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Health Care vote Underway…No GOP on board?

The vote is up to 185 yea and so far 22 Dems have voted nay with some NV out there too. The NV is nearly 100.

Boehner asked for a voice vote but was denied. The vote went electronically. It is now up to 200 with only 16 to go for approval. Noq only 8 votes to go.

But wait Pelosi was touting this stuff, but hell she acts like it is going into effect tomorrow instead of four years from now. And if it passes tonight can’t it get overturned in the future. Four years is beyond Obama’s first term if he should not regain the WH.


Health Care Vote and Passage–Changes Everything

There has got to be a better way to fix the health care system. There are so many good things out there that are simply ignored. Digitizing the records for one. Why was this not done before? Jobs, jobs lost in the field is why. Why not the cash and carry system? Again jobs lost if it is TOO SIMPLE.

Yes, too simple means saving money and loss of the insurance industry run by fringe groups who pay big bucks to big lobbies for big wigs on the hill. That’s where our future is going.

Will it bankrupt the country if passed and stand as is? Absolutely! It is designed to destroy the country not designed to fix the health care crisis.