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George Zimmerman’s head bloody and beaten


Zimmerman’s contention all along has been that Martin was bashing his head against the pavement, which is why he was forced to shoot him. The media – especially ABC News — initially attempted to discount that story completely, releasing video of his booking at the Sanford police station that were not well-pixellated, and thus did not show the gashes on the back of his head. It took several days for ABC News to release an enhanced version of the video that showed that there were gashes on Zimmerman’s head. In the meantime, the media had a field day reporting that Zimmerman had shot Martin essentially in cold blood; Martin’s family claimed that Zimmerman was not injured; members of Congress, without any evidence, attempted to pass a resolution labeling the killing a racially-motivated crime.



ABC News reports that the source of the new photo was a witness to the aftermath of the event, and that Zimmerman asked the source to call his wife for him after the shooting.

Well, as I predicted he has a good case and a chance in Florida to go scott free.  They were in a big scuffle and somebody screamed.


Judge threatens to kick the leads off if this shit continues

There are other attorneys in the case and the judge has threated to throw the two lead attorneys the defense and the prosecution off the case and have the remaining attorneys complete the closings.  This judge is one tough guy.

Ashton no longer in Baez sight, Judge rules==WTF?

Exclaim personal attack

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Judge Perry is funny he misspoke a bit.  He said “if this don’t make a hill of a bean.”  I think that idiom goes “a hill of beans” judge.

But wow, double wow, Baez has made one personal attack on the prosecution after another.  But it does not wash with the judge.  It seems that he has removed Ashton from Baez’s line of sight. That’s not certitude. It may be that the attorneys decided that one.  They have been asked to review the videotape of their behavior.  No audible comments, no gestures, no facial looks that might signal disproval.  I wish this were true of teachers who can act a fool if they so please.  That won’t wash in a case of law or a court of law.

 Wow, never heard of that before have you? Judge Perry looked at the video and said that both, get this both of the attorneys have violated his orders not to clown, not to call anyone out, and not to act up.  Both did both.  Okay.

Casey Closing gets hot, Baez personal attacks on Ashton, Judge calls recess/sidebar

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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It’s common sense and one of the rules by the judge that there should not be any personal attacks on either case and no facial gestures by either attorney.  Baez said “this smiling guy” meaning Ashton that crosses the line. 

So far Baez is using George Anthony as the whipping boy and trying to tie him and him alone to the duct tape.  He might have bought the tape but it is not a fantasy that Casey had access to the duct tape and to the computer.  Where did she kill, allegedly, Caylee? I think she might have killed her in the car.  Hell, she could have left her in a hot car, child neglect.

We did not hear enough about Casey cooking up chloroform.  It could be the smoking gun but no one is going after that.  As for the 84 searches for chloroform Baez thinks that he has knocked that out of the case.  He called it a “joke” and there were lots of objections by the prosecution that were sustained by this judge.

Casey Anthony closing arguments today

Since the defense and the prosecution have both rested their cases the closing arguments are due and then there are the deliberations which could begin Saturday.  My take is that lying does not prove that Casey did not kill her little girl, no matter who all in her family has lied they have not faked their grief and loved that little gal too much to kill her and hide it for Casey.  No way did the family do this Casey did it!

Medical Examiner: Death a Homocide (Caylee Anthony)

Beware of Duct Tape

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A strong woman, i.e., the medical examiner took the stand today and she nailed it.  Here’s why Caylee death is a homocide:

delay in missing report

hidden body

duct tape

In case I did not make it clear in my Skull and Bones blog the body was found in a black plastic bag no less, with grey duct tape on the nose and mouth which held the mandible in place…unheard of in forensics.  I have been out all day protesting my taxes–I won. And will get back with more after I watch the DVR of today’s hearing.

Black African Muslim Woman from Guinea Charges Strauss-Kahn w/ Rape — update

The black woman in question, and in hiding, has been described as both pretty and plain.  Sort of a Cleopatra syndrome where the men write the history and write in what they will.  Another person described her as pretty with large breasts and a nice rear. But the French have called her not pretty because they saw her when she fingered, oops bad word choice, DSK in a lineup.  


Dominique Strauss-Kahn (French socialist polit...

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On Tuesday her lawyer, Jeffrey Shapiro, said he had no doubts his client was telling the truth about her encounter with Strauss-Kahn on Saturday.

“She came from a country in which poor people had little or no justice, and she’s now in a country where the poor have the same rights as do the rich and the powerful,” Shapiro said. “What (Strauss-Kahn) might be able to get away with in some countries, he can’t here in this country.”

Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said at his client’s arraignment this week that defense lawyers believe the forensic evidence “will not be consistent with a forcible encounter.”

But Shapiro dismissed suggestions that the woman had made up the charges or tried to cover up a consensual encounter.

“This is nothing other than a physical, sexual assault by this man on this young woman,” Shapiro said in an interview in his Manhattan office. He said that the woman didn’t know who was staying in the 28th-floor suite she went to clean on Saturday afternoon, before she said she was attacked.


DNA should settle what went on.  Once he said it was consenual that tells everyone that he was there and that he did have a sexual contact with the black woman, a poor woman from the country of Guinea.   She might get paid.  His past won’t come in unless he takes the stand.  There was more than one charge but the only one that has been named is oral sex.  Was sodomy involved?  We hope this is not another Polanski case.  If the maid has the only electronic key to enter the suite that could incriminate the DSK and show that this woman couldn’t care less who DSK was. She came forward as a rape case and that’s all that matters. The woman is in hiding and Strauss-Kahn is on Riker’s Island under suicide watch wearing an orange jumpsuit.  Now that’s justice.

Update: What if this maid is a lying illegal piece of shit? What if this black woman is just another scam runner from Africa? Does it make her case a lie? No, not by itself.  But if she laid a trap for DSK and he fell into it with his dick then she is guilty of many things including making false accusations. 

The thing that bothered me about the first hearing was that she did not know who the man was.  She works in an over the top luxury hotel in NYC the Sofitel and we know a bunch of illegals don’t take rooms there, no only jobs!  If this woman is really an illegal in sheep’s clothing then send her black ass packing…no passing go.  But if DSK is guilty then throw the book at him.

Bill White (D) (Methodist) runs for Gov of Texas

This Harvard educated economics major former mayor of Houston Bill White who claims to be a Methodist is what I call an “undefined Jew.” He looks like a Jew, he legislates like a Jew, he went to a Jewish U. Harvard.  I for one don’t want any hidden Jews as governor of Texas.

You know the drill if he wins he will try to run for  president. Even though the Bushes were all Jewish/Israeli puppets and criminals they were not Jewish. They just hired every Jew that applied to highest office in the land from Chertoff (father a rabbi expert in the Talmud) who holds dual citizenship with our “friend” Israel to Perle.

Why hand it over directly to an undefined Jew? I won’t be voting for Bill White Dem who claims to be a Methodist.  Here’s his wikipedia bio. It does not mention he’s a Jew. Of course not.