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Mexican male prostitute held in murder of Jewish flight attendant (in Mexico)

Nick Aaronson

(Credit: Twitter/KPHO)
CNN reported that the ex con was in a bar across the street from Aronson’s hotel and his fingerprints were found inside his hotel room where he allegedly beat and strangled unsuspecting Nick with a belt.  The bar was a in a nice area of Mexico and the suspect said that it was a “revenge attack” and that he did not kill Nick but wanted to beat him up because he slept with his friend and gave him a disease and that it was a 15 y/o from Arizon that killed him.  Since Jose is a male prostitute the person he was revenging could have been a man or a woman.  So was Nick Aaronson gay? That was not clear who the person was.  There must have been something to it or perhaps since he was a prostitute he propositioned Nick, right.  Otherwise how the heck did he get in his room?  Nick’s body was found nude also.  So, if we connect the dots Nick was cruising the bar scene in Mexico and happened on this killer.  The only problem they point out is that 90% of crimes in Mexico go unsolved.  We are so surprised to hear that one.
This sums up that he was probably gay okay: “The blog LGBTQ Nation reportsthat “Aaronson, who was gay, was active in several LGBT rights causes, including participating in the NOH8 Campaign, was a supporter of marriage equality, and advocated on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign.”The victim’s sexuality has not been confirmed in any of the mainstream news reports I have seen yet.”

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(CBS/AP) MEXICO CITY – Police arrested a 20-year-old man Monday for allegedly killing a U.S. Airways flight attendant in his Mexico City hotel room and stealing his belongings and the safe deposit box. Authorities said Jose Manuel Ramirez beat flight attendant Nick Aaronson and then strangled him with a belt. Police said the victim was 27, but other reports said he was 33.

According to CBS station KCBS, Ramirez, is a male prostitute known as “the shadow” who police say has a criminal record and had been released from a Mexico City prison in June.

Chief prosecutor Miguel Mancera said Ramirez and Aaronson arrived at the downtown Hilton early Friday and went to the room together. Mancera said the attack and theft happened shortly after that, but added that he did not know how much money was reportedly stolen and what was in the safe box.

Other U.S. Airways flight attendants asked hotel employees to check Aaronson’s room Saturday and his naked body was found lying on the floor with his hands tied behind his back.

Mancera said the suspect was identified after studying the hotel’s surveillance videos.


Gay/Jewish Flight Attendant goes Beserk (Steven Slater)–updated

If you read the latest on this Jewish punk one thing is getting clearer: he’s gay and he’s a liar! His ex speaks out that he is a nice guy. He”s a gay guy 4 sure. U folks out there who jumped the chute should be ashamed.

Some guy led him by the hand when he fled the flight. No one interviewed is holding up his side of the story.

A smiling, smirky, (lying?) Slater was led off in handcuffs and faces felony charges after his beserk tirade on a Jet Blue airline flight. He was pissed at a passenger whose luggage hit him in the head! He grabs mike and starts using all kinds of profanity on the guy in the plane.

Did he not know that cussing in public was a crime?  And that inflating the slide was expensive, and put the passengers in danger? I don’t know if he slugged the guy or not. I am not sure if profanity in public is a felony or if there was some other shit he did. Guess so.  Gay, Jewish men can be really bad tempered too. just like a woman.

Cops nabbed Slater at home while in bed with his boyfriend. That’s the latest no kidding.