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Who Won the Debate?


JFK (Photo credit: Mike Jahn)

Obama was finally ready for friendly fire from Mitt Romney.  I think both men held their own.  Romney had some really good lines like we can’t kill our way out of this and told Obama that attacking him was not an agenda.  Mitt must have got the memo and the meme that he was going to be painted as a warmonger and one who start a war should he win.  I hate wars, rumors of wars and talk of war but I had to listen to this debate. Not just because it was the anniversary of JFK‘s talk to the people about crazy Cuba and ruffian Russia about to sneak attack our shores or our cities.

That is in the past but did Obama really pass the commander in chief test as valiantly as JFK did? I don’t think so.  Mitt had a real look of a winner for the first time.  He has become more likeable.   Finally I think we need some real role models.  White folks have got to step up because Mexicans and blacks continue to have bastard (technical term–no daddies)  babies at a young age and rely way too much on welfare and think it is okay to have a baby at sixteen.

I think that Mormonism is a good model.  It is a better model than Obama’s Mao Mao daddy and welfare and social dependency that will give everybody a fair shot.  He slipped and said that recently.

I am a conservative, independent who was undecided at the beginning of the campaign and I still am because there is no solid conservative in this race. I voted early and straight GOP as I said I would. It comes down to who told fewer lies with a straight face.  Or who told more lies to the camera with a wink and a nod.  Finally, I couldn’t care less if Obama loses.  I am through with him.  And if you use that idiom please note it is comprised of FOUR words, one contraction making it THREE words.  And it is not: “could careless or could care less”  even so-called educated people can’t get my idiom right LOL. You are actually saying the opposite of what you mean when you leave out the “not”.  I think  the use of the negative is tricky for some people. 

Here’s what changed my mind: I voted my values, although I hope the next president can keep the stock market in a bullish mode.  Hopefully Romney can hold up a higher standard of family life and business model and doing the right thing like my kids did: get an education, get a job, get married THEN have CHILDREN! And stop leaving teachers to raise your little bastards and then complaining about the JOB WE ARE DOING.  Don’t make me mad when they touched on how much they love teachers.  Yes we deserved that shout out and now something about it.  Keep these brown and black people from having babies that they don’t care about two years after they are born.  Get some parental education going as well as English classes.  We know everyone has reproductive rights and can have as many babies as they cannot feed.  They also have unreproductive rights AKA choice option to abort aas many babies as they can feed.  The last stats I saw said that married women had more abortions than any other group, especially black married women.  Who knew?

Oh boy, that’s the domestic mess we are in now.

Why that debate muted

The last two debates may have well been on MUTE.  Not only did we learn nothing about know nothing Biden who just gesticulated and acted a clown and laughed at the American people but he also lied and said nothing of substance. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a record of Robert Kennedy in debate mode because he famously refused to debate the other dem contenders until just days before he died he changed his mind but it was too late then.

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...

Official portrait of Vice President of the United States . (Photo credit: Wikipedia) boring buffoon Biden

Even the SNL parodies were stupid.  They weren’t even funny did you notice that? I mean Biden is a big boring buffoon. 

Will Tuesday’s debate be any better or will we be treated to more muted malarkey?

Poor Ryan.  The last time someone trotted out JFK‘s name that party is the one that lost ala Sen. Benson who famously told Qualye he was no JFK.  Good zinger but not a winner.

Then there was that first debate with an absent Obama and a highly present Mitt.  Again you could have watched on muted because nothing evolved, mutated or shaped into anything of substance.  If it’s style over substance you want then watch some of the old classic debates or provide your own soundtrack LOL. 

The next presidential debate is tomorrow.  I was out of this weekend, reeling from an earache and my Minere’s disease and the fact that my cable was down because the tree trimmers did something in the alley to jeopardize it.  But I am back. My freakin ear still hurts but I lost four pounds over the weekend from not eating and throwing up. 

More later

Listen to JFK’s own words

there are comments and video at this link where JFK gives his historic speech.

Rick you’re no JFK.

Santorum got JFK “all messed up” and now Rick won’t be the nominee

My first impression when I heard Saint Rick and his sick quip “I wanna throw up when I heard JFK‘s speech on absolute separation of state and church.” And then said Jack would not confer with men who were men of faith.  That’s a boldface lie.  Well Heloise had a chance to meet with the contenders recently in a dream and in the dream I “endorsed” Mitt Romney.  So, despite my back and forthing it looks like it will be Mitt the nominee for the GOP.  Sorry Rick but you blew it with me.

I’m getting a lot of credit on Twitter and Facebook today for my piece, but this is one of those rare times when I’d rather not be recognized, because – don’t tell my editors – what I did was easy. It took me exactly 10 seconds to Google JFK’s speech and another few minutes to read it. Then I cut and pasted Santorum’s comments next to JFK’s and voila, kids, I had a story. The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart credited me with a “deep-dive,” and I appreciate the praise, but really, I barely got my feet wet. (The Post’s own news story wasn’t any better than the Times’; Capehart was the first person on staff to note Santorum’s distortion more than 24 hours after it aired on ABC’s “This Week.”)


Mimi Alford comes clean as Kennedy teen mistress

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath on sale at Amazon at #28 in books already. JFK does sell well.

Photo © by Jeff Dean - then a student at Lawre...

Jack and Jackie

 In case you missed the interview on Rock Center.

You can see the 68 YO woman talk about it at the link.  There is also a pic of her as an intern.  She went for a swim in the pool then for a sexual swim in Jackie’s bedroom! Wow.  I think JFK was suffering from depression because he raised himself.  His mother was neglectful and his father was pretty much absent but influential in his affairs.  Mimi is right to come clean after 40 years because secrets are deadly.  She speaks candidly.  And what else has written a book about the affair.  “Alford says that she lost her virginity to the president in the first lady’s bedroom. In her soon to be released memoir, Once Upon a Secret My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and its Aftermath…”

By Jessica Hopper
Rock Center

Mimi Alford is speaking publicly for the first time about the secret she’s held for half a century. Alford claims that she had an 18-month-long affair with President John F. Kennedy when she was a White House intern. 

“I think when you keep a secret and when you keep silent about something, you do it because you think it’s keeping you safe, but in fact, it’s deadly,” Alford told Meredith Vieira in an exclusive interview scheduled to air Wednesday on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams

In 1962, a 19-year-old Alford spent her summer in Washington, D.C., interning in the White House press office.  She had just finished her freshman year at Wheaton College in Massachusetts.  Four days into her internship, Alford claims that JFK aide, David Powers, invited her to go swimming in the White House pool. Alford was surprised when the 45-year-old president joined her and two others in the pool.  

More wisdom from Jackie the best first lady ever

Profiles in Courage (Young Readers Edition) Il...

Image via Wikipedia

While waiting for my appointment I looked at the People magazine cover which Jackie graces for this week.  Picture this: Inside Jackie is there in all her glory and one picture in particular caught my attention.  It was Jack and Jackie sitting on a chaise both dressed in black tops and white pants.  He was smoking a cigar and looking as cool as a cucumber with dark glasses.  The birth of beauty and style.  Who knew? Jack was such a slob when younger and wore grunge look with pride and the same old tennis shoes even with black tie.  More about that later.

In tape four Jack seeking to assemble his cabinet and wanted to have the transition team in place in the event he won the election.  Jackie said that like a doubting Thomas (my metaphor) Bob McNamara came to JFK and asked him only one question: did you write “Profiles in Courage?” Damn.  With no swagger or boast Jack simply said yes, I wrote it. And that brought Jackie to talk about Ted, Sorenson that is.  Who wisely or foolishly or accidently planted that seed of doubt that Jack wrote Profiles.  Jackie said after that McNamara had this worship thing for Jack. 

One more thing from the tape/book I had a long day and the right side of my neck has been bothering me for weeks so I will make this short: She said that Bobby had no ambition for himself.  His becoming the AG was entirely from the mind of his dad Joseph.  Bobby turned it down and said that he and Ethel were going away and he just wanted to teach somewhere.  But that was never to be. 

Jack finally called him into the offie and told him that he just had to accept the post of AG.  And history seems to be telling us now that Bobby will probably be the last best AG this country will ever have.  Bush dedicated the building in DC to RFK and deservedly so.  We were like fingers on the same hand and found each other in many lifetimes before and since. 


Jackie: “back surgery for Jack was criminal”

Jackie Kennedy's Official White House Portrait

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I just got the book and tapes Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy with foreward by Caroline Kennedy. I happened to get my copy at Barnes and Noble and it is a first edition.  You can get copy at Amazon:
 Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy

Jackie recorded conversations only four months after JFK’s death.  I put the first one in the DVD player and nothing happened.  I knew it wasn’t the disc.  So I slapped the player around a few times and tried other CDs in it.  I had not used the darn thing in months and it was just sitting collecting dust.  Well, the thing fired up after I hit it a couple of times and listened first to the sound of Caroline’s voice.

Then an introduction by Michael Beschloss.  He reminded me of what one thing I already knew and had experienced in dreams more than once:  Jack and Jackie married September 12, 1953.  My daughter was born September 12, 1973.  How can that be?  I cover that and more in my book on the laws of rebirth which no one else, including the highest of the high Buddhists have given out.  Why? Because they were not given the mantle to do so. 

The tapes told me something I didn’t know that JFK helped the Egyptian government to save a important site when the Aswan damn was being built.  I mean we the USA sent them money to help out.  In return they sent  something from the temple of Dendera, not sure what have to look it up, as a gift.  My daughter’s middle name “Dendera.”  

The other connection comes in the way of Jack’s back.  I once had this strange vision and had a flashback about my back being opened up.  Didn’t realize it was about surgery but always had this nagging feeling about my back not being safe and that something, someone attached my back and it opened.  That’s spine surgery for you.  And Jackie said that Jack no more needed surgery on his spine than Arthur did at that moment.  More karma to come.  Whether or not Jack needed surgery it has replayed itself in this life because I spent 5 years working for who else? Spine surgeons before I left Chicago in 1995.  I enjoyed it.  But knew that many who went for the surgery did not really need it.   Orthopaedic surgery is better now than it used to be.  Jackies said that a woman doctor named Janet saved Jack by giving him trigger point injections of novocaine into his back.  She did not use the medical lingo like I just did but that is the only thing it could have been.   She probably pioneered it.  Of course, his back got worse and weaker and was always on crutches for a surgery he did not need.  But the meds helped him to recover finally.  He and FDR sympatico that they are both were damn near cripples in the White House.

Finally the way that Jackie restored the WH is the way that it has remained.  She and Jack loved history and researched it and hired a woman named “Parrish” to do much of the work.  I have a connetion with a “Parrish” family in this life.   Surprising to know that RFK returned to a family by that name.   Well, one day.  I think that many of us were brought to Texas and just told to “wait there.”  We are waiting for what’s next even though I’ve taken steps to ensure the record is straight on whom returned as whom.   More about that later.

Jackie is starting from the beginning of when he wanted to be president.  Then she moves onto their early life together about his frequent awayness and tired from all the campaigning and she was pregnant and could not be with him.  It is really a good book and recording of history IMO.  I know that listening to it will bring a flood of new dreams and memories just like the Diane Sawyer special did.  Lots of people don’t want to hear it or think it is over the top adulation for Jackie and for Jack.   But there is much more here than meets the eye or the ear.  You’ll see.

Reel Short Takes: “Inside Job”

Henry Paulson responds to President George W. ...
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Ronald Reagan: “The magic of the Market Place.”  What a bunch of lies from every president since Jack left office that led to the inside job to end all inside jobs.

It took forever to get Inside Job from Netflix so I watched it twice.  It will make you so damn mad, that is unless you profited from the biggest heist, ponzi scheme, inside job of the century and got away scot free.  Who the fux went to jail? Seems like no one since the evil men at Enron.  Watching that too this weekend.  What’s the point of having a billion dollars?

More and more it’s the poor that get dumped on.  But it’s not just the poor this film is about how a whole new class of middle class poor was made when Henry Paulson, little Timmy Giethner, Big Ben Bernanke, the IMF, Wall Street moghuls, the Federal reserve, the Jews who run the Federal reserve and everyone in between rob the whole world in plain sight. 

It’s will really make you mad. And who was to blame: every president post- JFK was to blame for the takedown of the world’s middle and poor classes. Jack’s financial background made him the last of the solid for gold backing the Feds ever.  It is no wonder they did not want him to have a second term they wanted to ruin the country and could never do it under JFK’s watch. I know that he has been called soft on race relations but what’s ironic is that after many of the chinks in the armour of white supremacy were ironed out the rethugs and the damn dems realized that the country was now ripe for the picking.  They went after and hid behind allowing less well-off folks to get a big piece of the American dream.  In one speech W made it clear that now it was time for blacks and browns to get a piece of the nice home action.  Who knew that it was only so that the white men could raid Fort Knox?

CBS Sunday Morning Cover Story Talks Reincarnation (rebirth)

JFK (film)

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Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their LivesReincarnation Books)

 Books from Amazon

CBS News Sunday Morning cover story reported by Susan Spencer was the subject “Second Time Around” however, it is more than just a second time it a whole lot of times. 

Brian Weiss, M.D. with his mass hypnosis charging 150.00 a ticket was the subject. I have his books but have not tried his methods yet. I don’t believe in hypnosis nor do I think it is needed to uncover past lives. For me I used meditation, history books, dream journals, and then it become part of my stream of consciousness that I just knew about not only my lives but those of others.

That’s where my work differs from ANY body out there. I have been able to find the past lives of those around me. It’s real don’t let anybody tell you differently.  And yes, people do recall regular lives in far away countries, as a peasant or the like.  Just think when OBL returns what will he know?  Hitler has returned and he looks the same, and tried to re-enter politics but was unsuccessful. However, his dad was a famous person and politician.  Can’t reveal his name yet.  The thing is I am the expert and when I retire I will take my message on the road and planning to reissue my book in chapters and expanded information.  I am about to buy the ISBN numbers for it.

And the last 20 lifetimes are the ones, the only ones that will contain the so-called “famous” lives of apotheosis.  Think of all the books filled with history and autobiographies of people just waiting to be re-discovered.  I know I also used history to uncover the details of what my dreams were telling me: I was JFK.

TV Review: The Kennedys Part III

First published at blogcritics

Cover of "The Kennedy Men: 1901-1963"
Cover of The Kennedy Men: 1901-1963

ReelzChannel has struck television gold in winning a sizeable share of the household viewership for its Sunday 2-hour premiere of The Kennedys. Its historicity is drawn from Laurence Leamer’s 896-page 2002 book–The Kennedy Men: 1901-1963.

Part III aired Tuesday night and is a solid hour with an often dour yet also truly lifelike portrait emerging of our 35th president; his inauguration and first 90 days. We are watching Jack becoming JFK. Greg Kinnear in closeups and in long shots brings Jack alive.  But I find his lighter, wittier, winning big personality alter ego in shorter supply. History will not be held back by a new president and suddenly Jack’s cloudless start gets rocky with his okay of a Cuban invasion to oust Fidel Castro, who has yet to budge. A campaign doomed from the get go.

Jack’s political waistcoat is singed in the fire of the best of brightest sans his brother Bobby.  When the dark clouds part Jack accepts the fiasco on national TV as advised by RFK. Jack’s ratings soar. And so does the push from Joe Sr. to put not only his brother in the foreign policy loop but to make him the go-to guy. This begins in tonight’s episode after President Kennedy is three months in the Oval Office. Jack finds time for a rendezvous with Judith Exner and must make time for Hoover when he confronts him with some surveillance and photos.

The brunette is out the bag and the President can’t be caught sleeping in the wrong bed or with a partner who is not Jackie. Speaking of Jackie, she too goes looking for her man but he is out and about to get down with Judy. Bobby provides cover but warns his brother at the same time that he is no longer a junior senator.

It takes more than a good wig to bring Jack to life and so far history is unfolding with a simile and a smile. Part IV of the 8-part series airs Wednesday night.