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Not on the dialogue table: Nancy Lanza and HER money and guns killed

I learned something when my kids were growing up. We were broke but not poor as I was in grad school in southern Illinois and my kids attended the only high school with children of professors and doctors and lawyers.  We had a nice apt on campus but little money.

My kids would tell me about the beer parties the high school students would host when the parents were out of town or on vacation.  My kids did not attend.  I never had STREET DRUGS OF ANY KIND, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS OF ANY KIND, BEER, WINE, CIGARETTES, GUNS, OR WEAPONS IN THE HOUSE.  This is what I taught my kids without saying a word.  They never saw me imbibe any of the above because that was beyond my spirititual beliefs.  They were surprised at what the middle class white kids would get into and so was I.

I also learned from other teen relatives that often the parents had the street drugs in the home and that is where the kids got their hits too.  So a thought crossed my mind: How much of this is related to SES and available money for kids who do not work?

My kids did not have money to buy beer or guns and I certainly never had them around for them to “borrow” or go to shooting range with.  Children who are not our own and those who are our own learn what they see and are taught in non verbal manners.  The violent video games and movies are all apart of the mix.

This is why this issue is so difficult.  Gun laws are on the books.  We don’t need the bullets that kill the shit out of a person nor the handguns.  But then again we don’t need the alcohol that often fuels these fires.  What to do?  Point the finger and the blame where it lies.  These school killings only happened among middle class white areas almost exclusively.  Most of the shooters were white or NOT black but Asian.

In general due to economic restraists blacks don’t buy rifles and expensive guns and killing machines. Where would they store them? And if they could store them how would they buy them and the bullets to go with them.  Why would they buy them when they have precious little money for other things they would first ask themselves. Not saying they are better parents but it is a financial reality.

What would solve this problem that is so multi-faceted?  Who is to blame: society, parents, guns available legally and illegally, violent culture, revenge gang crimes.

The list goes on.  On the other side of the rifle coin we have urban blacks using and buying handguns which were banned in Chicago. Mind you they are cheaper weapons and so are the bullets and also easier to get by anyone.  But they still kill one person one black boy or girl or child at a time.  No one with a handgun is going to a school and shoot it up. They won’t get too far.  But they will do a drive by and kill whomever they can who LOOKS like them.

Yes, blacks and browns have more crimes on the books than whites. But does it matter?  If you think it matters then you are also on the side of where parents and fathers have gone wrong by their absence in the life of their sons, their black and brown sons who commit most of these violent crimes.  Why can’t this be applied to whites and their money and their big guns?


One Ohio student confirmed dead in shooting

Deborah Pratt’s daughter Troian-Pratt Bellisario in “Pretty Little Liars” (Ethnicity)

The Vision Quest Book One: The Age of Light (Vision Quest Book 1) (Bk. 1) Deborah Pratt's sf novel

This post adds to my other posts about beautiful biracial women (see Cheyenne Woods). Deborah Pratt  see link below is older sister to Angela Pratt.  I went to high school with Angie Pratt (Deborah is about 10 years older).  I used to watch her on TV and I knew that was her sister because of the family resemblance and the name. But Angie never talked about her to me.

At the time Angie and her other sister were there. She was a junior and we were maybe freshmen. I can’t remember her other sister’s name but she was also very pretty. Because Deborah was older we never met her. She may have gone to Mercy not sure.  The school is no more anyway.

In the BC interview (see link below) it is clear that Deborah introduced racial themes in her film work and writing whenever she could. And now she is onto universal or spiritual themes, just like myself. Something in the water in Chicago. Because while I am not into sf my life and book read like sf LOL.

I recall them well: 4 or 5 girls and one boy.  They were all fair skinned ( but one was brown skin actually) with silky hair and pretty features.  Since we were both attractive girls we were basically outcasts among other girls in high school.  So we became pretty good friends.  But I did something to sabotage (I was crazy in high school due to bad karma so forgive my youth)  it and I think she moved to California anyway.  Angela went to Oberlin College in Ohio but not sure if she got degree there.

I have no idea what she is doing now as we lost touch because of some crazy boyfriend drama.  My next door neighbor was madly in love with her.  But she went to California for the summer. And she wrote me a letter which I shared with him. Should not have done that. But she was seeing other people.  He and I dated but really I did not like him. I think I was already involved with Kahil El Zabar at the time. Yes, I was kinda fast, no kidding, and I had my pick of the guys.  

Deborah and Angii also had one brother maybe named Phillip like my brother. He was not as fair as they but did not look black.

Interview with Troian:

Here’s what I wrote at answer: I went to high school with Angela Pratt who is Deborah Pratt‘s sister. Their dad was a dark skinned man like my father. Her dad looked south Indian. Her mom was very fair, looked like a Creole woman again just like my mom. We attended a Catholic high school with mostly Irish/Polish Catholic girls. For a while Angie and I were best friends. They are not white and never passed for white. In my book they are black women who can pass for white but are not.

Donald Bellisario (Serbian mom and Italian father)

Bellisario received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004, which he showed off on an episode of JAG.[citation needed]

In an interview with Sci-Fi Channel in the late 1990s, Bellisario said he was inspired to create Quantum Leap in 1988 after reading a novel about time travel.[citation needed] His service alongside John F. Kennedy‘s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was the basis for a two-hour (two-part in reruns) episode of Quantum Leap, “Lee Harvey Oswald” (the fifth season premiere, originally aired 22 September 1992). The episode supports the theory that Oswald carried out the assassination on his own, something Bellisario believed he was capable of after serving with him. (Troian Avery Bellisario)

Finally, in this country unless you are Anglo Saxon meaning part British and/or part German then you are not considered white, but ethnic. So Troian being part black, Italian, Serbian and maybe West Indian and Anglo (which I think Deborah’s dad was) she is ethnic white since her dad is. But if you based it on the mother’s race then she would be black.

I am sure that Deborah considers herself black just as I do. From comments I read however, others don’t consider her black because she can pass for white or was passed as white in films or on TV just like Jennifer Beals (who also grew up in Chicago but I did not meet her) who is biracial.  Per my other posts I have family members who look ethnic white but you know are black as far as this county is concerned.

But maybe the next racial reality will be this: if you look white (even ethnic) then you’re white. When I lived in Chicago and wore my hair straight and had no tan I was often mistaken for white. Down here though I am pretty brown due to the sun. I think someday it will come out about Chicago and how the most evolved black folks in the world ended up there. We were all some other race in past lives and we have come into this race to speed up its evolution and obviously that of the rest of the races as well.  Oops HPB rambling again. BC interview