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Rick Perry lays another egg


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Memo to US presidential candidate Rick Perry: Turkey isn’t run by “Islamic terrorists.” Rather, it’s the U.S.’s most important Muslim ally. For proof, look no further than Turkey’s recent installation of a crucial radar system that’s an essential part of U.S. plans to defend NATO against Iranian nuclear missiles—ignoring hysterical opposition from Teheran. And Turkey’s prime minister has just toured the newly hatched democracies of the Middle East—urging former Islamist parties to keep religion out of politics and singing the praises of secularism.


Turkey’s Titantic Earthquake

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Turkey has had a huge earthquake this morning with many left dead and tons of damage to the country.

Jewish Hikers—Convicted Iranian Spies—Update

The two men both Jewish have been convicted by Iran for spying.  Don’t bother commenting that they are Christians who celebrate Christmas.  They are ethnic Jews end of story. That’s always the context I use the term, never solely as a religious group.  These hikers really strike me as Zionists but that we may never know. 

The Jewish woman hiker Sarah was set free for health reasons with a large bail paid first.  But the two men not so lucky:

Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were taken into custody while vacationing in Iraq two summers ago, after they got lost in the mountains and wandered into Iran. A third hiker, Sarah Shourd, was released last year on $500,000 bail. Even before the verdict was announced, the families of the hikers told Newsweek they would appeal a decision that didn’t bring their sons home immediately.

“To our many supporters: we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your messages of support!” the family wrote on their Twitter account, upon announcement of the verdict. “What we need now more than ever is your support in getting Shane & Josh released. Peaceful communication is MOST supportive to us during this intensely challenging time, especially as it honors the values that Sarah, Shane and Josh hold so dear.”

The men have now served 750 days in prison, compared to the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979 which lasted 444 days.

An Iranian court is scheduled to issue a verdict within a week in the case of two American hikers detained in Iran, the hikers’ lawyer Sunday.

Attorney Masoud Shafiei said Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer are innocent of charges that they illegally entered Iran as spies. The lawyer reiterated at a hearing Sunday that the Americans have maintained their innocence throughout months of imprisonment.

If the court reaches a guilty verdict, Shafiei said the time the two have spent in Iranian custody is enough.

“I believe that even if the court finds my clients guilty, the two years that they have already served in prison would be considered as their sentence and they would be released,” he said. Sunday’s hearing occurred two years to the date of their arrest while hiking near the country’s border with Iraq.

Fattal and Bauer could be freed within a week of a court order, according to the lawyer.

Sarah Shourds and the Jailed Jewish Hikers’ Saga–Out of Iran

Sarah Shourds release

The press was all over this story of three Jews jailed by Muslims in Iran for crossing the border illegally while hiking. Sarah has three cancers or something and needed meds and that may be why she was freed.

This goes to show you that Muslims are not automatically offing Jews when they find them in their back yard. Lucky for them the border did not have mines or moats.

When it’s one of their own the media will come to their defense. However, the feds said they will NOT pay the fine.

Soviet “workhorse” plane crashes in Iran — 168 dead

There has been another plane crash. This time in Iran.

Right Coup, Wrong Country

Iran has said coup, but no coup. However Honduras has taken up the banner and struck a coup among its people. I predicted a coup was afoot but I had the wrong country. I thought it was Iran to be.



Iran’s Khamenei Plays The Trump Card — death to defiers

Huffpo is still live blogging the uprising in Iran. It’s all about Khamenei. He wears the turban in Iran. He holds the trump card. And he has played it, well, or not so well. 

That said, the emails I’m receiving give a sense of deep trepidation — and fear — over Khamenei’s threats.

I am in Sweden and have so many iranian students around me. Today everybody was desperate after hearing Khamenei’s speach. They didn’t expect the leader to come to their side, but to search for a little more time and give a more ambiguous speach to the country. Now nobody knows what will happen, but they know that it will be bloody: either people will stop the uprising, in which case there there will be so much violence and arrests towards the people, or they will try to overthrow all the system, in which case there will be a bloody revolution, successful or unsuccessful. It is not so clear what people want to do now. My girlfriends’ parents in Tehran say they think people will give up. Nobody wants to die, with families still remembering the 1979 revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. But it all depends also on Moussavi-Kathami-Karroubi-Rafsanjani and what they will say. Are they ready to wage war to the country? The hope of everybody is in an internal split in the leadership, the deposition of Khamenei, or at least some big sectors of army joining the people, but everybody agrees this will be very difficult to realize. From Huffpo link.

The people of Iran are afraid of this guy. And with good reason. He has threatened death to defiers. He has told the protesters where to go and it ain’t to the movies. There will be no Christmas in Iran-ville.


Iranian Coup under foot — I told you so

Iran is roiling and seething. I wrote a while back “How do you spell success? I-R-A-N. I was not thinking about any upcoming election but the place that Iran holds in the Middle East in terms of location.

The liveblog above from Huffpo calls it an uprising. I guess that’s how it starts. But I am predicting a full-blown coup d’etat. Why not? We started it, Iran will finish it.


Bad Polls + Bad People = Formula for Coup in Iran?

Time is looking at a global fallout from this election.

Protesters outraged by what they believe was a rigged poll continued braving police charges and a government ban on public gatherings to denounce the outcome. Opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who is under what is effectively house arrest, demanded that the suspect result be scrapped and new elections be held. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei has ordered an investigation into claims of electoral fraud.

For this pol, the numbers simply don’t add up. Mousavi was up 67%, then loses by 67%? That’s a problem.  The powers that be in Iran want us to believe that this is a simple case of bad polls, but the face of Iran and the world believe it is a strong case of bad people behind good numbers that came in for Mousavi.

What bothers, is that this is the formula for a coup. The dissenters are shouting in the streets “Death to the dictator.” Nice. It also make Iran’s President a target for a kill. There are folks mad enough to push a mad man I mean Ahmadinejad’s over the precipice.


Coup d’etat under way in Iran?

This liveblog from Iran is scary it’s also ironic. It was predicted would happen here if Obama did not win, he won, we did not burn it down.

The right wingnuts rail against assessing any import to this election because the president of Iran means nothing. Nothing, right. Because it is run by the mullas. The mullas might be rioting in the street too. We were dancing in the street but the Iranians are burning the streets.