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Obama uncle: No African illegals please

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A good article that shows this country just loves illegals from Boston to Chicago to Houston. the pols here just eat it up when an illegal comes a courting to their city of CHOICE: get jobs, open businesses, able to buy trucks, get legal SS numbers, buy homes they cannot afford and most of all in our face! Illegals from Africa are just as bad as from Mexico.  Since Africa is such a poor continent the people there are master con artists and liars.  We don’t need them.  We will get the legal kind and look at Obama daddy, hell he was a college man and did not lead a moral nor ethical life marrying or not marrying his baby mamma. 

This case of  Mr. I’ll call the White House:

“I think I will call the White House,” Onyango said when the cops offered him his one phone call.

Onyango’s arrest comes on the heels of a horrific drunken-driving accident in Milford, where an illegal alien is accused of dragging a young man to death.

Onyango’s sister is Zeituni Onyango, the president’s aunt who won asylum last year after reporters found her living — also as an illegal alien — on welfare in a South Boston public housing project.

At least the uncle had a job . . . even if he wasn’t legally entitled to one. Obama Onyango told police he worked at a local liquor store.

Michelle Obama a big hit across the Pond

Scroll through the photos and the activities of the Obamas while in England. I really like the McQueen outfit she wore to speak to group at Oxford. I think I will make that puppy at home on one of my machines.  You could belt it or find a similar white tunic the pants are easy.  Looking good Michelle.