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Mittigan? Early returns have Rick the rat leading

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CNN has 1% returns in and Rick the rat is leading Mitt in his home town state of Michigan.  Regardless to what happens or if the GOP or the Dems think this a huge quake in the wake of a Mitt loss–I still think that Mitt will get the nod.


The Trough: Endorses Barack Obama for President

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Yes, I just decided to break early for the incumbent. I know that’s funny but Heloise get’s a lot of traction and readers and hell what I am seeing out there in the GOP field only makes me laugh I mean LOL.  So, despite some of Obama’s decisions, the economy and my own misgivings about his ability to grow jobs; his near-eclipse of black people on his radar;  his railroading the Obamacare through Congress, which I might end up benefitting from–it’s Barack Obama for president. 

I think we need to change the constitution so that it’s a 5-year term one time and maybe that will take some of the dirty money out of politics. 

I think seriously that Newt Gingrich will get the nod as I said before mostly because he will prove to be the most-least-conservative and objectionable.  I mean if they gave it to Maverick Cain they will give the nomination to ANYBODY!

Occupy Iowa: Now you’re talking

The latest news is that the people will occupy Iowa and protest during the upcoming Iowa polling in January where all the GOP candidates will assemble and be on hand to hear what the people have to say.  Well, people, well candidates, well contenders it’s simply: put the people first!

We know that the banks are sitting on trillions and billions of dollars of ill-gotten gains that came from the TARP which Heloise railed against.  Hell, now I think I am alone in that assessment that it would set a bad precedent and not do what it was meant to do.  The banksters and the wall streeters are GREEDY.  The more they get the more they want.

I mean what can one man with a billion dollars on paper really do?  He can stall the job’s growth that’s what he can do he can stymie the people.

GOP Dartmouth Debate: Perry gets pushed to the fringe by Romney and Cain

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The subject was money.  The subject was the economy.  The subject was not poor people or the nouveau poor.  That will have to wait for another day or debate.  Some are concerned about this concentration of economic talk in one debate to the exclusion of say Israel and Palestine status.  But that too can wait. 

Romney did shine in this debate and Perry well he was dull as an old nickel. Ouch.  The Perry token got left at the prom.

Can lack of debate skills keep one out of the WH, yes to that question and no.  Obama was also a slow starter.  Heloise gave him lots of help though bailing him out time and again with momentous articles and jabs at his opponent McCain.  But not so fast, not this time. I am not bailing out anyone.  No one is paying me for Monday morning tips ala Morning Joe.  I am not making the big bucks for that.  So, I will keep my comments cogent like them or not.

It was all about money and who has the best ideas.  They did not skirt the issue of the feds and Bernanke.  I don’t think anyone will keep him but you know they MUST replace him with another Jew or die in the polls. They cannot even hint at a name at this point as Cain was pressed to do when he opened his big mouth in the first place.  I hope Bernanke does not replace himself in the end.

At this writing I am still watching the debate but the verdict is in: Perry got punked by Romney. I can say that with confidence now that I’ve watched it.  Cain and Romney were the front side-by-side seat sitters and the contenders and I guess the new top-tier.  Who won debate: looks like Romney did and he is looking like a winner especially with his crisp, newly minted, Christie endorsement which could lead to Christie on the ticket as VP which I have already predicted before the endorsement.

It’s probably a cliche to say that Perry lacked luster, but the metaphor fits and Perry will wear it like a ten-gallon hat.  One commentator made a good point about ole Perry that he is a newbie when it comes to understanding how the federal system works and about foreign policy.  Rick was actually more powerful as Lieutenant Gov of  Texas than he was as Gov because of the structure in the state here.  I guess we in Texas are stuck with an empty hat and sold-off cattle.

I said I was not voting for Perry any how nor Ron Paul.  I don’t know who I will vote for.  Hispanics are thinking of staying home because they feel sold out by both parties and blacks and whites have been sold out by both parties in favor of illegal aliens and the freebies that just ain’t free. 

Romney and Christie that’s the ticket (updated)

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My take it will be Mitt Romney because he has been running for years now.  The GOP always gives the stinker the next shot.  Then there is that yuk factor like the one they overlooked with that uber lib by the name of John McCain.  Who paired up with a T party gal named Sarah Palin.  That was the ticket  that could not win.

I predicted Romney nod anyway a long time ago.  Yes, they might reconsider Perry if he does not further implode.  But the illegal issue is going to dog the rich Romneys and the less rich Perrys and the less right GOP as it runs its 2012 race pushing Christie into the VP slot, or rather squeezing him.  He’s conservative enough and has mafia connections too.

Update: Chris Christie today endorsed Mitt Romney for prez.   He really is a smart, fluffy, guy.  That’s the way to do it come out early, predict, lead with your endorsement.  I tried to get a bunch of folks to come out early for Obama.  I pleaded with my old brother Ted to endorse and also Al Gore.  Ted did get off the Chris Todd sinking ship and he and Caroline endorsed Obama early on. 

Smart move from a smart, but fat, man.   

What if Sarah Palin were black?

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I keep reading all the bad news for Obama. And indeed, nothing personal, he has not done the job he was hired to do.  But with the whispers that we don’t need to add Sarah Palin to the mix, she claims to be adding herself.  I wonder aloud what would things be like politically speaking if Sarah were black?

Yes, she’s hot to trot and many men have expressed that idea when she was first trotted out by the GOP and McCain.  What else is new?  If the black Sarah were just as hot the first thing we would hear “she got the job because she looks good!”  What an airhead, black people are dumb and black women are hoes.  Pretty much what we heard about white Sarah right? 

First of all she would not be getting all continuous press or it would be too much to bear.  If John McCain had picked Sarah, all things being equal, a black woman, as his running mate where would we be now.  If the black Sarah was just like the white Sarah, except she was black, would she still be the laughing stock of the dems?  Would she receive the unending speculation? Would John McCain have lost by more points? 

What if they had won?  Would the world, at least in the USA, talk about how off task she is? How impossible it is to get anything out of her but a speech? 

More later

Pawlenty to Christiane: “Any dufus can go to Washington”

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“Why does Ron Paul have such a dufus look on his face? I no like him. But I think I like Pawlenty.”  Heloise wrote that comment  @BC 05/06/11 10:01 am on Dave Nalle‘s (political editor of BC) liveblog of the GOP debate, which I did not watch. So for those of you who think that blogcritics and Heloise are unread and unwashed bloggers–you wrong.
Here’s what I wrote then:  Why does Ron Paul have such a dufus look on his face? I no like him. But I think I like Pawlenty.  And today Tim to Christiane said “Any dufus can go to Washington.”
I knew I said dufus or doofus, (they are both accepted spellings) which is a colloquial term that means “stupid person” but I did not realize I said I did like Pawlenty.  Who would I pair him up with? Maybe Perry or Romney.
I want to know “who the hell you calling dufus?”
But I question that Pawlenty was speaking of Obama in that statement.  I think he was speaking of those who have put or planning to put their hats in the ring.  That would be only GOP folks as the Dems have Obama. So maybe he was talking about Obama.  But Obama is anything but a doofus or dufus IMO.  He has way too much charisma to be called or fit the mold of a stupid person.  I mean no dufus can raise a billion dollars from supporters.  So who  the hell was Tim calling dufus? 
I think two white men is a tried and true formula.  One that works even though many aspire to put a woman on the ticket.  They act as weight on the other contenders (my word) for candidates this year. 

Chris Matthews: Out on a Limbaugh

Chris Matthews has gone gaga and over the top in his challenge to Rush. Does Rush run Republican Party with his left hand as Chris asserts? Chris has begged for a GOP type to come out and say that Rush does not speak for them, no GOP-takers going out on a Limbaugh these days.

Republicans Rout Dems in NJ Gov Race

When I first moved to Texas before I was blogging and before Internet got popular I would meet new people and most of them had moved here from there. Where’s there? New Jersey. I said what’s up with everybody moving to Texas from Jersey? They said it was the quality of life. But Hannity said today what I’ve been wondering about that it was the high taxes in the NJ and NY states.

CNN blogs.

Then there is the Wall Street rap: Jon Corzine is also said to be a former Wall Streeter. This is not a good year for former Wall Streeters, mark my words. The people are going to reject the fat cats. Bloomberg might win but he will have spent a couple of hundred million dollars to do so. Can’t buy me love but it can buy me a political seat.

This Chris Christie guy has upset and beat the polls off an incumbent. Corzine seemed a bit smug and comfortable. But a lot of these guys were in place to get Obama elected. That’s done and so are they LOL.

WTF you say.  I think it’s funny and we will probably hear more from Sarah Palin when this is over.


Embrace Your Inner Hitler

Or Obamacare is not the new Nazi.

If Martians landed on earth and were invisible what would they do? I think that they would find Palin and the right wing talking heads a delicacy. Martians would devour the wingnuts with mustard and great relish. They might burp or hiccup occasionally but would smack their lips and lick their fingers at the greasy delight of Palin and her ilk at the smorgasbord of American life.

They would not be looking for Obama AKA little Hitler or the dem wingnuts. Why, because they would already be gone on the mother ship that the right nuts refused to board out of fear for their lives. That’s funny.

So, while the deaf lead the dead party of the GOP seeking the Hitler out there…we know that there is a little inner Hitler in all of us.

I know because I discovered him living and breathing and reborn in Chicago as a black man who tried to enter politics but unsuccessfully this time. Our political paths crossed a while back. I won’t reveal his ID except to say it ain’t Obama and he is not related to them by blood. But just like Obama traced my political path he too took steps through the reborn Hitler. So what? We all come back to the earth only to leave it once again. So stop seeking Hitler, just embrace him because he is closer than you think.

And if you keep looking over your shoulders the Martians are gonna get you…boo!