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George (Schwartz György) Soros the Democratic Dragon

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

George "Soros"

In this year of the Chinese dragon, which is supposed to be the best year to be born in, we find the name of Soros continually rearing its ugly head among conservatives who blast Obama for the monies that this Hungarian orthodox Jew has donated to getting him elected president.  On the other hand we have the Koch brothers who are the benefactors of the conservative party.

The Soros bio from wikipedia is interesting because he has been painted as a Nazi traitor to his Jewish race during the Holocaust.  He worked as a child handing out notices to other Jews that they were to be deported. The Jews were lawyers in Germany who were deported and burned in the ovens of the death camps.

His biggest claim to fame is that he broke the British bank by shorting the pound and making billions of dollars.  He is a billionaire many times over yet he came from nothing.  How do they do it? For one the family and George changed the familiy name to Soros due to the anti semitism growing in Europe and then there are the lucky breaks.

Velodrome d’Hiver: French Jews Roundup—Sarah’s Key (movie and book) link about the book

My review of the book:

amazon link Sarah's Key (Movie Tie-in)

I love books about Europe during and before the war because I walked it just before Hitler took over.  This movie is coming out in limited release next week but you can buy the book now.  I love the history of the Jews as they were in the various ghettos and either liberated or sent on trains to the gas chambers.  That’s the part that I study in particular.  Not because the Jews get gassed, remember the arabs are semites too, but because it is also the history of Europe at this time and place.  I hope it does not take too much in present time.

Soccer Semifinal score: USA 3 FR 1

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil vs. USA - Final of the ...

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They have faced off before but this is one of the best French teams ever.  US has won 11 of their past plays, this makes the 12th match between the two teams.  Whomever wins today, US favored with the first score and the history, will face either Sweden or Japan on Sunday.

So far so good for the US women’s soccer team playing in misty Germany.

US Women’s Soccer Team Beats Brazil 5, 3 (will face French in Germany)

Alexandra Krieger

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The French match in Germany:

U.S. Women vs. France Women

Borussia Park; Moenchengladbach  play: July 13, 2011 @ 11:30 a.m. ET

ESPN,, Galavision

The women’s team was down by one and at during the last few seconds of the game Ali Krieger (Jewish) hits in a long ball then hits in the last penalty point from 12 yards.  Brazil went down in defeat and the US won by 2, incredible.  There are no blacks on the US team that  I could see, but team Brazil was made up of brown folks some black some looked more like native Americans with really dark skin.  Soccer is more popular in Europe and south of the border here, where you will find Brazil and lots of brown and black people trying to get into this country.

Team USA has little time to recover their leg power only two days while the French had like three days of rest.  That’s key in a sport like this after the US played a really tough game.  Another article breaks it down: I actually coached a season of soccer at high school level and we did pretty well.  No one is asking me to coach now.

US team will play France.  We will have to see how diverse their team is, usually it is because futbol is also big in Africa and I  am sure there are Africans on their team.  We will check it out. Yeah, I was right just looked at a youtube and the French team does have a couple of black women on the team I think I saw three.  All are headed to Germany where the French team will meet team USA on the field. May the best team win.

Reel Short Takes: “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Cannes fil...

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The Tourist is why I hate Hollywood.  This movie is such tripe that not only did I fall asleep on it only ten minutes into it, but when I woke up and watched a few more minutes realized that it was like a wedding cake without the wedding, just window dressing and glam dressup for A-list stars like Johnny Depp  who plays a math teacher from the states and Angelina Jolie is a British something or other.   I mean I have no particular problem with the acting that went on, or with the two leads.  That was not the problem.  The problem:  it was the lack of any kind of fucking story line!  It does not get any worse than this movie.

I thought I would watch it because I plan to relocate to Europe.  I wanted to see the sights so to speak.  But hell I get more out of and enjoy “International House Hunters” than this Hollywood crap called “The Tourist.”  Don’t waste your time. I didn’t. But it did make my list of worse movies of 2010.  Yes, it did.