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Did you watch “Raising Adam Lanza” on Frontline

Judaism: a world of stories

Judaism: a world of stories (Photo credit: drhenkenstein)

I recorded it because I missed the first part.  Adam had bright red hair when he was a kid.  Often Jewish kids who are mixed with Gentiles will come out with red hair.  So for me that was more confirmation that he was Jewish.  Also the friends interviewed in the documentary Raising Adam Lanza were also Jewish. 

They put the spotlight on Nancy Lanza because that is where it belongs.  My take is that she was jealous of normal kids, had a death wish, and Adam had a death wish and hated the nice normal kids he encountered. 


Israeli Jew goes into hiding over “Innocence of Muslims” film


English: A green version of http://commons.wik...

English: A green version of (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

The problem with Bacile’s logic is that Judaism is also an outdated, archaic, trouble-making machine.  Both religions are a problem.  It shows that God has not only a sense of humor but he wants to see how long it will take us to figure out that religions like ideas can be outdated.  God does not go out of style but manner of worship…if you can call it that…can and does.  I know that Muhammed was a man.  He has been reborn just like a lot of other men.  I wrote all about him in my book but disguised his identity.  I can tell you only that he lives in France.

Bacile, a California real estate developer who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam’s flaws to the world.

“Islam is a cancer, period,” he said repeatedly, his solemn voice thickly accented.

The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.

The film claims Muhammad was a fraud. An English-language 13-minute trailer on YouTube shows an amateur cast performing a wooden dialogue of insults disguised as revelations about Muhammad, whose obedient followers are presented as a cadre of goons.

It depicts Muhammad as a feckless philanderer who approved of child sexual abuse, among other overtly insulting claims that have caused outrage.

Muslims find it offensive to depict Muhammad in any manner, let alone insult the prophet. A Danish newspaper‘s 2005 publication of 12 caricatures of the prophet triggered riots in many Muslim countries.

The Martin Murder: So much for a post-racial America

The Ten Commandments, In SVG

The Ten Commandments, In SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did Martin call Trayvon an “F….ing coon?” see below from Huffpo:

Once again walking while black with a bag of skittles and lemonade is just cause to kill a young black boy named Trayvon Martin. A Jewish-Mexican, George Zimmerman, has shot and killed this boy with a 9mm with no freakin questions asked. He has gone scott free but the liberal media is hot on his trail.  In fact Morning Joe suggested that the whole police department should investigate the red necks in Florida and its stand your ground law.

The officials made the admission to ABC News after revealing that Zimmerman can be heard on a recording of one of the 911 calls made on the night of the shooting saying what some people think sounds like “f***ing coons” under his breath.

Moments later Zimmerman confronted Martin and shot him dead after a brief

My take so much for a post-racial America.

UP, ups the Jewish panel count

Blogger Ezra Klein

Blogger Ezra Klein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to delete my taped recording of UP this weekend.  Chris Hayes, Jewish, usually has a blend of Jews, gentiles and blacks on his show.  But Ezra Klein, Jewish, who filled in for him this weekend had a weekend panel composed entirely of Jews and one silent black on the panel, only on Sunday.

The pattern continues with the blacks who appear on UP, including McWhorter whom I like despite his being married to a NY Jew, was also silent.  He added one short comment during a two-hour show!

UP has sold out to Jewish interests already and I won’t be watching it.  Now Melissa in turn had the same Ezra on her show! This Jew is everywhere.  I don’t get it why have token blacks on your shows who will not be adding anything but color and fill it up with Jews who take over the whole show again with little to add to it? 

Cable is getting scary again.

Four shot dead at French Jewish School

Toulouse prosecutor Michel Valet said the gunman killed a 30-year old Hebrew teacher, his two children aged three and six, and another child. A 17-year-old was also shot and in hospital for treatment.

“The attacker was shooting people outside the school, then pursued children into the school, before fleeing on a heavy motorbike,” Valet told reporters.

The assailant used a heavy-calibre firearm and another weapon. But officials could not say whether the guns were the same used in the killing of three soldiers in two separate shootings last week by a man who escaped on a scooter.

UP w/ Chris Hayes

Up with Chris Hayes

Image via Wikipedia

I watched the recorded version of UP with Chris Hayes which airs live over the weekend.  He to his credit usually has at least one or two black folks from the ivory towers to talk about the fodder from the week past.

But this Saturday I began to wonder if they were not more than window dressing.  When there is something that relates to black people that’s one thing.  But when it comes to economics or something really heavy the black people are made to sit silently.  McWhorter did not say more than two short sentences this saturday and the woman Michaela Davis, don’t know what she’s doing there, said even less.

I am starting to notice a pattern with his show.  Okay we know Chris is Jewish and he got his start from another Jewish host–Rachel Maddow.  But he typically has one or more Jews on his show and peppered with at least one black, which is a good thing.

But don’t let them be seat holders Chris.  I expect a little more.  Melissa does speak up whenever she is on anybody’s show.  Nobody is going to shut her up.  I hope she does not take over her show like Joe does and talks over everybody and uses up the majority of air and waves. 

No show is perfect but at least don’t let the black knowledgeable folks embarrass themselves with their stupid silence. 

A Better Life (new film pushes Jewish agenda pro illegal aliens from Mexico)

”]Cover of "El Norte [Region 4]"

I don’t watch films by this Jewish producer Weitz, even though I do go to many movies that are produced by Jewish producers. I mean who can avoid that? It’s hard to avoid it but you can pick and choose.  The man that brought the world American Pie with some boys screwing into an apple pie (an American symbol) and a film I did not watch nor did I watch any of his vampire movies.  Jews push evil no doubt and when it strikes one of their own, they get miffed, discombobulated, no clue as to why a Jew Aron Levi would kill. 

Now Chris Weitz, who said he gots lots of hate mail and online comments. And I have found lots of those same comments whenever I read anything about how illegals are sucking this country dry. 

Anyway, has done a new film as he was on Morning Jew today and talked about his film.  You know it is totally pro Mexican, pro illegal immigration.  We already knew that they were outbirth rating everybody else for want of a nicer word, but we don’t need it in our faces.  I would boycott this film, yes, I would. And as some of you may be aware Mexicans and illegals have been especially hateful of blacks in So Central LA where they have terrorized, murdered and run off thousands of  black folks who were there long before the illegals, and son of illegals, anchors and sons of anchors got there.  Here is a pro film review below so you can see those who are illegals and love what’s happening to our country want to see more films about their kind. 

here’s a pro movie review: source:

…the setting for Chris Weitz’s “A Better Life,” about a single father who exists under the radar and dreams the American dream.

Very few American 
movies have dealt with the experience of illegals – “El Norte” (the best of them), “The Border,” and “The Visitor” are probably the best known. ..Carlos (Demián Bichir), who works as a gardener’s helper, lives with his 14-year-old son Luis (José Julián) in a rundown apartment in East L.A. He sleeps on the couch so that Luis can have a comfortable bed and be fresh for school, even though Luis, a good student when he wants to be, often skips classes to hang out with his other truant friends.
When Blasco (the wonderful Joaquín Cosio), who owns the lawn business, decides to go back to Mexico, he offers to sell Carlos his truck and equipment. Since Carlos has no driver’s license – and because a routine traffic violation could result in deportation for him – he is reluctant at first. Eventually he takes up his sister’s generous offer of a loan and buys the truck. A new world opens up to him, until, on his first day – when his new truck is stolen. As Carlos and Luis comb the barrio and South Central L.A. in search of the stolen truck, they slowly bond. Or rather, Luis bonds with his father. Carlos’s love for his son is never in doubt. His prime motivation for buying the truck and risking 
everything was simple: He wants to move his son into a better neighborhood and away from the gangs the boy has so far tenuously resisted.

“The Jewish Question” By Christopher Hitchens

Hitch-22: A Memoir

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything Christopher Hitchens (link about Polish Jews)




It was a beautiful, clear night in Dallas and I stood out on the porch and sought the night locked in by the last lunar eclipse colliding with the winter solstice in 400+ years.  We astrologers love conjunctions. And this one is no exception.

The full moon beams through my bedroom window until about ten. But by early morning it is well over the house and I have to stand outside to view it.  I set my alarm for 3:00 am and went out with just my pajamas because the day had been in the 70s. I saw it.  

So, I started the morning by watching the lunar eclipse from my back porch which was like a tiny red ball in the sky. I looked for a few minutes and then returning to bed I could not sleep so I continued to read Hitch-22. Christopher Hitchens memoir and I kinda skipped around from front to back. Earlier in the day I watched “Rosewood” and if you want to get mad at the insanity of Jim Crow obsessed white men hollering and hating and killing “Niggers” then you don’t want to watch how the lies of one white woman liquidated an entire town.

But the next morning I was reading about how Jews got the racial stick to their backside in the next-to-last chapter of Hitch-22. I had just heard that he was Jewish and he learned only after his mother’s suicide, as a grown man. His great great grandfather Nathan left Kempen when Napoleon erased some of the laws that kept the Jews in check and in place. In the late 1800s Nathan left never to return to Poland. The rest of the family that stayed behind were all marched off to Auschwitz for “special treatment.”

Except for Nathan Blumentahl and his descendents thus all the Jews of Poland were caught up in Hitler’s final solution. Christopher returns to the town where it all started. Hitchens also sought out National Geographic tracing service his mitrochondrial DNA through his mother and found:

The arrow moving northward from the African savannah, skirting the Mediterranean by way of the Levant (The countries bordering on the eastern Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to Egypt.), and passing through Eastern and Central Europe before crossing to the British Isles (His mother was born in Britain). pg 363


He who does not know God is doomed to repeat it.  Chris’ Jewish roots were observant.  Christopher wrote a book with the title God is not Great wherein he traces how Judaism being the mother of Christianity and Islam was the real evil since it gave rise to two, nay three warring religions.  Chris however now believed in Hitler’s fury as furher. He had no choice but to believe in a man who erased the Jews from Poland– not in God.  On the other hand Adolf Hitler played God for over a decade. That’s kinda sad because the God he did not believe in saved his great-great grandfather from the ovens. His mother killed herself and just after that he was told by his younger brother that his mother was a Jew! That makes him one of the tribe too. Then his father  He mentions a few prominent Jews also in the chapter: Olivia Newton John and Lauren Bacall

 (Bacall was the only child of Natalie Weinstein-Bacal, a secretary who later legally changed her surname to Bacall, and William Perske. Her parents were Jewish immigrants, their families having come from Poland, Romania and Germany. She is first cousin to Shimon Peres, current President and former Prime Minister of Israel. Her parents divorced when she was five, and she took her mother’s last name, Bacall. Bacall no longer saw her father and formed a close bond with her mother, whom she took with her to California when she became a movie star. from Wikipedia)

They were Jews among Jews.  Wow, he was shocked. His mother lived among Jews in England and then decided to join the service and pass as a goya but not convert. So, here and there he said between the conversions and the intermarriage with the British he Hitchens a Jew in mind and body but not in identity. He like so many of the Nazis’ victims identified with a nationality not a race.

He does not believe in religion, just as I do not. My logic is simple have you ever met anyone with five PhDs? No, of course you have not. They might have five degrees or two degrees like myself or one doctoral but that’s it — done with university. Same with religion for me. I mean I love the historicity of it all and love reading and learning from Jewish scholars but religion is not for me. I’ve tried it all and had the equivalent of five doctorals because I joined and lived at least five different religions/sects within my life. Now, I am in my flashback of my Jewish past lives and study Judaism and Jews from an historical perspective.

I can believe in God and the universe but the men who stand in the pulpit just don’t do it for me. I love the Bible and the words and the teachings from it but I don’t need a person reading it to me after all. I am not sure what Hitchens believes but in his next to last chapter he raises The Jewish Question because it has  a solution. A solution sought and used often–genocide.

What say you now Hitchens? Like many Jews after the Holocaust they were dumbfounded, as he admits in this chapter, they had no answer for where God was when Hitler and his brown shirts dragged off entire families to the camps. They were not alone many other religions and groups were killed, gassed, rounded up.  We now know that IBM helped Hitler to closely measure those he killed. And the Jewish number that was punched was “8”, that’s my number or one of them.

I know one thing, there is a plan and in that divine plan (for lack of a better word) the man inside Christopher Hitchens body (as we all) returns from the death.

“I think I may well be a Jew” Sylvia Plath (Daddy poem) Parents were German immigrants but not Jewish.