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Amy Bishop is Jewish–Her Mother is Jewish! Told you so

Yes, Heloise was right. Amy Bishop is related to famed author John Irving which is Jewish name and he is a New York Jew. Naturally he ain’t talking about that connection now that his second cousin is a mass murder of non-whites. If they are first cousins on her mother’s side then it means that Judith Bishop’s mother or father is brother to John Irving! So is she Judith Irving (maiden name)?  Changing names is what Jewish people do best when they are trying to hide their real identity.  Bishop is tacked on. Protestants, Catholics all accept converted Jews and vice versa.

The Ipswich mother of accused University of Alabama in Huntsville rampage killer Amy Bishop is a cousin of John Irving, author and Academy Award-winning screenwriter, a publicist confirmed today.

Irving, a native of Exeter, N.H., currently working on his latest book, declined further comment on his kinship to Amy Bishop, 45, through Anne Tate, a publicist at Random House in New York.

I found this little proof by backtracking on a referrer to my site. Then I looked up the names.  But  I don’t have to. I knew she was a Jew period.