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Gore Vidal dead at 86 from pneumonia

Gore Vidal at the Los Angeles Times Festival o...

Gore Vidal at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gore Vidal that publicly gay author, writer, playwright and smart ass has died at 86.  He traded barbs with the best of the best from the old conservative TV days of Buckley and the rest.  Many don’t know him because he was from the old school but a part of the avant garde nonetheless.  He will be known as an in-law of Jackie Kennedy I mean relative by marriage of mother they are not blood relatives.

Gore is also related to Al Gore some kinda way too.  Gore Vidal was Jewish and Al Gore is also part Jewish and both were from political junkies who made it in politics but never to the presidency.  Speaking of president Gore did know JFK and once famously noted that Jack had a “great ass.”  He would notice that, oh boy.

Anyway it bon voyage to Gore Vidal who was one of the most famous gay men in American history.

Mexican male prostitute held in murder of Jewish flight attendant (in Mexico)

Nick Aaronson

(Credit: Twitter/KPHO)
CNN reported that the ex con was in a bar across the street from Aronson’s hotel and his fingerprints were found inside his hotel room where he allegedly beat and strangled unsuspecting Nick with a belt.  The bar was a in a nice area of Mexico and the suspect said that it was a “revenge attack” and that he did not kill Nick but wanted to beat him up because he slept with his friend and gave him a disease and that it was a 15 y/o from Arizon that killed him.  Since Jose is a male prostitute the person he was revenging could have been a man or a woman.  So was Nick Aaronson gay? That was not clear who the person was.  There must have been something to it or perhaps since he was a prostitute he propositioned Nick, right.  Otherwise how the heck did he get in his room?  Nick’s body was found nude also.  So, if we connect the dots Nick was cruising the bar scene in Mexico and happened on this killer.  The only problem they point out is that 90% of crimes in Mexico go unsolved.  We are so surprised to hear that one.
This sums up that he was probably gay okay: “The blog LGBTQ Nation reportsthat “Aaronson, who was gay, was active in several LGBT rights causes, including participating in the NOH8 Campaign, was a supporter of marriage equality, and advocated on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign.”The victim’s sexuality has not been confirmed in any of the mainstream news reports I have seen yet.”

Read more:

(CBS/AP) MEXICO CITY – Police arrested a 20-year-old man Monday for allegedly killing a U.S. Airways flight attendant in his Mexico City hotel room and stealing his belongings and the safe deposit box. Authorities said Jose Manuel Ramirez beat flight attendant Nick Aaronson and then strangled him with a belt. Police said the victim was 27, but other reports said he was 33.

According to CBS station KCBS, Ramirez, is a male prostitute known as “the shadow” who police say has a criminal record and had been released from a Mexico City prison in June.

Chief prosecutor Miguel Mancera said Ramirez and Aaronson arrived at the downtown Hilton early Friday and went to the room together. Mancera said the attack and theft happened shortly after that, but added that he did not know how much money was reportedly stolen and what was in the safe box.

Other U.S. Airways flight attendants asked hotel employees to check Aaronson’s room Saturday and his naked body was found lying on the floor with his hands tied behind his back.

Mancera said the suspect was identified after studying the hotel’s surveillance videos.

Tim Cook: et tu gay?

Image representing Tim Cook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase


The new head of Apple, the new CEO is Tim Cook and he gay.  Is that a big deal or not? Will the media care or will you care?

White men can’t get laid get guns grab Media

Television personality Joy Behar of "The ...

Image via Wikipedia


I was watching Joy Behar

show and the psychologist ranted about white guys who commit these genocides should not be grabbing media attention. He went on to say that white men he interviewed had not getting laid in common.

“Forensic psychiatrist Michael Wellner offers his insight into the Norway gunman, and what could have driven someone to commit such atrocities.”

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC sued

A pastor is suing Rachel to editing his message to sound like he advocates killing gays and that the Muslims will do God’s will in this manner if they don’t flee Hollywood and gay sin. Read it at the link.

Rachel is openly gay and this gay obsession and rabid lefty crap has gone from her butt to her head.

Jonathan Capehart did Fire Island

Fire Island

Image by greenbk via Flickr

Yup he said it point blank that he at one time frequented the beaches on or near Fire Island the gay beach or gay haven for gay men of all colors and stripes.  He said he does not go there much anymore that was a while back.  It just goes to show you that gay men who are out and open can say anything now on TV and not be penalized for it professionally.

Bradley Manning: The Fall Gay? (Wikisecrets airs on PBS Frontline tonight)

I just watched Mr. Smith discuss on Morning Joe his book about Bradley Manning who is openly gay and troubled by DADT and did not want to go to Afghanistan was able to take a writtable Lady Gaga CD and download a boatload of shit from the US gov.  I think he is the fall gay for the whole mess.  How did he get that type of clearance in the first place? And why was he not caught? He was never caught it was only the Julian Assange arrest and exposure through the wikileaks website the opened that can of secrets.  The Feds were asleep again just like they were with the Muslim who was able to shoot up an entire base and kill 13 people!

Tonight PBS airs “Wikisecrets” dvr it or watch it.  It is on a 9:00 p.m. here.

Rush Touts Anderson Getting hit in the head!

I was on my way to buy a new laptop, got another hp, and heard Rush on radio talking about how Anderson Coop got conked in the head like ten times by the demonstrators and had to high tail out of there before they beat him like the sissy that he is. Oops shouldn’t call such a liberal lion like AC a sissy. He’s just gay and trying to earn his stripes by going over there with every other journalist to see what the hell the Egyptians are doing.

Melhman–He looks gay

Congressman Melhman who helped Bush become Bushier, is not only gay, we can tell, but he was also really anti-gay in his policies. He’s out and he can go right back into the closet with his demands.

We don’t wanna hear him nor his apology. Melhman revealed “I’m gay” to the world because he said that the Republican party is about don’t ask don’t tell that you’re gay okay.

Christians once again fall for a “gay, crossed Jew” LOL

Heloise just came up with that one. It takes the cake because not only is a pun but it’s soooo true.  The folks out there mostly Christians, I bet, have sainted a gay, crossed Jew.  His over the top lie I never bought.  Attendant goes beserk on Jet Blue end of story.  You are too funny.