general like Bush did nor some uber east coast women to sit on SCOTUS and on Obama’s career. 

Elena Kagan as Supreme Fixer–Don’t put her on the COURT

The newly released Clinton WH memos may be a game changer for Kagan. She emerges as a fixer for Whitewater misdeeds. And if so, she is the biggest, I mean biggest synchophant in the history of American Jewry.

GOP senators are digging deeply into this woman’s past life as a fixer for Bill. That bolsters her as Obama bootlicker in chief.

Note to Obama: I hope you ain’t planning on a second term

If the brown-nose, Jewish, commie wins confirmation then Heloise will do everything in her power to write Obama out of history. His approval is at 50% at this time but that would translate into 40% of the vote, maybe more if the illegals that liberals have brought in vote as well.

Damage control: if commie Kagan wins confirmation then the only thing we can hope is 1) Obama is NOT reelected and 2) one or both of the other Jews already on the court die or retire within the next two years. Kagan would not have the gentility to bow out.

Watch those who question her in the confirmation hearings and vote out those who support or let this dog wear the robes.

All You Need To Know about Elena Kagan

This post just got picked up by kaganwatch. Thank you. I am passionate about stopping this woman/man.

My favorite Jew Mark Levin tonight played a recording of all you need to know about Miss Kagan. She and Harriet Miers are bookends, twins. Why, because Miers was a long time bud of Bush, she was also HIGHLY unqualified. I wrote this a fews weeks back and folks are now picking up on it

What Levin brought to my attention is that  Kagan is beyond ass-kissing and syncophant  as far as Obama is concerned…she f-ing worships him and makes it clear to her audience in the clip he played.

Then after I followed Levin on twitter I found this sound bite from Justice Kennedy who reveals taht Kagan is a stupid bitch on top of being UGLY. He says at one point “I don’t know what you’re saying.” She don’t know WTF she is saying. how’s that? Here’s the clip…it’s short. Oh boy, we are in a world of trouble if they confirm this commie jew. I mean the justices will eat her lunch every day and laugh her off the bench.

Why is Levin my fav Jew now? Because he has a bully pulpit to out bad Jews like Kagan and to push true conservatives to step forward.

That’s all I need to know.

President Obama is putting his Chicago crony, gay, communist, know-nothing, brown nose spinster for the SCOTUS. I hope folks storm the Supreme Court if she is confirmed.  Will they have the guts to vote out their fav Dem if they vote for this travesty of justice? This free-speech killing commie has got to go!

PS: I was 100% right about John Edwards while others were fawning over him I was alone in my condemnation of using his wife’s cancer. I predicted it two years before his fall that he was a slimeball. He also used my family’s home town of New Orleans.

Kagan is a Killer! (of free speech that is)

Link to her bio

Here’s a quote from her killer paper wherein she uses words like “infected”, “ferret”, “illicit” I mean WTF? Let’s read between the lines here. She had an STD and was still thinking about it when she wrote this horse shit. Here’s the link for this paper.

argue, notwithstanding the Court’s protestations in O’Brien, that
First Amendment law, as developed by the Supreme Court over
the past several decades, has as its primary, though unstated,
object the discovery of improper governmental motives. The doctrine
comprises a series of tools to flush out illicit motives and to
invalidate actions infected with them. Or, to put the point another
way, the application of First Amendment law is best understood
and most readily explained as a kind of motive-hunting.

This is why socialist and radical commies are so dangerous to the public, any public–they are extremely hypocritical. The jewish Hollywood and hollywood hollywood all scream with movies that do not take a back seat to PC or political correctness. Yet, a person who is the daughter or son of immigrants from countries that ousted Jews and their knowledge of German/Jewish history will make them faint at the sight of free political speech. They saw where the messenger of that medium killed a whole bunch of their race.

Too bad, so sad. I don’t give a rat’s ass if Hitler’s brand of socialism (that’s what it was ultimately) makes you skittish about all things American. THat’s the problem.

You can take the Jew out of the socialist countries but you can’t take the socialist tendencies out of the Jew! So today’s report are that this Jewish PC loving woman wants to stop the messenger and the message if it is politically hurtful! WTF? And we are supposed to embrace this hunk of lies?

Dems do the right thing. Save Obama from himself…don’t confirm this killer of free speech.

Kagan is the Quack In Obama’s Lame Duck

This is one pig for the trough. I have to be true to my word. That if Obama picks one more Jew, after appointing, picking, and wallowing in his Jew ass-kissing friends and cronys this is what came to me: Kagan is the quack in Obama’s lame duck. Isn’t that brilliant? I think so.

Not only is this ugly commie Jew headed to the senate for confirmation hearings but she was a Goldman Sachs shill. WTF? Boy, I hate to be right sometimes.

But this is it. I can’t wait for the 2012 elections because I wish it could be that we vote Obama and his Jew cronies out but that is really wishful thinking. But maybe we can just get Obama and Michelle out of sight. Some are predicting that he will serve only one term. People will be so fed up by 2012 the whole damn senate and congress may shift. The government is killing us the least we can do is vote the fuckers out.

Hear the quacking now.

Elena Kagan Can’t Hide Her Lesbian Side

When the stuff about that black african runner came up I came up with the headline: She looks like a dude to me. And guess what? I was right. Her DNA points to that fact. The same thing with someone and a big chin and a stout body, and Jewish race: she’s probably gay, 99% sure she is gay.  Is she a practicing gay? Maybe not, maybe so.

There was a teacher whom I did not know was gay when we were going through training together. But like 8 years later heard she was gay and was having a baby with her girlfriend. She was gay, Jewish and the next time I saw her I noticed something. She was always a slim person but she had this same fat around the jowls like Kagan yet she was still slim and not over 40. Ahaha, I thought what you do in the dark does come to light. If you eat hormones from the opposite sex too much it will show up in your face as fat deposit. Thus gay men have the padded booties. I notice EVERYTHING!

Here’s the baseball link in case you missed it.  Lesbians are mad as hell that people are whispering about her being gay. Who’s whispering?

Besides I have more of a problem with her being ugly as hell and Jewish than gay. I don’t give a crap if she’s gay, but who wants to look at two UGLY jews on SCOTUS? Ginsburg and hope-to-god-she is- not-confirmed Kagan? Uggghhhh I cant’ stand it.

Slow Your Roll Obama!

Wait a New York minute, this is our country. We don’t need any president to ram a candiate through. We know all about the vetting NOT going on in this country. That’s how we got little Timmy Geithner. We don’t want the Timmy of SCOTUS in Elena Kagan.

You know her from Chicago and we know her from Goldman Sachs. Just the fact that she was anywhere near GS and why is of concern to me.

Heloise to Obama: If U Pick Another Jew I’m Through With You!

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. He picked Elena Kagan  that U. of Chicago and Harvard shill for SCOTUS.

From Real Clear Politics here are two names that were on the short list when Sotomayer was appointed. It includes a woman named Elena Kagan (Jewish and only 49). The appointments are for LIFE.

Two of the three top contenders, Judge Diane Wood, 59, of the federal appeals court in Chicago and Solicitor General Elena Kagan, 49, were finalists last year when Obama chose Sonia Sotomayor to replace Justice David Souter.

I mean if another person gets in the WH or the SC whose parents are not born in this country or who have dual citizenship and pledge alliance to Israel then I give up on any HOPE and CHANGE in the US of A.

I would rather see a white supremacist, wild-eye wingnut put on the SCOTUS rather than another Jew. Maybe they can “BORK” her too. At least the white supremacist was born here, his very parents and grandparents born here, he knows America, he loves America, and pledges alliance to the red, white and blue and not the pale blue and white.

I mean go ahead just do it. That’s what this country needs, more bricks in the mortar path to total Zionism and control by the great left wing of socialist, communist republic. Whatever that is.