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Loughner used salvia species but did it use him?

There are many species of salvia and I did not know it was a hallucenagen! But the species is sold legally in many states and put you in another world. Could it have been a factor in the shooting? Giffords and news about her still leads the news. This guy planned and wearing earplugs to shield his ears from the gunshots! What a dude dude.

Anyway she is moving to Houston for rehab. They don’t mention her vision but she was shot just above the occipital lobe. If he had shot her in the eye she would still survive. It the medulla shot that would be instantly fatal

Did Judge Roll save life and lose his own? Looks that way.


Giffords: critical occipital lobe damage

Based on what I’ve seen the bullet missed the medula by an inch. And if that had been the case she would have died instantly as it is the bullet went through her right occipital lobe and she could loose sight in that eye or be impaired.

The other people who were shot seemed to be a part of Jared’s hit list…Jews. Such as the young girl and two others. Now the photo of Jared is skinhead city. I thought WTF? This guy a skin? Can’t blame that one on her.

Photo and full name: Jared Lee Loughner AZ native (in custody) Age 22

photo from his Myspace

Described as a white male who looked like he was on the fringe of society. I wonder of course if he was a loner and…we will see.