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Four shot dead at French Jewish School

Toulouse prosecutor Michel Valet said the gunman killed a 30-year old Hebrew teacher, his two children aged three and six, and another child. A 17-year-old was also shot and in hospital for treatment.

“The attacker was shooting people outside the school, then pursued children into the school, before fleeing on a heavy motorbike,” Valet told reporters.

The assailant used a heavy-calibre firearm and another weapon. But officials could not say whether the guns were the same used in the killing of three soldiers in two separate shootings last week by a man who escaped on a scooter.

Paul Bocuse: Have you got a half a million for dinner to spare?

2008 Bocuse d'Or USA Competition

2008 Bocuse d'Or USA Competition (Photo credit: Jeff Houck) I have spent time in Paris but did not eat at any french restaurants because I was vegan at the time and finding something like that in Paris was not possible then.  I knew the name Bocuse and thought I would google it and see what it costs to buy a dinner package for two.  It started at about 500,000 and went up to a cool million for the deluxe dinner package.  Yes, a million dollars to eat dinner at Bocuse.  I wonder if the Romneys ever ate there.

 40, Rue de la Plage, Lyon, France, Official Website


Paul Bocuse - Soupe aux Truffes Noires V.G.E., plat créé pour l'Eysée en 1975

What came next was the highlight of the meal, rouget barbet en écailles de pommes de terre croustillantes, a thin filet of red mullet covered in potato scales.  This course reminded me that butter does not equal bad.  Butter gets a bad rap for its high cholesterol, saturated fats, and ubiquitous presence in French food.  I would almost say that I’ve developed a sensitivity to butter from having lived in the US, a direct result of movements like California cuisine that de-emphasize butter usage and promote heart-healthy eating.  But what Bocuse showed me was that butter, when used properly, is one of the best ways to strengthen and support a fish’s  natural flavor.  Bocuse uses butter not for the sake of it, not because it’s popular in French food, and not because he’s a rebel.  Rather he uses it deliberately because, quite simply, it tastes the best.  Here it’s presence was felt in both the crispy potato “scales” and the sauces pooling below the fish.  The moist filet protected by its two skins stayed interesting with each bite until the very end, particularly because I could choose different combinations from the olive-leaf shaped combination of sauces below.  This was delicious.

Paul Bocuse - Les Desserts Un: Crème Brûlée, Tarte aux Fraises, GâteauPaul Bocuse - Les Desserts Trois: Baba au Rhum, Ile Flottante

Greeks dump the Euro

LONDON — It would be Europe’s worst nightmare: after weeks of rumors, the Greek prime minister announces late on a Saturday night that the country will abandon the euro currency and return to the drachma.


Athens at night. One study done in France says a return to the drachma would mean a paradise of bargains for tourists in Greece

Instead of business as usual on Monday morning, lines of angry Greeks form at the shuttered doors of the country’s banks, trying to get at their frozen deposits. The drachma’s value plummets more than 60 percent against the euro, and prices soar at the few shops willing to open.

Book Review: After America: Get Ready for Armageddon (reviewer John Hayward)

Mark Steyn speaks at CPAC 2008 as Pamela Gella...

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After America: Get Ready for Armageddon amazon's low price of $16.95 and is #4 on the list. I buy all my books from Amazon and put this on my wish list.

I think this ispretty good read. I happen to hear this guy on CSPAN3 last night and he's pretty damn witty and has a lot to say--but is he another Arianna Huffington? I mean he is from Canada and moved to this country freely and now talking doom and gloom trash for the country just like she does. What's it with these people not born here? Think Dinesh D'Sousa. If I moved to France and started preaching doom and gloom to people who have been there all their lives I don't think they would like it very much.  We have enough Americans telling us that the jig is up.  It seems to come from the day after 9/11 when Bush started those damn wars and we sat on our laptops.

Mark Steyn’s new book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon, is both spiritually and chronologically a direct sequel to his landmark America Alone​. If you liked the earlier work, you’ll love this one. It’s bigger, stronger, scarier, and funnier. If America Alone was Steyn’s Star Wars, this is the rare sequel that improves on the original: The Empire Strikes Out.

Steyn’s unique gift is a combination of topical mastery and biting humor. He has gazed overlong into the abyss, but he’s laughing too hard for it to gaze back into him. Here he provides a snapshot of the collapse of Greece:

When you binge-spend at the Greek level in a democratic state, there aren’t many easy roads back. The government introduced an austerity package to rein in spending. In response, Greek tax collectors walked off the job. Read that again slowly: to protest government cuts, striking tax collectors refuse to collect taxes. In a sane world, this would be a hilarious comedy sketch. But most of the western world is no longer sane.

After relating the story of how California micro-regulation forced a hardware store owner to stop offering coffee and donuts to his customers, Steyn sums up the lesson learned:

When the law says that it’s illegal for a storekeeper to offer his customer a cup of coffee, you should be proud to be in non-compliance. Otherwise, what the hell did you guys bother holding a revolution for? Say what you like about George III​, but he didn’t prosecute the Boston Tea Party​ for unlicensed handling of beverage ingredients in a public place. read more at above link…

You can read the first chapter on your computerat this link:

Reel Short Takes: Carmen and Geoffrey

Alvin Ailey and Carmen de Lavallade in 1954.

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I just watched “Carmen and Geoffrey” dancers from back in the day and today.   What a treat.  I love dancing because I was a dancer in France in a past life and it still haunts my dreams.  These two geniuses, dancers, choreographers, costume designers, directors, musical creators are a real joy to watch.  They both knew Alvin Ailey and Josephine Baker and worked with both and danced all over the world.  Geoffrey Holder and Carmen his wife are national treasures.

Filmmaker Linda Atkinson profiles an uncommon husband-and-wife team in this biographical portrait of dancer-choreographer Carmen De Lavallade and her husband, Geoffrey Holder, a choreographer, painter and set and costume designer. Highlights include candid interviews and performance footage that capture dance greats such as Judith Jamison, Gus Solomons Jr., Dudley Williams, Ulysses Dove and Alvin Ailey in action. from Netflix streaming  see it!

Watch Interview: Nafissatou Diallo to Robin Roberts “I want him to go to jail” (updated) here’s the link for the interview and below is my quick blog of the interview as I watched it this morning.


Good Morning America  (Nightline tonight ) is starting off the morning with the interview.  She sits in a white blouse and pink top and hair is straightened to her shoulders and she is a cafe au lait color.  We know that she also gave a print interview with NEWSWEEK.  She has a large round face, thirtyish.  A nice figure and a convincing witness to the print editor.  We know the woman is poor and was making over 45K a year.  She also has a 15 YO daughter and fear of losing a good job with Sofitel.

She said “I’m telling you the truth” and she is crying and wiping her eyes.  Nightline will have an interview also. But Nafissatou Diallo will give first interview with Robin Roberts today on GMA she wants him to go to jail.  Everybody wants to see her photo and know what she’s like.  The prosecutors are thinking of not going forward with the case.  She said she went into the room and said to him “I’m sorry” and he grabbed her breasts and said “you don’t have to be sorry.”   Her nickname is Naffi. 

She said “Stop this, stop this but he wouldn’t stop and kept pushing me to the hallway of the suite.”  She claims she did not know who he was until someone told her that DSK was supposed to be the next president of France.  Her first thoughts was that “they are going to kill me, they are going to kill me,” because he is such a powerful man. 

The “Laws of Rebirth” can’t be caught, they must be taught

That insight marks my revelation for the year not just the day. I confess confusion as to what went wrong. I told my Buddhist aunt about my angst that has now lasted for years. Then I started thinking and dreaming about it. What I saw in a dream last week was simple: It was my book just like that. It was the book exactly as it looks. I was really surprised because I had given up any hope about its worth.

I had this insight just days before I got a call from the RS sect I left a few years ago inviting me to come to Houston to hear sat sang by the guru. My own I vitiating guru died in 1991. And I was liberated to become the master or rather externalize him or her.

That I did. But my moral confession comes in that I was not accepted by those I wanted to know and practice the laws of rebirth. So I sulked instead and made them a promise that I would take my message to the masses. While like any good and well taught cultists they denigrated the masses and dismissed it with how ignorant it was.

That’s actually cult think. Something along those lines was said by our current rep at the last sating I attended in north Texas when he said there was a bad vibe associated with people who eat meat or in places where meat is sold or consumed. Really? This is classic cult talk because as others have observed about rssb is that they engage in putting the seeker on a pedestal because they are stasangis or don’t eat meat.

To save my own health and life just as I did when I was Jack. I had to eat meat to get my anemia under control. I did not change nor did my karmas.

So dear reader I have been rejected by the very spiritual people I sought to please and write for I went into retreat and withdrawal but not depression. But the masses are the beneficiary of my personal doubt and demon.

My mind is clear now and my soul karmically clear due to my long hard work. Thirty years in the making of the laws of rebirth. So why on earth would I expect anyone outside or inside the inner planes to get what it took me so ling to get. I did not catch the laws either I fought for them I taught myself an now, after some planning, I am going to teach anyone else who wants to learn and not dismiss as some buddhists bad dream or a mistake by translators of the buddha tongue. Rebirth is real the rebirthers got it all wrong. Wait for the truth.

Finally thank you Stephen for opening my eyes to the need that won’t be met I see now until the work begins in earnest. I did not formulate the laws alone or in a vacuum and they won’t be properly spread by just one person but a group.

links about karma:

In Buddhism, karma refers to impulses. Based on previous actions we have done, impulses arise in us to act in certain ways now.

I like this link and will preview links about karma and rebirth before I post them.  I can attest to this statement that karma is based on impulse and previous actions.  For example I wanted desperately to return to France, to study in France at the Sorbonne.  I actually got the chance to do so in this life. But because my kids were still young I did not pursue it.  Instead I did pursue the chance to live there for a summer. I used to dream in French, so much so that I did not even understand what I was saying in fluent French!  When I uncovered the many lifetimes I’ve spent in France I thought no wonder.  It is a strong impulse and desire.  I wrote a poem about it once called “ALL” about how I had done everything, all the things I desired were already realized. 

Stephen Batchelor: Those Who Can’t Do, Leech

Padmasambhava, a picture I, John Hill, took in...

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NOTE: This post is an opinion not a book review.  Heloise talks trash about Obama–so I don’t think Stephen Batchelor is eligible for a pass on criticism of his work/opinions.  If my methods or language offend, sorry that’s just me.  Anyone is welcome to submit comments, with approval.  I am not putting the man down it is not a personal attack—just his new take on the laws of rebirth.  I used to read his books until I wrote my own.’s-new-rationalists/

great article on the subject of Batchelor’s new teachings, if you want to call them that. Here’s link to his website:

Also an interview:

Here’s his latest book  Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

He and his wife are traveling all over the world lecturing, ala Blavatsky and Olcott about his new non beliefs in the law of rebirth.  In fact I am going to stop calling it “rebirth” but always use “the law of Rebirth.” Just like the law of gravity on earth and in the universe it is infallible and guides our lives.  It is hiding, dear folks in plain sight.  That is why no one sees it.  It is truly complex, non linear and utterly fascinating.  Those who don’t know it or the laws that govern it should STFU about it.  And that includes “esteemed” “educated” “buddhists” such as the Batchelors.  Yeah, I am calling you out in the name of one of my past lives “HPB.” See you in southwestern France when I get there.

My take: no one is buying this new formulation of uber atheistic Buddhism where the Buddha is stripped of his karmic and rebirth robes. His Buddha is a naked emperor and I for one ain’t buying this Batchelor bullshit.

A spiritual anecdote:  When I was active at my old yahoo website “Theosophy Talks Truth” I encountered people who were following the path and guru, forgot his name will look up, that taught “Who Am I?” and that sort of inquiry and meditation.  I did their practice for a few weeks.  I experienced the “nothingness” they talk about and went on the inner plane and even met their guru who touched my lotus feet and I did the same.  We recognized each other as teacher.  When I was done with that experience I told them: I’ve been there, done that. What else you got?  Needless to say it was not satisfying spiritually.  I have documented that experience there and one day will look for it and post it. 

Here’s a passage I just found on rebirth and the burden of proof on the scientific world to prove its “nonexistence”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that if certain points do not correspond to reality, he is willing for them to be eliminated from Buddhism. This applies to rebirth as well. In fact, he made this statement originally in that context. If scientists can prove that rebirth does not exist, then we must give up believing it to be true. However, if scientists cannot prove it false, then because they follow logic and the scientific method, which is open to understanding new things, they must investigate whether it does exist. To prove that rebirth does not exist, they would have to find its nonexistence. Just saying, “Rebirth does not exist because I do not see it with my eyes” is not finding the nonexistence of rebirth. Many things exist that we cannot see with our eyes.


I am doing a little online research as I read to review a new book on ScientologyInside Scientology” that really blows the covers off cult creators such as LRH. And I ran across this article. See above link.

This guy is A rebirth denier. A rebirther if you will so he is stupidly trying to rewrite and reinvent Buddhism and the Buddha as incompatible with the law of rebirth and the laws of karma. So I say those who don’t know who are proven outsiders leech off true teachers and change their teaching to suit themselves. He has become the laughing stock of those who know the Buddha was all about rebirth and spent the first talks about his recovered past lives after he sat in meditation to become the first insider. Take that Stephen.

USA Trumps France in Soccer Semifinal score: 3 to 1


USA played a great defensive game and won handily over the French team.  The US team has been in the semifinals twice before.  I don’t think they have ever won the cup.  The winning team will face either Sweden or Japan on Sunday.  The game went into two minutes of overtime. FIFA,

Movie Review: Queen to Play (Joueuse)

Sandrine Bonnaire 66ème Festival de Venise (Mo...

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An alluring hotel couple vacationing on the isle of Corse (Corsica) playing chess on the balcony catches the eye of a maid. Jennifer Beals is the female guest who looks happy, rich and in love plays the coquette more than she plays chess. Helene the chambermaid (Sandrine Bonnaire) makes mental notes of every detail in the unfolding scene: from Beals’ mop of upswept hair and falling tendrils to the golden gown that she leaves behind in the bed…and an open game of chess.

Helene is pale, plain, tall and thin with fine blond hair that she wears in a simple bun. But her encounter with this glamorous guest runs deep and changes everything. The next day she begins to teach herself chess and quickly decides she needs to reboot the marriage as well as her life to better fit her fantasy of the couple on the balcony. The setting of this totally entertaining French film on the isle of Corse with its white craggy heights surrounded by water–is a lush location that suggests a woman will reach great heights, despite lack of confidence.

Kevin Kline, Dr. Kroger, Helene’s mentor and friend, is not my first pick as French foil but his French is passable even crisp. He’s an aging physician who has just lost his wife and is losing interest in living when his part-time house keeper Helene strikes up an unlikely friendship by asking him to play chess with her. In this film, it’s an eye-catching chance encounter that opens a door for Helene, her family and friends that she happily walks through. Bonnaire is going places and taking her audience with her. Don’t miss this beautiful French film and Sandrine’s wonderful performance.