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Michael Jackson: The Movie

I am watching Into The Wild for the third time and the main character played by Emile Hirsch would make a great Michael at his peak. He has the lean body and he can act and with the proper makeup would look just like him. I read the book a while back and it made a deep impression on me. The movie was pretty good thanks to Hirsch. What was his past life like, I mean McCandless? Since he died in a depraved starved condition and went to it on his on, it made me think that perhaps he had some involvement in death camps of Germany and wanted to get that karma off his record.

I digress. This guy would make a great Michael Jackson.

They would only have to teach him to dance or have a dance double.

Then there are the years as we reach MJ from young boy to manhood. That would probably take at least no less than 10 male actors to play Jackson. The movie would trace him from youth to manhood to death. How to accurately show his facial changes would be the question? It would ten people because MJ was ten people rolled into one.

The movie would be a blockbuster regardless. But why not make of it an epic tale of evil inhabiting the body of a boy. He embraces that energy and becomes the greatest entertainer of all time. The rod to heaven is paved by the snake of black and white coiled around the one.

More later