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Killer Whale, Killer Whale Grabbed that Gal By Her Ponytail

This woman was hugging this killer whale when her ponytail got under his nose. He was probably trying to mate with her or got bored with his life. And they call me stupid and a moron. I don’t think so.  I was not hugging some crazed 21-foot killer whale in a huge bathtub in Florida like this Jewish gal from Indiana. I think she’s Jewish. Her husband Scott Brancheau is her survivor. If that’s her married name and Gross is her maiden name and the media is going crazy about this stupid shit, and she look’s Jewish to me. Based on that I think she Jewish.

But how many stories are there about family dogs killing, maiming people who feed them everyday? Or folks just petting them? I think all animals should be considered wild. Who’s more wild than the animal known as man? Animals are not more wild than people, just have bigger teeth and bigger bodies. They don’t have CNN to follow them around if they get killed or if they are Jewish.