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Mariah Carey has fraternal twins: boy and girl–updated,,20468012,00.html?hpt=C2

I watched the special with BW this weekend and the babies are so cute it’s unbelievable.  Put white on their birth certificates will  ya.  If Mexicans with dark skin and kinky hair  and also biracial Mexicans can be white per the feds and per the school record and per their birth certificate so can blacks who will look like this.  My aunt who is like the Buddha incarnate says that all black people no matter how black should put white on their birth certificates and tell people they are white and let them prove otherwise.  I was arguing for those who “Look White,” to do so but she took it over the top as usual.

Nick and Mariah had twins today. They had fraternal twins one boy and one girl. I am sure they will be adorable and can’t wait to post their pictures. They will probably be fair, so don’t be surprised by that. Nick Cannon looks racially mixed and could even be biracial himself in terms of genetic makeup.

This is so ironic because my first cousin pictured in my popular post about Cheyenne Woods , the blonde woman standing, has identical twin daughters and they know Mariah because one or both of them appeared in her #1 hit video “We Belong Together” see link below. 

Mariah has two flower girls in her video wedding: one dark girl who comes out first, and one fair girl with sandy wavy hair who is walking with the ring bearer.  

 Here’s the vide on Youtube: “We belong together” 

My cousin is the second flower girl, it’s brief but they got paid well.  Mariah and my cousin are both white looking. Mariah is biracial, my cousin is not.  My cousin has exquisite features and prettier, no doubt, but Mariah is extremely attractive.  And she has a good looking hubby in Nick.  Good luck to both.