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American Idol (liveblog) Winner 2010 — Lee DeWyze

The lineup 2nite has been great. An oldy but goody Joe Cocker love his voice. He’s old as shit but he can still sing.

And the winner is….Crystal Bowersox a single mom

or Lee DeWyze a paint salesman?

Today on Drudge Report Lee was the favored to win. I don’t think so.


Crystal Cooks! Bowersox bowls Cowell Over

I called out Crystal as one to watch early on. When she appeared with her guitar and her voice and belted out a song or two, wow. She’s a blond, but she got it. I wanted to listen to her every song and would buy her album too.

This girl is more than good she’s hot. Next week a two hour finale, not sure why. No need to take two hours to tell that the Crystal runs with the idol.

My predictions are good but some people don’t see it that way. But what the hell, I predict Crystal will take all next week.

Lee was just going through the motion and his soul was not in it. Crystal was in it to win it and I predict she will.