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Beautiful Bollywood babe brutally beaten and beheaded by co-stars You can meet some nice folks on the job:

According to police, her ‘fellow actors’ warned her mother they would force her daughter to take part in pornography films if their demands were not met.

Her mother paid 60,000 Rupees (£730) into her daughter’s account for her kidnappers to withdraw, but she was allegedly killed soon after. She was strangled to death, beheaded, and her body was dumped at two different sites as her killers made their way back to Mumbai. Her torso was dumped in a water tank and her head thrown out of the bus window in a bag on the road to Mumbai.







Good read: “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” life in poor India

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity
 At Amazon where else?

Behind the Beautiful Forevers” is the result of intensive, immersive observation over the course of four years in the life of a Mumbai shantytown called Annawadi. Boo’s technique is as exhaustive as it is self-effacing. She conducts countless hours of interviews with her key “characters,” interviews that, to judge by the results, can be as searching as therapy sessions. She backs these up with documentary research and shoe leather reporting. To establish what actually happened during a crucial event — the self-immolation of a one-legged woman following a dispute with one of the book’s central families — she interviewed 168 people, many of them more than once. She never mentions herself.

Amazon sets up shop in India

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase Inc. TOP Internet retailer said today it has launched an online shopping service for consumers in India. enables consumers to shop for products from online and offline retailers in that country, and products from

Amazon is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. It says the Indian site offers more than 10 million products from 14,000 brands. Consumers can follow links on the site to buy products directly from such retailers as Homeshop18, UniverCell, Hidesign and Gitanjali; find locations to a retailer’s physical store; or purchase from, according to information on  Consumers cannot buy directly from

Curtain coming down on labor unions

Mount Tai

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I have to wonder aloud is it the unions that led to the offshore exodus of the last two decades? My parents both worked in factories back in the 1950s and 60s and those factories have long since closed. In fact my dad invented a part on the modern car seat that kept them from flipping forward as they used to do in the two door cars when the seat would push forward and not lock in place as they do now. But no line worker black or white is going to get credit for something done back in the dark ages.  On the other hand bloggers and right wing and left wing organizers can take credit for raising their voices against offshore loss to China, Taiwan and Viet Nam of jobs, especially manufactoring ones.

Remember the old days when a student, a college student or an adult who could speak good English could get a job at a call center? They went to India in a big way.  Who knew? Who knew that a job like teaching or government jobs that can’t be offshored would become the good jobs of today?  That’s why some conservatives want to gut the government literally.  Because it provides lots of jobs in fact the very few really good jobs for non whites.  I mean black folks. 

So maybe it’s time that the curtain comes down on labor unions who insisted that the wages rise to the 30 dollar range and counting plus outrageous benefits.  The minimum wage is a joke I mean who can life off less than 10 dollars an hour.  We have to reach a happy medium and not run the large employers out of the country and the many service jobs, many right here in Texas, not just minimum wage.

Sexual molestation by physicians—did it happen to you?

Do you want to tell your experience about doctor visits when you were a child or an adult when a doctor did something to you that was not appropriate or downright sexual assault?  I’ve had a few comments about this recently but they both said it happened to their moms.  But if it happened to you talk about it here anonomously of course.  This type of crime goes unreported I think.  I have my own experience when I was in my twenties and pregnant I went for a doctor visit and it was a clinic I usually never went to on the south side of Chicago.  I think the doctor was actually an Indian from India and I will never forget that he felt my privates in an inappropriate manner.  This was the days before a nurse was always in attendance. Lucky for me that was my only experience but I felt bad for months afterward and avoided male doctors after that and always sought out white, female gynecologists.  I don’t use black dentists, sorry, no offense but had too many bad experiences with them. 

If you’ve been to the doctor recently you know that a nurse or someone else is supposed to be in the room when the doctor examines you to protect you.  If not then you need to request that a nurse is there. 

New Obama book: All About Africa

The glorious rise of black people calendar

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The Obamas: The Untold Story of an African Family sold at Amazon $14.77

This is not just another book about Barack Obama. It is a book about the African side of his family.  Obama wrote a book about his father, and ignored his mother.  I really don't think they were ever legally married because like most black men, Obama Sr had other women and other wives.  I have dated one black African and they looooove white women especially when they come to America.  No black women for them, they marry other African women but seek out white women who will marry them and there are lots of them out there.


I don't think they ever married and Obama Sr ditched that white woman for Harvard (thanks to Ted Kennedy opening the door) and eventually his son got there too. 

I watched Peter Firstbrook being interviewed by Dinesh D'Sousa. Dinesh is that Indian-born interloper who is now president of a school. Yes, they are gaining on us at our expense too. Dinesh knows all about racism being a dark skinned Indian born in a country who invented institutionalized racism AKA the caste system. 

So, he comes here and makes the case for race.  But Heloise can't do it without being called names and my family and many generations were born here.  I digress. He interviewed the author of the book who really told a lot about Kenya and the colonialism that is Africa.  He traced the Obamas and their tribe back to 1655! Interesting book. I plan to read it. 

Jennifer Hudson–Sings Under the Big Tent

Not only will the big guest list dine under the big tent on the lawn but Jennifer Hudson will be crooning to the crowd. Wow. But your invitation is not in the mail.


book review: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


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One expectation of literature is that it transport the reader. It must have the ability to relocate the reader from his limited domestic bliss to an inflated universe of ideas filled with people, places and things that he will probably never meet or visit except for the book that he holds in two hands. By this visa Gilbert’s already bestseller, Eat Pray Love, enters the realm of a well-written, transporting, memoir. A memoir that she fills with herself and invites the reader to share in the feast.

It is one book divided into three distinct parts, carefully painted by the title Eat Pray Love. The first two parts are as delicious as their settings–Italy and India. Gilbert is determined to live in Italy because she is obsessed with learning Italian. It is the most beautiful language in the world. And Rome, the city, embodies beauty and most of all “sex.” I enjoyed the tales of Italy, but was anxious to get to Love, the last section of the book. Who would Elizabeth Gilbert love?  So, I forced myself not to skip meals or day trips on my way there. I also kept in mind a virtual Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert, whom she will portray in the film based on the book.

I read this book, at first,  in a curious and sanguine sort of way. Then I found myself with emotion and bursting into tears. I am not sure if it was because I realized that I was suddenly within one hour of completing the book and arriving at my destination where I would have to part with author Elizabeth Gilbert. Or because I read a sad truism Gilbert wrote of love–let go of the control in your life in order to allow love’s unbalance to abide there.

That clarity comes near the end of the memoir. However, it does not take away from the fact that Ms. Gilbert begins her journey as a whining white woman whose privileged life is falling apart. That’s a problem.

It is a problem for her and for many readers who find this book to be a selfish exercise in spiritual confusion. But let’s give her a chance to explain herself and her purpose for writing Eat Pray Love. She writes it for one simple reason–to share the journey, day-by-day with the world. Her dreams tell her that she will be successful. She follows her bliss no matter how painful or absurd. She asks the reader to buy that in one short year with a multitude of help and “gurus” she has arrived–spiritually.

But despite her claims of arriving on peaceful, spiritual planes of beings–the reader remains unconvinced. Elizabeth Gilbert begins and ends her journey as a “seeker.” Also known as spiritual kindergarden according to Eastern mysticism. And by definition seekers are in a state of perpetual confusion while seeking their inner path. Even those familiar with New Age writing and Indian gurus would find it difficult to follow the thread of her spiritual awakening. The only recognizable tenet is a meditation practice she describes that sounds a bit like Buddhism and of entering the mysterious “void” in the early stages of meditation. I got it. But her reason for traveling to India I did not get. Gilbert makes a common mistake many Westerners make–they go too soon. They think they are ready and that “the master has appeared” but really it is mere fantasy.

I was advised to wait and I heeded that advice. Therefore, that difference in approach seems the source of conflict and confusion in this memoir. We are never certain where her loyalty lies. And with only her feeble inner voice as guide, she’s off to three countries to “search for everything” !

Therefore it is not surprising that she changes gurus like a person changing planes because they need to catch a connecting flight. That is the spiritual dilemma I read into this book. Exactly how did she become the (inner) master, at the end of the journey, without first finding the (outer) guru?

The problem with Gilbert is that as hard as she tries to run from men–she continues to attract them and struggle with giving in to them. However, Gilbert temporarily learns one thing–she needs to give her sexuality a rest. In spite of her hard-headed approach she does meet one man in India, Richard from Texas, who becomes her spiritual advisor. Richard, a really cool guy, serves as one of her temporary gurus who calls her by a sticky name: “Groceries,” because she eats every damn thing in sight. She does not know why or how this physical hunger has engulfed her life. But Groceries is an open book to Richard and he reminds her daily that she has to let go of her attachment to a husband who no longer wants her. And above all, she must let go of her whining–that, he tells her, is the real source of her hunger.

At first it seems that the author’s emotional selfishness will overcome the reader. Why is this woman writing about herself and her problems? It reminds one of the public anger felt toward Princess Diana when she first warned the world that she was not happy being a princess nor living with a prince! Give us poor folks a break. Yet, despite the sad eyes, the world came to love Diana and eventually agreed with her sense of angst and pain–since it is part of who she was.

The same might be said of the readers’ evolution along with the author, who grows page after page into a woman who is less selfish and more bearable in the end. She tolerates herself and continues to meditate. The reader also comes to tolerate Gilbert and her many vacillations.

My review of this book was somewhat mixed. I could not accept nor understand her spiritual practice. It made no sense to me. But I could understand her seeking a soul mate. That part of the book resonated with me. This is not a compelling book but it is a good read. And it does have something to teach us. And what exactly do we learn from Eat Pray Love? I think we learn that the idiom  “follow your bliss” could easily be mistaken for “follow your guru.”

Clintonian Theater–The Globe

Hillary Clinton lands in Japan, then Jakarta, Indonesia where she was met by students who adored her and also by women (at another stop) who posted signs about her.

She too is a traveling salesman these days. They make quite the yin-yang couple as Heloise predicted they would in some way. I thought she would be the VP but this is actually a better more powerful position.

Can she stop the war that is going to break out like a rash of severe acne near northern India, Pakistan and Aghanistan? That is what I see to be the trouble spot based on a vision I had years ago when I saw India broken up into maybe 5 areas or kingdoms. Clinton expressed concerns about the region when asked and told what Pakistan was up to. Sneaky Pakis! I have spent time in the Punjab region, not far from where the hot stuff is happening, and it seems so damn peaceful there. Looks are deceiving in Asia.

 Can Clinton get it right?

It was a new map that I saw for India from whatever happened, that whatever is probably a huge war involving many millions somewhat as the Bible predicts, but not exactly.

I see what I am  calling baby nuclear war set to break out after one country loses a whole bunch of military and a whole lot of face.

Take heart mother nature/God will kill us off first

That may sound funny coming from a scientist, but it’s true, the evolutinist don’t want  you to know that.

From my understanding as a scientist there is nothing that humans or man can make that matches God’s arsenal. What nature/space create is singularly more powerful that what man can kill us with. I mean man cannot throw a huge comet or meteor at earth at 30,000 mph and hit, man cannot make a tsunami wave or a hurricaine Katrina (although some believe we did).

So take heart in that, God will destroy what he has created not man. So, DO you have a tough job Mrs. Clinton? Hell yes,  now that you are on the global stage. It’s a role, act well, save us if you can!


Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire by Heloise

Mumbai, India is the setting for this brutal look at slum life in a southern Indian city. It follows the life of three slum dwellers, called slum dogs by the film’s writer, who said he “just made up slumdog.”  Ouch!

Well, the natives are a bit restless about the dog part. However, here in America, dog can be a friendly word, but when you are poor, black and the underdog being reminded of it well, hurts.  I’ve been to India and traveled by plane, and by taxi from the city of New Delhi to its northern Punjab region. This region is not nearly as bad as the south but just the same you see people living virtually EVERYWHERE in India.

And what distinguishes India even more than having to step over people sleeping in parking lots in the train station and living on the train tracks is the veritble smell of India.  It is the smell of burning that distinguishes her.

The hero and heroine of Slumdog have lots of adventures that take them from the beauty of the Taj Mahal to an orphanage that uses and abuses the kids. Here’s where it got ugly. The violence and torture in the movie rate it a strong caution.  It is not a kid’s movie even though kids are portrayed in the film.

Its star works his way up to an office job in an offshore calling center where he takes the chance to become a contestant on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” Indian style. It looks like the American version only the questions are very different and as the host says, even scholars have not made it up to the highest levels.

They are suspicious that he has cheated and the police are called in and carry him off for interrogation. The interrogator is the dad from “The Namesake.” He must question young slumdog to get to the bottom.

This is how the story is told in flashbacks that last for long stretches of the film. The end is fabulous. Don’t leave too early or you will miss one of the best music videos ever. It reminds me of the old days back in the 1970s when my ex husband first took me to screenings of Indian films on the north side of Chicago. I’ve always loved Indian films and this one is no exception.

Don’t miss Slumdog Millionaire. Will it win best picture of the year? I predict it will. I’ve seen its biggest competition “Curious Case…” and slumdog will win hands down.