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Mexican student kills white principal

This Mexican man, named Eduardo Marmelejo a 17 yo, stabbed the principal to death because he did not like her and planned to kill her. It’s small school and he got her alone and did the deed. Hope he gets death so taxpayers don’t have to pay. The name marmelejo is a typical Mexican surname. To add insult to injury mexicans are taking over Chicago and its suburbs. I am sure there are some nice and gentle Mexican students I know there are because I’ve seen them.  But when you get into the millions of illegals who are here you are bound to get some really bad apples and plain killers who will unlease their bad homelife on us all. 

For the good, few good Mexicans who come here legally and abide by the laws yes, you have to suffer for the bad ones just like black people get a bad name when the reggins come out of the woodwork with their damn pants down below their butt and underwear showing or not because they gonna walk like gorillas since the pants are not pulled up and these thugs, the real thugs on top of everything so quick to riot and just now riotinng all over the world via twitter.  Yes, it makes non whites look like hooligans, and we are not all like that for sure.  So, don’t mean to paint all Mexicans with a broad brush but the illegal ones are just ten million too many for my taste.