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DVD Review: Margin Call

English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.

Divorcing Demi

Margin Call with an A-list cast of characters including Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons (as the big man Mr. Tuld) was a good watch.  Perhaps it re enacted the Goldman Sachs debacle just the same about a fictitious Wall Street corp that hosts a fire sale of all its positions in one day in order to be first to unload their unholy holdings. I enjoyed all 1 hour and 46 minutes.

This is news ripped from the headlines and it is the fall that set the rest of the dominoes toppling on The Street.  It was truly lookout below when the margins had to be sold as is in this fake fire sale that had echoes of real bankers who ripped off a lot of people.

The story begins with the firing of a bunch of traders and folks on a particular floor.  Stanley Tucci is one of the first to go.  He suspects that Demi Moore’s character Mrs. Robertson is behind his firing.  As he leaves the office with his personal belongings he hands off a thumb drive to one his underlings who just happens to be a rocket scientist.  This guy crunches the numbers and sits startled at his desk.  This shit could not be right he thinks and calls his buddies who are out at a bar to come and take a look at what he has uncovered and completed.

Then there are meeting with the big guys in the firm and they call in the boss Mr. Tuld who tells them they must sell everything in one day and they will be told how to proceed.

It was a tense well acted, well scripted drama.  They said “F me” a bit too much but that is to be expected because of what they faced together.

I think it was an HBO film, but it will be on top ten lists regardless.