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Huckabee and the Right: Look Who’s Not Talking Now

Will the right wing talkers be talking about the Clemmons cop killer act? Not so far. This rapist and criminal convicted of many crimes had his sentence commuted by then-governor Mike Huckabee.

He said that if he had 20/20 hindsight that he would not have released this man. Huckablee was blaming the state of AK and WA. This could sink his little boat. He who once was Huckabee will be known as Huckawont.


Mike Huckabee robo calls

Now I see why I got a call from Mike Huckabee he just won a straw poll for 2012 over Mitt Romney. He is trying to raise money and awareness for his bid. I agreed with his program but I said I would not donate. Maybe he is targeting Tarrant county which is a conservative county.

We do what we can.