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Vidal Sasson dead at 84

Vidal sassoon

Vidal sassoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Damn I remember the day that he (gay and Jewish–he was left in a Jewish orphanage during the depression) unveiled his style.  Vidal single-handedly changed the way that women cut and wore their hair.  He influenced generations since the 1980s with his signature hair cuts and designs on the hair. 

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Celebrity hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, whose 1960s wash-and-wear cuts freed women from endless teasing and hairspray, has died. He was 84.

Los Angeles police spokesman Kevin Maiberger says officers went to Sassoon’s home Wednesday morning and determined he was dead of natural causes. Sassoon’s family was present.

The London-born Sassoon’s creative, geometric cuts required little styling. They were an integral part of the look of Mary Quant, the superstar British fashion designer who popularized the miniskirt.


James Murdoch steps down

English: James Murdoch in 2008

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James Murdoch has stepped down as executive chairman of News International, the British arm of News Corp., the company announced Wednesday. Murdoch, who was once seen as the heir apparent to his father Rupert at the head of News Corp., has now lost a key position within the company.

News Corp. cast the move as stemming from James’ recent relocation to New York from London, and Rupert Murdoch said his son would “continue to assume a variety of essential corporate leadership mandates.”

Movie Review: Like Crazy

I saw this movie “Like Crazy” with the new Jewish idol who plays the boyfriend turned husband at the Modern film fest.  It was okay.  I liked it a lot.  It’s another movie with a strange ending and you don’t know what happened.  But the two in the film get busy. She’s from London and he’s from Santa Monica.  They get busy but it is not in your face.  They do it in LA and in London and think they can’t live without each other until they do and until they get married to each other.

He cheats like a big greasy dog on her and she cheats on his with her neighbor and they even get engaged.  What is the use of saying you love someone and then fucking someone else’s brains out?  That’s what this movie is about in a few words but only they keep the explicit sex off the screen.  The music was absolutely fabulous though.

Toure Touts post racialism nihilism in new book: “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?”


Toure the touter

Toure talking crazy.  He wrote a new book “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?” whose title on the face of it is crazy.  I think he is playing the un race card to sell books. Whites and blacks like me ain’t buying it. 

African Americans fight a multifront struggle in pursuing their ambitions. Along with the difficulties that others face — bad luck, personal deficiencies, talented competitors — blacks face additional obstacles. On one front they encounter prejudiced Caucasians. On another they encounter Negroes who, attached to stunted conceptions of racial solidarity, habitually castigate as disloyal blacks perceived as “acting white,” being “oreos,” “selling out.”

Naturally, anthropologically and racially there are differences.  A person can have black skin or biracial genes and be as white culturally as any white person in London.  There are numerous examples that the only thing black about them is their skin.  People mistake south Indians for black people all the time, but that’s just an optic error.  I was mistaken for an Indian when in India at every turn.  If that were the case then that would make me white! When I was on the train with my white male companion people thought I was either British or when in Paris thought I was Parisian or Italian.  So, in other words I was constantly mistaken for a non black and occasionally an American black. If Toure was right people like me and my family would be white people with brown skin and “good” hair.  By other countries standards in fact my family is “white” or colored. 

Even Toure is probably some kind of mutt mixed with Anglo and Caribbean blood and whatever else.  He even looks half Jewish and black.  But no matter. I might be called an oreo and I am okay with that.  Because in a lot of ways the only thing black about me is the extra melanin I’ve acquired since living in Texas. 

Three Pakistani Muslims killed in London riots

Two brothers and a friend were killed by a hit and run driver while trying to protect their neighborhood. Police have been blamed. The father of the brothers had a heart attack today.

Mark Duggan Biracial Father of Four Killed by London Cops

The London riots–day three in the poorest section of the city over the killing a black man (in this case biracial) because he looked dangerous.  Yes, mostly black folks are doing the looting, burning, and rioting in town.  But what happened was a truly WTF case if I ever heard one.  Where was this man’s gun? What bullets had he fired at the coppers?   The London riots over the cold blooded killing continue.  They said he was a gun runner or drug dealer what else is new? There are videos, at the sky link below, of coverage and of Mark’s brother speaking about the riots which the family does not condone.  The media portrays this as a shootout between Duggan and the cops but that has not been proven and this man is innocent until proven guilty.

London riots: Tottenham candlelit vigil for Mark

Mark Duggan Mark Duggan was fatally shot by
police in Tottenham on Thursday

A candlelit vigil is to be held in
Tottenham for the man fatally shot by police, sparking a riot in the area.

A peaceful protest over the death of Mark Duggan, 29, on Thursday descended
into violence and was followed by disorder and looting across London.

The vigil will take place at the junction of Monument Way and Tottenham High
Road at 19:00 BST.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched

Carey Mulligan Engaged to Marcus Mumford

The adorable Carey Mulligan during Q&A followi...

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The star of An Education and another movie that was not so good is engaged to a musician.  I never heard of Marcus Mumford but obviously he is known to Carey.   source:

Carey Mulligan is about to get “an education” in marriage.

According to Us, Mulligan is engaged (for real this time) to boyfriend Marcus Mumford. The Mumford & Sons frontman, 24, reportedly popped the question to Mulligan, 26. The pair first got together five months ago, when the “Drive” actress went to a secret Mumford & Sons show with her buddy Jake Gyllenhaal. (Mumford and Mulligan are also said to have been childhood pen pals through their church in London.)

Their supposed engagement was first reported on July 26, but Us claimed on Wednesday (August 3) that they got the latest scoop from an insider close to the couple. “They’re a great couple,” the source told the magazine, “very sweet.”

Excerpt from Breivik Manifesto: Mad at British, Brown, Blair for “Muslim influence”

 Among the “cultural traitors”named in Breivik’s rambling 1,500 page manifesto were Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and the Prince of Wales.QuoteWritten in perfect, idiomatic English and datelined “London, 2011″, the “European Declaration of Independence” is laced with references to British politicians, journalists and public figures seen as “targets”.

The manifesto, which took Breivik three years to write, is part terrorists’ handbook, part autobiography and part extremist political rant. It has provided police with a mine of information which will help establish whether the gunman had accomplices.

Gordon Brown’s picture appears alongside that of Hitler in a gallery of “war criminals” who have failed to halt the spread of Islam, and Breivik says Gordon Brown was “colluding with” Islamic terror groups by making “London the global centre of Islamic banking“. He adds: “Brown is giving Muslims more influence over our lives yet knows that terrorists are organising to go to war with us.”

Jack Straw and Tony Blair are named because they “‘dishonestly’ concealed a plan to allow in more immigrants and make Britain more multicultural”.

8.52 The hunt is on for possible British accomplices of Anders Behring Breivikh after it emerged that he had met other Right-wing extremists in London. Our chief reporter Gordon Rayner reports:

Winehouse and Fielder Drugging it out

Amy and her husband Fielder-Civil both skipping their way down the broad road to destruction: drugs.  They were not just two London/British Jews in love with each other both from obscurity into the fame depot with songs from Amy’s “Back to Black” rocking the music world as one of the best albums ever. 

Well, some of us have had earthshaking love affairs and I should know, I’ve had more than one.  And love is a muse and acts as rocket fuel for the heart and mind.  There’s no cure for alcoholism and the only cure for love gone bust is time. 

Amy didn’t wanna go to rehab now she’s dead, dead, dead at 27

Back To Black [Explicit] Amy Winehouse from Amazon–Found-dead-London-flat.html

There are lots of photos at this link late pics of the singer before she fell apart. In astrology the Saturn returns happens at age 28, so it is a pivotal age maybe that’s why some of these folks can’t get past 27. I am doing yoga and working out everyday so that I will be around longer this life than the last two. And here these folks are just giving up the ghost mostly through drugs. But does the OD from drugs and life happen more often to celebs? Because I know a bunch of folk and many men in my family who are either drug addicts or recovering and they’ve never overdosed. It seems that the celebs get too much of a good thing that they can afford. Have to ask about that one.

Cover of "Gia (Unrated Edition)"

Cover of Gia (Unrated Edition)

The news this day showed Amy being taken out in a reddish body bag.  The paramedics said it was already too late.  Therefore she might have died late Friday.  Who called them?

This will go into my Famous Friday category because she might have really died early or rather late, late Friday.  But even if she died on Saturday afternoon in her London flat, like another one named Sylvia Plath, she was famous for a minute, not even fifteen minutes.

Amy Winehouse along with others including supermodel Gia, (photos of Gia which I just happened to see from Netflix today.  Angelina Jolie who has the letters G-I-A in her name, played the tragic model Gia, an Italian beauty who died at about 27 from AIDS and from a dirty needle which means that her addiction really killed her just like Amy Winehouse.  So even if Amy didn’t wanna go to rehab and even if she did not do drugs that day the drugs still killed her, yes, yes,  yes.  It could have led to a weakened heart from not eating and from losing protein and muscle in the heart.  She’s Jewish and if she didn’t need an autopsy she would already be in the ground, instead of rehab Amy.