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Death by Duct Tape? Day 15

An second forensic anthropologist, judge said he will only allow two expert witnesses, so they had a sidebar to decide that Warren could testify with a photograph or recreation of the duct tape with anatomical landmarks such as bottom of the teeth, osteometrics, base of the nose, edge of the orbits etc., are all used to determine where something was placed on skeletal remains.  In this case, the jaw was articulated with the skull.

Warren came up with images that were scaled before superimposed. In other words, he made a DVD or a photo gallery with pictures that recreated where the duct tape would have been placed on Caylee before she died thus giving duct tape the distinction of murder weapon.  The court saw the photos, TV or media did not.  Judge Perry warned that if anyone in the court pulled out a camera it would be seized.

Animation was shown of Caylee to show that the duct tape could have covered both nose and mouth.  If chloroform was used to sedate the child, then duct taped, then allowed to suffocate and put into a black plastic bag before or after death.  Dr. G laid out that duct tape was the murder weapon by the prosecution made it official.