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update: I’m still here!

Bull Market - sculpture at Toronto-Dominion Ce...

Bull Market – sculpture at Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A permanent fixture in the grassy courtyard of the office complex, “The Pasture” by sculptor Joe Fafard comprises seven lifelike bronze cows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end of this school year saw me jettison some things. The first to go was my prolific blogging both here and on blogcritics. I can’t say I don’t miss it. It did not pay here nor there. So I thought I would make my own money. I opened a stock account and as reporting now and again–it’s going gangbusters.

I have doubled my initial 10K startup. Correction: I did a quick and dirty look at the withdrawals from my porfolio and they come to 11K, and I still have 15K of stock left. So if I sold every position now, I would actually be ahead a whopping 15,000 since January 2013!

I was only in the market to make a little money as in interest on account that I was not getting and this bull market happened on my way to making a little interest.

Everyone is scratching their heads over this market. I am ringing the register with glee.

I know I’ve met the person I was looking for to complete my story. Things are not going smoothly or as expected so I have nothing to say about this meeting except that we met.


Commodities: Silver took a beating–while gold gains glow

Tasbih of Silver

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Silver slipped from a near-high 50.00 to close at about 39.00.  That’s almost 10 bucks slide within the last two weeks and last couple of days as well.  Good time to stock up on silver the hard kind, or the paper kind.

Gold gains continued this week mostly. It ended trading above 1550.oo or thereabouts.  You need to buy gold when you can. They are still saying buy on gold but I don’t think so.  In fact jewelers have it so bad they are going to silver plated and gold plated.  This year you could hardly find jewelry that was really fine and real.