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The Kennedys Mini-Series starts Sunday on Reelzchannel

If you love JFK and Jackie, and who doesn’t, you won’t want to miss out on the mini series.  President Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy will be in all their glory next week.

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app for iPad: and schedule for the series.












To watch: If you have ATT uverse you will need the 300 package. They are running a special three months free! Right now.  You can watch all nights of this miniseries that Caroline and Maria had squashed/nixed at the History Channel.  I will blog it at BC.

Here’s one review of it:


Katie Holmes, Gregg Kinnear Portray Jackie and Jack–History Channel’s Kennedy Mini Series amidst controversy

The Cast as Kennedy kin in History Channel’s controversial new mini series about the Kennedy family. They want to tell the salacious amidst the protest of the Kennedy family itself.

It will center on Jack’s cheating heart. I know all about that. It may be reality show fodder but don’t make Jack look bad. But have you noticed that almost every day some TV news or program mentions or shows JFK doing his thing? I don’t see any other former president so visible as Jack. Interesting.

A Pornographic JFK–thank you History Channel

A “conservative” Jew…Joel Surnow is directing this new mini series aired by History Channel. I know that despite Joe Kennedy’s anti semitic rants the Kennedys had lots of liberal Jewish friends, still do. But this one is over the top.

It is raising eyebrows, hairs and heckles on the left and everybody else. This is news really it is. The History Channel is planning a mini series about JFK in the White House and in the Oval office fornicating while making political decisions. It may have happened as they contrive but according to opposition against it, that’s not the point. Heloise says: Call it JFK fucking while politiking but don’t call it history. That’s funny.

No, what’s reallyfunny is that they are using moden language including Heloisespeak to tell the story. It is anachronistic therefore at worse and according to its critics…lies and damn lies. They want to make Jack out to be a whore in the White House. If they do it will backfire on them with lots of unintended consequences.

Say Hi to cousin “It”

Monday, May 25th the History Channel will air “the Link.”

This missing link was found in 1983 and it had a buyer at an archeology fossil fair. I tell my students all the time to be on the look out for fossils they can be priceless.

The founder of Ida, named after his daughter bought the totally preserved skeleton for about a million bucks.

I have worked with paleontologists when in grad school for anthropology and the lemur’s the thing with them.

This new find about 47 million years old has the features of a cat and a primate and some human qualities like an opposable thumb. That is nothing to sneeze at folks.

The link above has lots of information about the find.  And a video with the finder and buyer of Ida. It may be the broadcast, not sure, I am watching it now.

I know it has got the archeology and paleontology community all atwitter. It’s cool to find the unfindable. However where this was found in Germany is a site where people have often dug. The conditions for fossil making are fab. So you get fab fossils and this one is no exception. If it has hair then it’s human. That’s funny.