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Malcolm Gladwell: Biracial and proud of it

English: Malcolm Gladwell speaks at PopTech! 2...

English: Malcolm Gladwell speaks at PopTech! 2008 conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cover of "Outliers: The Story of Success&...

Cover of Outliers: The Story of Success

I have just listened to three audiobooks  read by author Malcolm Gladwell.  I have heard of him and his books but just happened upon his Tipping Point and Blink both of which are worth a read.  He is not quite as smart as John McWhorter because in his interview with Gates he peppered his answers with lots of  “ahms, and you know” I’m like WTF?  This guy is not doing a good interview.  Was he nervous or was there bad chemistry between the two talkers.  During his many lectures Gladwell is well, coherent and not stumbling over his words.

My only problem with his thesis in Blink about thinking without thinking is that one is not using the brain or thoughts to reach lightning fast accurate assessments of situations that would harm them if they were to stop and think.  It’s called intuituion and it operates above the mental plane not on it.  So technically he is not correct but subjectively I can give him a pass on the book.  It gets people to thinking about intuition or making choices without thinking but intuiting and TRUSTING THAT INTUIT.

 Oh and how can I forget the Outliers about success.  This October his new book ” David and Goliath” should be out in print.

He  confirms one thing I know from my past life research that nurture and culture are huge and they are passed down just like genes to offspring.  Not only that but particular traits are indeed part of a family’s DNA

I also found this link about his genealogy and that his grandparent was named Thomas Adams.  That’s strange because that’s my maiden name and my grandfather, not the same person of course, was also named Thomas Adams!

I will have to do a little more research because we in fact could be related through our European ancestors.  It’s ironic because my anglo ancestors are mostly on my father’s side hence the name Adams.  However, my mother’s people are Mediterranean hence my olive coloring and Italian ways. 

More later on this guy.  He has interviews on youtube also you can check out. 

Jack Cashill: “Deconstructing Obama” CSPAN Book TV

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First published at Serendipity has been known to save flagging writing careers. But according to one Jack Cashill it cannot create one.  It takes time plus talent. This is the thesis of Mr. Cashill. However, he invokes serendipity in the creation of his discovery. He read Dreams from my Father, and later Fugitive Days by Bill Ayers. And voila pulls the covers off Barack Obama’s writing prowess. It is a profile in fraud. Broadcast from Kansas City public library Jack touts his talent and his book Deconstructing Obama where he compares the genome of Obama’s writing with that of Ayers and comes up with a match: Ayers the unrepentant terrorist is the “ghost writer.”

Cashill had hoped that the mad-as-hell meme would be the very October surprise that would keep Barack Obama, the author of two stinking poems, a couple of broken-down articles out of the White House. He was wrong.  Instead the newborn junk species he created was not viable.

Jack spoke for nearly an hour and took questions after pitching his discovery on C-SPAN Book TV.  Enthralling—especially when he invoked Malcolm Gladwell’s book—that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything including writing, golf and science and that Obama was 9,999 hours short. Cashill carefully collected and compared what little he could find; Obama’s published writings and that of his neighbor Bill Ayers. Bravo.

After this, I watched Network.  And soon realized that I too was a fraud. by imitating the one-liners in films, just like the black woman, who got her own TV show, by calling herself a “bad ass, commie, Nigger.”  It only happens in  movies like Network. When angry prophet:  Howard Beal, spawns a new show by ranting and encouraging others to rant:: “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!” Surprise–people begin shouting from their windows “wait until 2012” I mean “I’m mad as hell!”