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As The Economy Sinks–The Frauds Will Rise

From the whisperings about JPMorgan knowing something or seeing something coming re Madoff scam to the salmonella in peanut butter to the shrinking packages at the super…lookout consumer. No one else has your back apparently.

Reuters reported today that JPMorgan began pulling millions of dollars in funds from its Madoff hedge funds back in September. The market was pretty hot in September but the top of the markets did not come until about December 2007. I know because I sold all my stocks at the top of that market. Didn’t know it was the top of the market just had a feeling. Did JPMorgan too just have “a feeling” something was rotten in Madoff?

This will also translate into doctors office visits too. Don’t think that your local doctor is above the law or above being unethical perish the thought. Watch your back and your wallet because no one, not even Congress and the lovely President Obama can do that for you. Yes, you can watch your wallet and your health.

Bottom line folks the mass media the main stream/steam media has lied to the public before and they will lie in the future. Watcher beware.