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Jeff Ashton nails Casey closing

Woe, he laid out the timeline and the motive for murder. Mindset Casey she loves to lie and proven an adept prolific liar. Caylee can’t talk if she dead so Casey had to kill her before she could tell the lies. Casey did not have the time to bury caylee so she dumped her around the corner. Casey got in her boyfriends bed just after she killed her irk.

The judge loses his patience with Jose Baez but Ashton is masterful no doubt.

What are the charges against Casey?
There are 7 charges against her. This is a death penalty case.


Bad Black woman charged with killing nice white woman in Yoga shop–why this murder matters


A confrontation between Norwood and 30-year-old Jayna Murray over the stolen merchandise may have led to Murray’s death, State Attorney John McCarthy said.Appearing in a Montgomery County courtroom via video conference, Norwood was ordered to be held without bond.During the court hearing, new details emerged about the alleged attack. Prosecutors claim the struggle between Norwood and Murray at the Lululemon Athletic shop in Bethesda, Md., may have lasted more than 20 minutes, ABC Affiliate WJLA reported.

Norwood has been charged with first-degree murder in the beating death of nice white girl Murray.  Smiling and hugging is how her parents described her.  Everyone turned to Jayna to soothe ruffled feathers in the workplace.

This murder matters because it is par for the media coverage course.  Typically covering and blowing up a story that involves a precious white woman who is worth more than at least 10 illegal alien deaths and 5 black women deaths.  That means at least that many of them have to die or be killed before they make headlines in any form of media.

The shop Lululemon also asked nice Jayna to check the bags of Norwood to see if she was stealing. Why would she steal? Well, she was being sued for back rent for her apartment.  That was motive.  This was probably not a hate crime, but did the “niceties” extend to this black woman? Probably not. 

Since Norwood is black she had the gaul to kill her co worker Murray in a “nice, white, upscale area.”  Her bad.  Her mother said that Norwood was never mentioned by her daughter nor did they ever see each other after work or socially.  Maybe that’s the problem.

Why this murder, beating death, of one white woman matters is because as usual it made headlines. While there was no photo of the two women in the above story, there are photos elsewhere.

Photos at this link: