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IMO Alex Wagner is not black

Alex in 2001 she has aged

Here’s another observation I made about Alex that adds to my hypothesis that she is NOT black.  Her ear lobes are attached. That is far more common in whites observed than in other races.  Also I think I see a wedding band on her left hand.  That would indicate, although, not online, that she is married and is using her married name.

If I had photos or names of her parents I could end the speculation.  She looks Eurasian which equals NOT Black.

I borrowed and cropped this photo. She was at an event with a guy who looks Hispanic. From the bio I read she is half German and half black.  Wagner is a german name so perhaps her dad is German.  I don’t think she is married so that would be her maiden name.  She was born and raised here.   But if she is actually biracial and does not look black then she is by default white.

Given the naturally high percentage of European blood most blacks have including myself, even my blood type it is safe to say that Alex is more white than she is black at least 85%. She might marry black or think she is culturally black. But wait let’s look see at her pedigree. Where did she come from?

She is a native of DC and has hobnobbed with the rich and famous. I used to wear my hair exactly like she wears it on the show (not in the pic) for a long time. She went to Brown University which was my first choice except I was  so tired of cold weather and sunless days that I opted for California universities.

She went to Brown therefore IMO she ain’t black. Follow her on Twitter.


Julianne Moore to play Palin in “Game Change” movie

Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala, in Manhattan...

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Okay. So two Jews wrote a book and included Sarah Palin, and now it will be a movie? Do I have that right? I got it out the library but could hardly read it, it was so full of itself. The damn book was so full of shit that it needed a diaper!

WTF. It was pure junk, now it’s a movie? Here we go again, allowing Jews to rewrite American history.  But you better not call it Jewish tripe.

It is based on the book “Game Change” but Sarah is a conservative and the book was mostly about Dems like Hillary and Obama? Is Sarah that good or do they just want to make fun of her?

While Julianne Moore is brushing up on her Alaskan accent to play Sarah Palin in HBO’s upcoming film Game Change, producers are going to need someone to play her former running mate, Sen. John McCain.

The movie, based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin‘s bestselling book of the same name, is about McCain’s 2008 presidential run.  source:,,20472632,00.html