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Breitbart started life as a wealthy Jew

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Breitbart the “enfant terrible” of the Internet has died where he first started in Brentwood, yes that ritzy place, California the former home of OJ Simpson

Andrew was controversial and loved it. 

He was adopted by wealthy Jewish parents and at one point lived in Venice Italy where he met his wife.  They returned to the states and were penniless for a while and then he started writing for Drudge Report for no salary.  They thought he had talent. As said before he also helped to build Huffington Post when it was a startup. 

He changed his site from to Big Business, Big Government, Big Journalism.  He is credited with the first photos that outed Weiner and led to his resignation.

He was walking home near his Brentwood home when he collapsed.  His neighbors saw him collapse and called 911.  He was taken to UCLA Medical Center where MJ was taken and pronounced dead.

He died of a massive heart attack.  Andrew had heart problems in the past.  I read that he was not into the lib healthy diet and exercise propaganda but believed in eating, drinking and getting merry on his wealth. 

So long Andrew. He was 43. 


Karen Handel resigns over Komen debacle


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Karen Handel

Karen Handel, an executive at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, resigned on Tuesday. Handel, a former Republican candidate for governor, had been suspected as being the root of the breast cancer charity’s controversial decision last week to pull funding from Planned Parenthood—and attracted attention after she re-tweeted a comment that it was “just like a pro-abortion group to turn a cancer orgs decision into a political bomb to throw. Cry me a freaking river.”

Ray LaHood Dons Helmet And Bikes To Work

Ray LaHood did it for one day but I’ve been biking to work for the past two months and it’s addictive.  I love it but found I needed to wear a mask to keep out the pollen. What about change of clothes or taking a shower? I do bring a change of clothes.  Iwear my biking stuff to work, change in the restroom.

In the afternoon it’s hot here so I change back into my biking clothes (cooler) and bike home. By that time I am hot and sweaty and smelly, but I  am home and can take a shower or eat and go out again on bike then take a shower before going to bed.  My ride is only 3 miles and the morning is cool enough so I don’t get hot and smelly riding to work.

Flashback Iowa 2007: Obama as Then-Contender

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Barack shook his leonine mane and flashed a knowing smile this afternoon in Iowa to an audience that I thought non-existent or dead! He turned the laugh on himself, about  inexperience and the heavy use of former Clinton advisors, to his advantage by responding to Hill’s laugh with: “Hillary I am looking forward to you advising me as well!” Hundreds of comments on Huffington Post alone made to that one headline. Wow. It was a cute, really cute rejoinder.

The audience would have to be virtual to not respond to that sound bite. Thus, there was an immediate roar of laughter both from the audience and the stage. That man’s got bounce and not just in the latest local polls.

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If you watched the bars they often went off the charts from his opening responses.

I think he won. But it is yet a three-way race. Edwards is a strong contender (I guess I used that word earlier than I thought) and many would love to see an Edwards/Obama ticket rather than the inevitable Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket What many are witnessing is that je ne sais quoi that creates electability and likeability.  But if dailykos carries any weight—Barack won the debate with 37% of the vote. 

Not only did Obama alight on the stump with instant likeability but now his electability quotient has also increased.

The two seem to go hand in hand. Thus Hillary, Hill or HRC’s liability in the likeability factor has become a real question of her strength as a national candidate. There is no dearth of blogs, articles and tags that bear her name and that of Bill Clinton. There is no dearth of blogs that bear the tag of Oprah who “soulfully” backs her Senator from Illinois. He is not only likeable but loveable. Oprah does not have to doubt her decision or hedge her bets on this choice. Many Americans are responding in like and kind to the excitement she has shared with potential caucus goers and beyond. That’s one side of the coin. Then there is the other side of the coin with Hillary’s profile and the words “inevitable un-likeability” engraved. What’s wrong with that?

Here’s the obvious answer: don’t sling mud on someone who is transfixing and expect his or her admirers to then admire you for pointing out the flaws or picking up the mud. Barack wrote candidly, and well, about his drug use in Dreams From My Father, and how his future was shaky in light of bad choices. He was a black man facing a bleak future if he did not change his evil ways. Now, he has a chance to be a beacon of hope for other young men, black and brown. And pundits are pointing out that despite the dirty laundry being aired and held up for inspection; it is just not sticking to Obama–for now. We know quite well that he is not the first “smoker” or drinker in the Oval Office and certainly won’t be the last. In fact, his flaws (and his discussion of them) have increased his bounce and vigor among voters and supporters. So, who is it that has to rethink their image in an image and cult-obsessed America? Hillary Clinton might be in that number. But she has some powerful backers too.

Bobby backs Hillary and doesn’t back down

It’s beginning to look a lot like endorsement season to me. And on November 29th Robert Kennedy Jr., endorsed Hillary Clinton to few cheers. And it doesn’t get any better than a strong endorsement from a member of the Kennedy clan. And since a Kennedy has spoken at the Democratic National Conventions since Jack in 1960–Bobby Jr., just might be the next slated speaker. So in this likeable race has he risked name and rep to endorse Hillary? It seems so.

He claims that it is getting to the point where likeability has so dogged Hillary that she has certified haters. Really, Bobby is that drama necessary? I am not so certain that “hate” is the right word. And comparing her “haters” to those of FDR. He has been swimming in the salty sea too long. I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her as much as I like Barack. In my play, I don’t think it is all about “hating” Hillary, but apparently RFK Jr. thought he needed to “revisit” his choice. He had to address his decision in his HuffPo blog after a little “visit” with Hillary, a “tour” of New York State, a sampling of how others in New York “love” her, and getting an earful from the netroots.

Reading his blog about his recent chat with Senator Clinton seemed apologetic almost. And more in the vein of a revisit of that endorsement rather than the more-expected endorsement for Obama or even Edwards. Will he back down from this endorsement? I doubt it. After all, my article and thousands of other blogs and musings will all be moot if (and when) Obama and Clinton are both part of the same Democratic ticket. 

Finally, lest we forget that the Kennedy family has ties with the Clintons that go back to the White House rose garden and Bill’s stepping onto the White House lawn and reaching across time to shake the hand of John F. Kennedy. It goes back to when Bill Clinton gave official notice (at goverment cost) to the Coast Guard to plumb the ocean off the coast near Martha’s Vineyard until the jet and bodies of John F. Kennedy, Jr., wife and sister in law were recovered. One does not forget ties like those, nor should one.

But then there is the vista of political reality: Hillary moves out, Bobby moves into the most desired Senate seat in the U.S. of A. And like his uncle before him–a candidate put into place when Jack became JFK so that Teddy Kennedy could eventually run for his vacated seat and keep it virtually for life. When you and your family are sitting around drinking eggnog this season and debating the soon-to-be Clinton dynasty remember this: there is nothing wrong with a little royal blood in the veins, or wearing a tiara to bed in the Lincoln bedroom.

Breitbart still gay, still “air kissing” Arianna at Huffpo

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Here’s the latest “air kissing” from Andrew Breitbart. I think he meant “ass kissing!” LOL

“I’m blissful that the Huffington Post exists,” Breitbart told The Daily Caller as he settled into a Washington, D.C. hotel for this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

For a guy who in one tweet called an employee from the liberal group Media Matters for America an “underage sex-trafficking apologist” and in another a  “[hate] crime fetishist,” that’s really saying something.

Breitbart has reason to be nice — he used the money he earned while helping launch the Huffington Post six years ago to start his own media company. The cash he made from the Huffington Post provided the seed money for, and later the proliferation of “Big” sites that have made Breitbart a simultaneously infamous and famous household name among political observers. But without Huffington, that may never have been possible, and Breitbart says he’s more than grateful.

“She and I have one of the great air kiss relationships that America has ever known,” Breitbart said during a recent radio interview. “I’m glad that she did well for herself.”

Read more:

I know that real men, black or white don’t talk like this shit. I mean “air kiss” or is it “ass kissing”?  Wow what a slip, in fact I think old Breitbart just slipped out of the closet. Crow on that indeed Andy. He made bank off Arianna and started the big site. He got the big idea from one of my blogs I just know it. Anyway, he love him some Arianna.  The site is perfect for people like Andy because he already has a flagging, sagging site and  this will help him with traffic.  What’s more the reason he is so nice is because he wants to blog at her site. His first blog has been about O’Keefe and the NPR thing.

Have Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington destroyed the world?

Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington have both been given the reins of two large white, male dominated media Newsweek and AOL.  The women got balls but the public is gasping at how the media takeovers and buyouts and sellouts are faring.  From what I have read, not so swell.  The following links size it up nicely.  AOL stocks have plunged and Newsweek, is well, not so newsy and not so weekly.

The “Spook” Who Sat In The White House

My definition of racism and prejudice is quite simple: when a person of another race goes out of their way to remind you that you are not white or whatever. This is a classic example of that.

And the same thing with sexism. When a man goes out of his way to put a woman into the category of a hoe, bitch or slut, then that’s a crime.


Andrew Breitbart —The Gay Jew With a Plan (updated)

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Update: Okay whether or not Andy is gay is not official. So what it got your attention.  Besides Jewish men are over-represented in the gay department.  It looks like AB might get another 15 minutes of fame thanks to breaking the weinergate story.  AB took the spotlight and the mic to trumpet that he was right…again.  Good for you because a certain congressman (congress also means contact and can be used in sexual congress in case you didn’t know it) but a Congress man named Weiner got his dick handed to him, or rather he posted it online to twitter.  Even I don’t know how to post pics to twitter!

Good job Andy, keep it up. is the latest creation from the creator of Huffpo, or one of them. He is a proud queen. And a Polish-Jew who touts himself as a conservative. Many of Heloise’s articles from bc were picked up by and distributed all over the Web…thank you for that.

Here’s a sample from his pulldown menu:

But he is cracking under the weight of his own celebrity . Dailykos has this video segment wherein he engages in ad hominen attacks on everybody. He wants to know why the Von Brunn should be a Right wingnut instead of a left wingnut. Von Brunn hates conservatives, therefore he is a lefty, doesn’t wash with me.

Andy, can I call you that? Is also cannibalizing his own Polish Jewish people. Andy is a Hollywood hater but Hollywood rose from the ashes of the Holocaust. See how many letters they have in common? This guy really does not know what he is, so he’s gay. Oh boy.

Did he help slant the lean of Huffpost to the right? That’s a good question. He had a hand in its development and many think that she is really not the lefty she claims. She started as a Republican a RINO, who has only ONE black on her staff. She gets the coup de grace award.


Arianna Huffington–She’s Big TIME Now

Arianna Huffington is big TIME, literally.

She has a huge writeup touting her site. I’ve done some research on her and she has pursued spirituality as well as politics in this life. I think she is a good role model. And Arianna is so on TIME.


“Bottom Line #1–Creating Jobs” First Presidential News Conference

was held today by President Obama. He faced the press corps tonight. But first he went on a whirlwind tour to Elkhart, IN, the home of the big trailers, that ain’t selling these days, then he returned to the White House for a press conference. Can you say “the sellin’ is smellin”?” I just made that up.

Here’s the entire transcript thanks to CNN:
The truth is that he is pitching his stimulus package to the people only after the votes have been settled. Pundits, including Heloise predict that despite Rush, Hannity and Levine pooh-poohing this ugly bill, it will pass. It will pass so get over it.
How convincing is Obama, not sure, but the press room looks like my game room, same colors, same drapes and similar chandelier…hmmm. I digress, the Prez was led away from stimulating talk to talk about Afghanistan and that’s so boring.

Obama did tout that he has put more Republicans in his cabinet than others and that’s supposed to win him recognition from real conservatives and not just the RINO crowd.

But he better look out for Michael Steele who says he gonna get the Dems with his smartness and his wild understanding of the economy as demonstrated in his interviews. His Hannity interview is full of mutual back slapping. He was wise to go on FOX after his WTF interview with George.

My man Obama  used “bottom line” a bunch of times and he said one of his “main bottom lines is getting credit flowing to the people.”

Listen to Levine

Levine on the radio tonight was livid. This guy is piping hot over Obama and the socialist movement from the FDR days until now. He also called out the “Repubicans” but it was funnier hearing him say it than reading the word “pubic” in the middle. He is hating on the 3 RINOs who voted with Obama and planned to launch their boats to Obama Island. He was especially vehement when it came to Arlen Spector. They are both Jews but he hates Spector who is out of Pennsylvania, a Jewish safe haven to be sure, and also a pretty purple state. Levine said that Spector’s job was in jeopardy and that the good people of Pennsylvania will vote his ass out of office with money, organization and counter wingnut grassroots! You tell ’em Levine.

Getting back to Barack– how successful was his press debut as Prez, impressive actually. He sounded and looked presidential. He called on Sam Stein of the Huffington Post to ask a question. He asked about the proposal to investigate the Bush administration.

 Obama said he has not seen the proposal but  that “my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture, we are going to abide by the Geneva Conventions…Nobody’s above the law…people should be prosecuted just like any ordinary citizen…want to look forward rather than look backward.”

Mara Liason asked my kind of question: about “where’s the health care and the Republicans on board down the road?” How are you going to get more Republicans involved? He said that the jockeying for position has to be put aside because the little people can’t afford it. He said we should be able to work together. He reminded her that the Republicans were surprised and were on board when they saw the tax cuts. But he said the lesson he learned, is one I heard from another smart pundit, forget who, that Obama should not have given up the big tax cuts so damn easy. He acknowledged that he played the tax-cut card WAY too early and too big.