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Verdict reached in MJ trial

The verdict has just been reached in the Conrad Murray case and we have to wait until it is read.  That means the judge has to come back to court and all that. It will be about two hours before the verdict is reached.

Conrad Murray found: guilty

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Day 2: Waiting for the Murray Verdict

The Death of Michael Jackson

MJ in a crowd

Los Angeles (CNN)Jurors in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson‘s doctor return to the downtown Los Angeles County courthouse for a second day of deliberations Monday.

The seven men and five women must decide if Dr. Conrad Murray was criminally negligent in his use of the surgical anesthetic propofol to treat Jackson’s insomnia and if it significantly contributed to the singer’s 2009 death.

Jackson fans who shouted slogans, waved signs and sometimes argued with Murray supporters outside the courthouse Friday planned a more solemn verdict vigil Monday with candles, according to messages posted on fan websites.

Hasidic Brooklyn boy murder—Casey-Anthony Inspired?

It’s not exactly a copy-cat murder but the alleged killer said he panicked when he realized how many people were frantically searching for the little Hasidic boy he had in his old, white, Honda car.  He panics, he kills him, he dismembers him, puts most of the pieces in a suitcase inside black plastic garbage bags, and other parts inside the refrigerator and more black garbage bags, he hides it and waits. 

This observant Jew obviously lost his nerve and finally led police to the body.  He may not have had time to do some perverted sex act on the boy or the body.  He had been in prison for something but was out free.  At least he did not tell a million lies to cover his tracks.  Really they may not have ever found him, but there must have been a tipoff because the police actually went right to the man’s apt and and to the refrigerator and the remains. 

Will he get away with murder? Will he pull a jury that does not buy the prosecution case? Will this become just another circumstantial case crime for the books? Will the jury and its foreman later be digusted with their own verdict? There could be more Casey Anthony copy cases where they will pull a Casey and lie until they can’t lie anymore. 

Casey Anthony will change name, appearance, hide from death threats

Jury foreman “disgusted” over verdict as told to Jane Velez.  The laziest jury in history. At least the foreman wanted to vote guilty on one of the major counts.  Too little too late buddy. He said the evidence to convict her of murder just wasn’t there. I think the jury “just wasn’t there.” How you like that?


The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting today that, upon release, Casey Anthony is considering the lifestyle of someone under Witness Protection: new name, new appearance, and new undisclosed home. According to the report, Anthony is aware of her national reputation: she fears death threats and is deciding how to keep her identity under wraps.

Should trial by jury be abolished?

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Here’s a comment I wrote that addresses this question:


my daughter and I were talking about this on yesterday. She was called for jury duty, she is a PT with a clinical doctorate, and once I was called for jury duty for a murder trial. I have a master’s degree.

It turns out that I knew the twins who were on trial for capital one murder. They had been my students and were classified as SPEDs. The lawyers had me sworn in and asked me questions for at least two hours. And as a lawyer in my last life I love to talk and talked away. They hung on my every word and then did not pick me nor my daughter (recently) for jury duty.

She said her defendant was a doctor and thought that it would be in his best interest if people like her were selected for his jury. She was a peer. I told her that she didn’t get it. The defense picks the jury and some jurors are swatted down or jettisoned after some talk. I was one of them.

The defense “DUMBS down” the jury. There I said it. That’s your headline: the jury is not one of peers but ones that suit the defense and the outcome they want “not guilty!”

Sure lots of circumstantial cases get the death penalty, esp. if they are black, illegals, brown Mexicans, or white men who kill their white wife and unborn child (Scott Peterson). There you have it. A jury of your dumbest peers is what our legal system is all about. It is not about a fair trial by a jury but about who gets picked to sit on one.

Perhaps we should abolish juries as they have served their purpose because, drumroll they can be FIXED. Juries are as shady as the people who sit for trials. In the Casey case they were dumb as dull knives in a drawer full of sharp scissors (liars).

If I had been on this jury I would have pointed out that since the prosecution or the laws were at fault and there was no crime on the books for what that lying broad did to her dead three year old…would have gone for the lowest of the major defenses at least one felony on her record would be nice, regardless to whether it fit. Then everybody would have been happy because she would have gotten another ten years and there would have been no need for appeal or by appeal time she would be released for time served, another seven to ten years.

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Jurors said they had to know the cause of death

One juror spoke today.  It does not have to be a death penalty case stupid.   My first impression: when I heard that it was murder one and death penalty I thought it was an overreach until I heard the case.  Then I could see murder one, but not the death penalty.  The jury did not have to impose death penalty and they should have known that.  I think the jury was split anyway but could have at least come up with manslaugher…come on.  So, it must be the prosecution’s fault. 

The logic exhibited here is really lazy as a case in point.  Why, because there are cases out there that were circumstantial that led to convictions.  We know there was little evidence on the bones which indicates that she died a quiet death in her sleep.  I think she was taking a nap when it happened.  Did she just walk out the door and into the pool because Casey was not home and then drowned? It would still be a case of child abuse/manslaughter. 

I hope Casey Anthony does not make money from her story.  I for one ain’t buying whatever lies she’s selling.  Are you?

Justice is not blind it’s lazy!

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That’s my verdict on this jury.  They wanted to go home they had missed the fourth and the fries and just wanted to get out of there.  No real winning over.  The jury did not even take notes during the majority of the trial.  This is not a lesson in anything but laziness and simple minded shit.

I think the state of Florida wasted a whole bunch of money.  But if they had found her guilty of killing her child, but in this case we find the child killed herself and then dumped her own body in a swamp, we’ve all heard of such cases before; then the appeals would have been expensive and OMG not another trial that would have been expensive too.  So, the moral is media hyped kept this woman off death row because if a jury from Orlando had been there they would have found her guilty of killing this kid. 

Orlando Florida locals are mad as hell at this verdict

You thought people were mad at the OJ verdict well people all over the country including really top lawyers are in shock. This jury never asked a damn question, never thought twice about coming back with not guilty on all counts.  What a piece of crock.  It looks like reasonable doubt, and not liking the prosecution.  NOT one member of the jury wants to talk to the media and he will not release the names of the jury.  Is that legal? They are part of the public domain.

I would have found the bitch guilty of murder one

I don’t think I was wrong but with this verdict it appears that the prosecution did not prove its case.  She will be sentenced to a few years in prison for lying.  That’s the system for you.

Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY of killing her daughter…period

I can’t believe it.  The little girl died but no one killed her. WTFf? This is unbelievable.  What a lazy stupid jury and waste of money, total waste of taxpayers money.  Casey is crying since she has been found not guilty of any crimes against her daugher. She was only guilty of lying and she will get time for the lying but that’s it.  White girl goes free just like OJ, OK.