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Rachel Maddow and MSNBC sued

A pastor is suing Rachel to editing his message to sound like he advocates killing gays and that the Muslims will do God’s will in this manner if they don’t flee Hollywood and gay sin. Read it at the link.

Rachel is openly gay and this gay obsession and rabid lefty crap has gone from her butt to her head.


Rev. Eddie Long: Of course he’s not guilty–updated

Rev. "Reddie" Eddie Long

The smoking gun? Here’s ready Eddie sending a pic of himself in a red muscle shirt. I could not find it online so I took it from the TV.

Here’s someone defending the indefensible: did Pastor or bishop Eddie Long coerce and use his position to obtain sex from young men at his church? Well, they have filed a lawsuit. The story is not really new but the filed lawsuit is. I mean it is not only Catholics and priests who have this problem with pedophilia or with sex gone wild, it seems to have infected many in the pulpit. If these allegations are true then he would be what black folks call on the downlow, and bisexual, which is not as rare as you think.

He is a proud black man from Atlanta who attended the funeral of Coretta Scott King.  But that does not make him a saint nor do the charges make him a bearded sex offender. No, he’s just a man with a greedy heart.

Eddie and his ilk are class-A hypocrites. Just for living off the people he serves. I mean take a salary if you need to, but jet setting? I don’t think so.

 Should they be jetting around on monies obtained from followers? That’s the first giveaway. Never follow a pastor in his own private jet.  Following quote from the above CNN link

Franklin: This is actually, John, a case of retaliation and a shake-down for money by men with serious credibility issues trying to mount their own defense. This is something that went from 48 hours of contact with the attorney flinging outrageous demands to this dog-and-pony show we are seeing that began yesterday.

Chetry: Can you explain what the nature of the relationship was prior to the allegations being made, prior to the alleged break-ins? What was Bishop Long’s relationship with these two teens?

Franklin: They were young men part of the program at new birth and outside of that I can’t speak to a relationship they had with Bishop Long. They also were employed by the church.

He knew them. We can establish that fact. They were at or over 18. Did they have reason to steal if they were employed by the Bishop? Motivated by money? These allegations are hard to prove unless others come forward. Or unless they can describe this guy in his birthday suit to at T. Ouch.