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Ron Paul’s Shameful newsletter past


Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Ron "Creepy" Paul

You can read through over 50 scans of the newsletters that Ron Paul claimed he NEVER saw and NEVER wrote.  Oh well, we have a bridge over a swamp to sell if you buy those lies. Why can’t the REPUBS get their political act together ?



Ray LaHood Dons Helmet And Bikes To Work

Ray LaHood did it for one day but I’ve been biking to work for the past two months and it’s addictive.  I love it but found I needed to wear a mask to keep out the pollen. What about change of clothes or taking a shower? I do bring a change of clothes.  Iwear my biking stuff to work, change in the restroom.

In the afternoon it’s hot here so I change back into my biking clothes (cooler) and bike home. By that time I am hot and sweaty and smelly, but I  am home and can take a shower or eat and go out again on bike then take a shower before going to bed.  My ride is only 3 miles and the morning is cool enough so I don’t get hot and smelly riding to work.