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Game Change: The Sarah Palin movie

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in Dover, NH.

Looking good

I still have HBO because I wanted to see Game Change.  I thought it was damn good.   Yes Moore nails Palin to the political wall. Julianne Moore will probably win a bunch of awards for her portrayal of Sarah Palin. I thought it was pitch perfect.

Were there ugly things about Palin that surfaced you betcha.  I was going to read the book Game Change but I found it a bit boring. The movie was not boring and it wass not over the top critical of Palin either.

She looked beautiful, defiant and a pure rouge.  I loved the movie and watched and recorded it. The critics wonder why the whole film focussed on Palin that is a good question.  They should have called it The Palin Plan.

However, it was well done.  You usually have to duck when two Jewish men go after your life story and worry will it be about revisionism.  I think the movie was better than the book at least about Sarah.

The funniest part was Sarah watching clips of SNL with Tina Fey on an airplane and everybody laughing at it. They showed three clips of SNL parroting her.

DVD Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

English: Ryan Gosling at the 2010 Toronto Inte...

Ryan Gosling

I know this movie has been out for a while on DVD but I have just now seen it.  I am glad I took the time to watch it.  Film was full of twists and turns that made it funny and interesting.  Steve Carrell is good and I love Ryan Gosling he is so cute and was so macho in this film.  Probably one of his best performances.  The men in this film were the show stealers.  The women were kind of an afterthought and even used by the two co stars of this film.

But that’s okay because everyone comes to their senses in the end and it has a happy ending.   I won’t give this one away because it would really be a spoiler.  Rent it and enjoy it.  It is one of the best comedies of the year and a decent romance but mostly a  comedy or a romcom if you will.

I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.  No black people in it, no take that back one black woman that Ryan hits on has a brief role.

Julianne Moore to play Palin in “Game Change” movie

Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala, in Manhattan...

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Okay. So two Jews wrote a book and included Sarah Palin, and now it will be a movie? Do I have that right? I got it out the library but could hardly read it, it was so full of itself. The damn book was so full of shit that it needed a diaper!

WTF. It was pure junk, now it’s a movie? Here we go again, allowing Jews to rewrite American history.  But you better not call it Jewish tripe.

It is based on the book “Game Change” but Sarah is a conservative and the book was mostly about Dems like Hillary and Obama? Is Sarah that good or do they just want to make fun of her?

While Julianne Moore is brushing up on her Alaskan accent to play Sarah Palin in HBO’s upcoming film Game Change, producers are going to need someone to play her former running mate, Sen. John McCain.

The movie, based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin‘s bestselling book of the same name, is about McCain’s 2008 presidential run.  source:,,20472632,00.html


Best-Actress Buzz Goes to Bening

Not sure about that this year. It seems the the top films are male-heavy contenders. And I did not see Black Swan, and really don’t plan to see it.

So where does that leave the critics? Natalie Portman starred in Black Swan, and then there is Annette Benning. And this is the year of the gays IMO. Annette is my bet. She played alongside Julianne Moore in “The Kids are All Right” it’s a good film and could easily be nominated for best picture this year.

Both women nailed the roles so my guess is that both will get nods. Hillary Swank played the lead in Convinction but don’t get the buzz about her. She does NOT have my vote either. The only other film is “Rabbit Hole” starring Nicole Kidman. The film might win something and Kidman might get a nomination but it is harder to play a gay role with a straight face than a straight role with a sad face.

Okay, it’s settled my bet is Benning for 2011.