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GOP CNN Debate — who won?

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I am watching it just now and everybody is on fire and the tea is boiling over the top. That’s a good thing for the voters. Will it change the polls next week? There will be waste in government but does it have to be diarrhea?  That’s a good one.

Perry got pigeonholed tonight on the cervical cancer vaccine. He looked a bit sheepish at times and kept batting his eyes. So the body language told me that he felt under attack. Perry did parry and sent back some barbs to Romney when he said “criminal is what you called SS and that’s in your book.” Paraphrasing there. Yes, Texas has no personal state income tax but it has the freakin highest property taxes in the country.  What that tells me and you is that the middle class and the upper classes are bearing the burdens more so than the poor who pay less in property taxes or no taxes at all if they rent. 

Texas is taxes that are hidden in a way.  But that aside Romney was cool, he was one cool contender, and top-tier.   Heloise used “contender” and “top-tier” when she blogged for Obama and I see that those words have come into common usage.  Politics is in my DNA and I love lending lingo to the media since I am, well, part of it.  Anyway, on a winning streak because I believe in preventative medicine and that was not addressed and may not be.  What makes me sad is not only the Mexicans here who do not speak one lick of English but what is taken from legal citizens: their teeth.  Yes, that’s right when I go into stores and see the poor workers with few or no teeth left rooting in their heads that makes me really sad.  And what’s bad about it is that illegals have siphoned off and gamed the medical and the ERs to the point where we have to pay for them first and there is no money left over for one of the most humane of things: good dental care for all.

If I was running for office against Obama I would tout that the lop-sidedness of health care is really the problem. GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED AND WANT in health care.  Listen to them about ILLEGALS. Heloise dated a lot of legal visa immigrant engineering students and found out just how hard it is to get here for them.  But the latin americans just waltz over the border.  I know why…you need backers and money to get and stay in this country.  But all that has gone out the window for now.

Who won: I think Romney won with words and some tough talk, but Perry held his own and defended his faux pas.   Loved the way Newt talks but he will not win.  Romney is a flip flopper and that will keep him from winning possibly.  Perry is strong and if he holds the standard high he will continue to come out on top.   As I stated before the forced vaccination made Texans mad as hell and Perry should point out that the system worked.  The people hated it and it got voted out or was never implemented in the schools.  That’s the best defense. 

What I wonder about Perry is his appeal to the country.  Hmm, I think I can see it.  He has been here so long it’s hard to say.  But when he was challenged by democrats for the governor we said hell no to the other contenders and so Perry easily won re-election.  Maybe Romney and Perry will team up.   But Mitt was strong in the debates case closed and will remain in the top-tier along with Perry.  The rest will drop in percentages I predict.  Everyone said they would give  Ben Bernanke the boot we will see about that.  But they know they have to replace him with another Jewish economist, enough said.  We have given this country away already with billions of dollars wasted in Afghanistan.  There will be waste but do we have to have so much?