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Jack Klugman dies at 90

English: Jack Klugman in August 2005

English: Jack Klugman in August 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Son of Russian Jewish immigrants Klugman made his way to the top of the Hollywood heap and then fell off from throat cancer from which he lost his voice in 1980.   He just remarried four years ago.

Anyway if you know The Odd Couple then you know his main work.

Johnny Lewis brutally murders landlady in Hollywood then falls to his death

Los Angeles (CNN) — The violent deaths of “Sons of Anarchy” actor Johnny Lewis and an elderly woman in an affluent Hollywood neighborhood Wednesday is a murder mystery for Los Angeles police.

Lewis, 28, whose acting resumé included “The O.C.” and “Criminal Minds,” died in the driveway of a three-story home in the Los Feliz neighborhood near Griffith Park, apparently after climbing on the roof and falling, police said Thursday.

Police, responding to a call from neighbors saying they heard screams for help from a woman inside the house, found Katherine Davis, 81, dead in what a police spokesman called a “gruesome scene.”

Davis and Spencer poised to win Oscar

Academy Award

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The wisdom of the twitter points to two beautiful black women trotting out with Oscar in tow.

I am pulling for them even if Melissa Perry Harris blasted them or whatever.  Where are her Hollywood creds? Stick to politicking Melissa. I didn’t think you were into reviewing films.  Just because the movie has black women in it does not make you an expert on the film industry hello…

Anyway the movie was great and the acting as I pointed out in my review of the movie that they would be on the Oscar short list.  Now take that black women who did not like the movie.

Academy Awards tonight

The cast of The Help is favored to win.  Could this be the first time two black women sweep the best actress in drama awards? Will Brad prevail over his buddy Clooney?  Brad Pitt is way over due for a win.  I think Hollywood is jealous of him.  I dread that Billy Crystal is doing the honors.

Whitney Houston dead at 48–updated

I Have Nothing
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Even though the autopsy is barely done and the toxicology report a while off they are pretty sure she did not drown, but mixed alcohol with Xanax.  Stupid because right on the label it says do not mix this drug with alcohol.  Was she really depressed? I don’t think so.  She was a diva.

The cause of death is unknown at this time. But those who recover from drugs or alcohol like Amy Winehouse can still be at risk for an  early death. I have so many memories of her singing and her movies especially the Bodyguard where her voice just rises above everything. What a voice what a way to go.  RIP Whitney.

Whitney Houston is dead. She was found by her bodyguard.  She was staying at Beverly Hills hotel and was due to attend a gala at Clive Davis for the Grammy’s.  She will be saluted at the Grammy awards and her greatest hits now tops itunes.

for complete update and stuff go to:

Where or how she died is unknown.   but people saw it coming.

What are the top ten films of 2011?

By ticket sales it may not be a banner year for films. Are moviegoers getting sick of Hollywood slick?

Reviewing films has become second nature to me. I picked it up like a bad habit after realiazing that opinion writing on pols and their politics was getting too stressful. I have not regretted that decision and confine my two cents mostly to this blog. When I should have been taking care of myself I was what else seeking out films to watch and review. I can only talk about those I’ve seen. If not I will make a note of it.

Not in order yet just my list

Higher ground

Midnight in Paris

Tree of life

A separation (did not see yet)


A Dangerous Method

The Help

War horse. ( did not see)

Crazy, stupid, love

The Iron Lady (not released yet)

Making headlines: Simon Cowell, Skid Row and H’wood libs

Hollywood Sign

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Hollywood Execs Caught on Tape Admitting Liberal Bias…

BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT viewers shocked by Simon Cowell’s face…

Skid Row shelter charges fees as economy toughens…

Jews outing the liberal agenda in Hollywood

Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV by Ben Shapiro from Amazon


Who knew? I am not surprised.   But this is not news just documented what most Americans already know—if it quacks like a liberal it probably is one i.e., a hidden one.–3086

The book makes the case that TV industry executives, writers and producers use their clout to advance a liberal political agenda. The author bases his thesis on, among other things, 39 taped interviews that he’ll roll out piecemeal during the next three weeks.

The Hollywood Reporter obtained several of the not-yet-released clips. Each contains a snippet of an interview, usually some historical footage of the TV shows the interviewee was responsible for and, naturally, a plea to purchase the book, “Primetime Propaganda” by Ben Shapiro and published by Broad Side, an imprint of HarperCollins.

In one video, “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman says that when she cast Candace Gingrich-Jones, half-sister of Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, as the minister of a lesbian wedding, “There was a bit of [a middle finger] in it to the right wing.”

Reel Short Takes: “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Cannes fil...

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The Tourist is why I hate Hollywood.  This movie is such tripe that not only did I fall asleep on it only ten minutes into it, but when I woke up and watched a few more minutes realized that it was like a wedding cake without the wedding, just window dressing and glam dressup for A-list stars like Johnny Depp  who plays a math teacher from the states and Angelina Jolie is a British something or other.   I mean I have no particular problem with the acting that went on, or with the two leads.  That was not the problem.  The problem:  it was the lack of any kind of fucking story line!  It does not get any worse than this movie.

I thought I would watch it because I plan to relocate to Europe.  I wanted to see the sights so to speak.  But hell I get more out of and enjoy “International House Hunters” than this Hollywood crap called “The Tourist.”  Don’t waste your time. I didn’t. But it did make my list of worse movies of 2010.  Yes, it did.

US Talks to Bin Laden Wives and Liz Taylor Warhol goes for $27M

Liz Taylor, trailer screenshot, cropped from h...

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 CNN story:

Liz Taylor Warhol sold for 27M