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Cool, Calm and Collected advice to Obama

walmart beijing

walmart beijing (Photo credit: galaygobi)

You can be tough as well as cool, calm and collected as Heloise is when confronted with crazy people.  Why just the other day Heloise proved to be just that, i.e., cool not crazy.  I was shopping when a big black woman tried to squeeze by my shopping cart at Wal Mart where I was standing (to the right) and waiting for my daughter to pay for her items.

She said “excuse me.” I said “I ain’t moving.” She got ugly and started to push past me but realized she was too fat.  She said “I said EXCUSE me.”  Well the only time that’s appropriate is if we both got to the same spot at the same time.  This was clearly not the case…I was there first and not in the way of traffic.  I think the woman with her squeezed by just before.  I just ignored her. 

Yes, I stood my ground and said walking is like driving you should stay to your right.  She got really mad.  That’s how you can tell you’re right.

She said some crap I could not hear because I don’t hear too well anymore.  My daughter said she said something like she would sweep the floor up with me.  But I no hear her and that’s a good thing.  That helped me to remain cool and carry on. 

Then another day I was shopping wearing baggy unpressed shorts and an unpressed red T shirt with a black sun visor that said “Chicago” on it and a bright blue fanny pack and my big floppy bike riding sandals.

This old white woman asked a couple of times, I didn’t hear her and was not listening “do you work here?” Cool as you could be I gave her a good look at my whole outfit and said “do I look like I work HERE?”  She said oh I am so sorry.  What she saw was my BROWN skin! Liar.

Advice to Obama you too can remain cool, calm and collected if you act like you did not hear half of what people say about you.

Facebook (FB) picks Nasdaq for upcoming stock offering


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There is also talk of a split of Apple stock.  But that won’t change your portfolio value.

Facebook‘s impending debut has whipped up an investor and media frenzy that recalls the go-go days of the first dotcom boom. The social network that began as a dorm room project for Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg has vaulted to Silicon Valley‘s top tier within eight years.

Its listing decision deals a blow to NYSE Euronext, which has waged an aggressive battle for marquee tech names in past years.

A major push by listings chief Scott Cutler, who frequently flies out for meetings in Silicon Valley, succeeded in snagging LinkedIn Corp and Pandora Media Inc in 2011.

Listing fees range from $38,000 to $500,000 a year on the New York Stock Exchange, and run between $35,000 and $99,500 a year on Nasdaq.

In 2011, NYSE Euronext hosted 44 percent of technology IPOs in the United States, bringing 19 new listings to the market and ranking first globally in IPO proceeds raised.

Hughes–openly gay Facebook co-founder to buy The New Republic


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Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is purchasing the New Republic, the nearly century-old political magazine known for its influence in progressive circles, according to The New York Times.

Hughes’ acquisition comes as no big surprise. HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone first reported about his interest in The New Republic in January. The magazine’s ownership, which includes editor-in-chief emeritus Marty Peretz, had earlier brought in the Blackstone Group to assist in finding a buyer.

Santorum got JFK “all messed up” and now Rick won’t be the nominee

My first impression when I heard Saint Rick and his sick quip “I wanna throw up when I heard JFK‘s speech on absolute separation of state and church.” And then said Jack would not confer with men who were men of faith.  That’s a boldface lie.  Well Heloise had a chance to meet with the contenders recently in a dream and in the dream I “endorsed” Mitt Romney.  So, despite my back and forthing it looks like it will be Mitt the nominee for the GOP.  Sorry Rick but you blew it with me.

I’m getting a lot of credit on Twitter and Facebook today for my piece, but this is one of those rare times when I’d rather not be recognized, because – don’t tell my editors – what I did was easy. It took me exactly 10 seconds to Google JFK’s speech and another few minutes to read it. Then I cut and pasted Santorum’s comments next to JFK’s and voila, kids, I had a story. The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart credited me with a “deep-dive,” and I appreciate the praise, but really, I barely got my feet wet. (The Post’s own news story wasn’t any better than the Times’; Capehart was the first person on staff to note Santorum’s distortion more than 24 hours after it aired on ABC’s “This Week.”)


Facebook (FB) IPO: Morgan Stanley and Bank of America partner-up

English: Logo of Morgan Stanley

The big winner

We now know that facebook will trade under “FB” but not which exchange it will be traded on.  Google and Apple trade on the Nasdaq as do most technical stock.  So that’s my bet.

Huffpo got it wrong on the leader and the symbol.

As I stated before I bought BAC at prices as low as 5/share and even 6/share.  The stock is over 7/share.  The company looks good on many fronts. One it is going to help facebook with its IPO.  But MS or Morgan Stanley will manage the bulk of the IPO with other banks lending a hand.

I bought MS yesterday and it went up a whole dollar today on the news that last night FB chose it over Goldman SachsWall Street was surprised.  On Monday it was in closed talks with FB and the name of MS was bandied about as possible keeper of the huge IPO.  It was good public info and I acted on it.  People are often advised to buy or hold options in stocks that partake in larger banks such as those who make parts for Apple.

Yes, I do plan to put money in the new FB IPO but it won’t be available until May.  Until then I will let my stocks gain in value and sell what I need and bring in more funds to buy stock.  I will be able to see which stocks are gaining most.  But guess what January is the best month in years.  Except for ONE stock all have increased greatly in value including AMD which has gained over 2/share since I bought it.

I tried to give advice however I am not a licensed broker or anything just friendly advice based on my research.

The financials and the banks are back.  They are more expensive but at 7.39 I think BAC is still a bargain and at 19.69 MS is still a buy because Goldman Sachs is selling at over 100/share.

KORS and ZYNGA out the IPO gate this week

Michael Kors Store Opening

Image by Urban Mixer via Flickr

Michael Kors and Zynga are going public.  The IPOs for either are settling at a price. For Kors it is expected to be about 20 per share and Zynga about 12 which has gone up from the initial pricing at 8-10 per share.

Unless you are doing the trailing stop thing you can’t put any positions on Kors just yet because the price has not been set at this writing.

Facebook buys Austin-based Gowalla

Launched in 2009, Austin-based Gowalla went head-to-head with direct rival Foursquare — and lost. Badly trailing Foursquare in user adoption, Gowalla recently shifted directions, recasting itself as a travel guide. The site had raised around $10 million over the years from backers including the Founders Fund, Greylock Partners and a collection of angel investors. read more at

Here are some of my stock picks

SIRI=sirius has the potential of going big. I usually check with about five different sites before I decide like “seeking alpha” “Barrons” and Reuters.   So I stocked up on Sirius because it is under 2.00 I think. It’s my radio stock.  But I went with Al Gore and his Centinel back when and then the dude got sued for 75 M I think and of course the stock went to zero.

No matter because Al Gore is now super rich because he invested and is on the board with some of the richest Jewish and non Jewish geeks in the tech biz i.e., Facebook, Google and Apple.  However his own company which was some kind of radio plus there was the TV station but the stock was for the radio station .

Something about Fridays: that is actually a good day to buy stocks because the prices drop on that day as sellers are getting money for the weekend or something.  I am not taking my own advice on this as I should but this Friday the gains on the Dow and Nasdaq did hold so that’s a good sign.

I could have gotten all the stocks I have now if I had bought when the Dow did that big drop a short while back.  Here’s one way the 99% can strike back–with stocks!

GE = General Electric

Disney= DIS


BAC – Bank of America

F = Ford

AMZ= Amazon

AUQ= a gold mining company out of Mexico that sounds promising

a new stock relatively SIRI see above note




I got burned on the Microsoft and Yahoo last time.  I did not buy Micro because it seems stuck in the 20-dollar range forever lately.  I lost on Micro last time.  Lost on Yahoo but got a few stocks cheaper.  BAC was just too cheap to resist.  I think I paid like 5.02 per share at the last batch but more like six something on the first go round.  But obviously the short or long sellers took their cut but the BAC is back on the rise.

U.S. stocks closed near flat Friday as investors considered a drop in America’s jobless rate and the ongoing European debt crisis. Friday’s mixed trade came after this week’s bullish winning streak. The Dow had its biggest weekly point jump in three years.

After a sharp jump, stocks came off their highs as investors assessed the jobs report. This morning, the Labor Department said the U.S. gained 120,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate fell to 8.6% from 9.0%. The government also revised jobs data for October and September to show that 72,000 additional jobs were created over the two months. Private-sector hiring in November reached 140,000, the agency calculated.

ZYNGA IPO values company up to 9 billion dollars

Wow, how prescient.  Today Zynga did file for its own IPO seeking to raise 1billion but the company is valued at 9 billion as said in the title.

The social games maker, known for Facebook games like “FarmVille” and “Mafia Wars,” plans to sell 100 million new shares between $8.50 and $10 each, which will raise $925 million based on the midpoint of the range, according to a regulatory filing on Friday.

The deal values Zynga at as much as $9.04 billion, about a third less than the $14.05 billion valuation that the company cited in a filing two weeks ago.

one more thing:

Zynga aims to set its IPO price on December 15 and the stock is scheduled to trade on Dec 16.

Based on a fully diluted share count of 904 million, which includes existing shares and stock options, the IPO price values Zynga at $7.7 billion to $9.04 billion.

I have this IPO on my watch list.  It’s in the works.  Angie’s list and Groupon stock actually fell below the IPO price which is not good news for them.  I did not buy either one.  Everything in my portfolio showed a profit the day the market nearly reached 500 a couple of days ago.

The leading social games maker plans to sell 100 million new shares at between $8.50 and $10 each, according to a U.S. regulatory filing on Friday.

At the midpoint price, the IPO could raise $925 million, which would make it the largest from a U.S. Internet company since Google Inc raised $1.7 billion in 2004.

Diaspora co-founder dead at 22

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The team struggled with money as it worked to  release its website, despite quickly raising $200,000 in funding through venture  capitalists and microfinance startup Kickstarter after being featured in The New  York Times.

But a blog post from the company on Oct. 12 begged  followers for more money; the company argued that PayPal had been “mysteriously  and arbitrarily” freezing donations to the site. PayPal reportedly liberated the  funds.

The site’s founders described Diaspora as a  “distributed network, where totally separate computers connect to each other  directly, will let us connect without surrendering our privacy.” Last year, they  released the first version of the site to a limited audience.

The team’s efforts even got the attention of  Facebook founder Mark  Zuckerberg, who donated money to the project. “I think it is cool people are  trying to do it,” he told Wired. “I see a little of myself in them. It’s just  their approach that the world could be better and saying, ‘We should try to do  it’.”