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Corpus Christi=Deep Urban Blight or It’s a dump

Omni hotels and American Bank towers in Corpus...

Omni hotels and American Bank towers in Corpus Christi, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corpus Christi, it ain’t a city so don’t let that nice photo fool you.  Up close you see weedy lots and buildings that have not been updated decades. I know. I  just got back from Corpus Christi Texas and busy with teaching extra classes and reviewing a new textbook, for which I get paid.  So I’ve had web access but little time for more than quick online checks.

I am glad the election is over but not surprised Obama won.  I was for him then I was against him and now I don’t care.  If you want to see what the future looks like with illegals having a free reign in this country and white flight from urban areas come to Corpus.  It’s a dump and I got racially profiled when leaving that dump.  They probably have never seen a black middle class person in that town as there probably are few and even fewer flying from their tiny airport.

So, I got separated from my party of other white women and went through the security line alone.  They frisked me, went through my checked bag because the lock was gone and took trace sample from my hands.  Well, kiss me again, because I was the only freaking yogi in the whole damn airport, a black, swarthy one at that and I got profiled! FU CC.  You city is a pure dump.  The downtown only had a few building on it with free parking and once off the main street facing CC bay, Shoreline drive, the town turns into nothing but vacated buildings left long ago by white folks who went other places in Texas.

The building look abandoned for decades not recently mind you.  I mean it was creepy and ugly just one block off the shore.  The hotels were old and NOT updated at all.  In fact next to the best hotel in town the Omni was a vacant lot covered in weeds! What a hell hole. But we had fun.  What else do you expect from a town that is 75% Mexican and only 3% white and the rest other?

You get a creepy, vacant looking, broken down, boarded up, fenced off, weeded up city dump.  CC you should be ashmed but the city revenue is not there because white folks have fled! I don’t blame them one bit.

I get profiled the city gets slammed.

Ted Cruz dad: another Cuban fleeing Cuba?

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Cruz born Rafael Edward Cruz in Calgary Alberto Canada said that his dad was born in Cuba, not Mexico, has never been an illegal.  He and Rubio and even my grandparents tell the same damn story that the reason they ended up in the USA was because they were political persons fleeing Cuba for political reasons.  How could that be?  I even doubt my familial history of my great grandfather fleeing Cuba under political pressure.

Were they from Cuba, yes, they were.  Blacks there are often called Afro Cubans.  I hear that Mexicans don’t like Cubans just as I heard they don’t like native Americans AKA Indians.  What else is new? Who the hell do they like?  They are not too keen on blacks either I know from experience.  But Ted Cruz was his dad an American citizen when he was born in 1971? Not sure.  My rule is strict and the only way that we will keep some out of high office.  Both parents should be American citizens and grandparents,  But that is probably too much.

I even believe that the 14th amendment was not even necessary.  That’s my take.  Anyway we will see if Mexicans vote for Cruz.

14 Illegal immigrants (23 packed in) killed in minivan crash in McAllen Texas

McAllen, Texas

McAllen, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

McALLEN, Texas—With little more than photographs and fingerprints, authorities were trying to identify 14 suspected illegal immigrants who were killed when a pickup truck packed with nearly two dozen people crashed in South Texas in one of the nation’s deadliest immigrant smuggling accidents.

The victims — men, women and children — were carrying toothbrushes, toothpaste and changes of socks and underwear but no identification. Authorities said the white Ford F250 was carrying 23 immigrants from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala when it veered off a highway and crashed into trees Sunday night..

“This is the most people I’ve seen in any passenger vehicle, and I’ve been an officer for 38 years,” he said.

It is not uncommon for human traffickers to try to maximize profits by over-loading vehicles with illegal immigrants as they head north from the Texas-Mexico border. In April, nine Mexican immigrants died near the border when the teenage driver of their van crashed after fleeing Border Patrol. There were 18 people in that minivan.

Must Read: Fed Gov trillion-dollar food stamp giveaway to Mexicans!

English: Official photograph portrait of forme...

English: Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush. Português: Foto oficial de George W. Bush, presidente dos Estados Unidos da América. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bush did this shit.  The law was changed in 2002 or 04 that allowed only US citizens to get food stamps extended to Mexican nationals regardless of NEED.  Mark Levin was talking about this on his show last week and even he was shocked to discover that Bush gave away nearly a trillion dollars in food stamp aid to be used over a ten year period.  From 2004 til 2014 and it is meant for not citizens but Mexican nationals and illegals specifically.

What really makes me mad is that when I was in grad school I worked three part time jobs and got food stamps for my kids that was back in early 90s.  Then I moved here and had to pay the state of Illionois back 2,000 dollars because I had a one semester grad school job.  I had to pay back the food stamps money.  I got a letter but I did not go to the hearing it was my bad.  But I could not buy a house til I paid that debt back.  Then after that they started giving money away to blacks and browns who were not eligible to buy a home.  But once again I could not qualify for a bank loan and had to go through FHA and pay an insurance for years along with my mortgage!  This stinks for Americans who pay their bills and work hard.

I warned you that Bush was in love with illegals and it seems to extend to all the RINOs too.  Hell Mitt Romney looks like a Mexican with that black hair and his funny looking sons.

This will make you mad.

Both the Spanish-language ad campaign and the U.S.-Mexico partnership were  launched under the George W. Bush administration. The partnership dates back to  2004 — it was signed between then-Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman and  Mexico’s foreign affairs secretary at the time. The USDA says on its website  that it is meant to “educate eligible Mexican nationals living in the United  States about available nutrition assistance.” To do that, Mexico distributes  materials through its embassy and 50 consular offices.
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Mitt Routs Newt in Florida

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...
Image via Wikipedia

Recall that this man Mitt has been running for president for like 8 years. Has only won ONE election in a state he was not born in! Where is this man from? He was born in Mexico but ain’t Mexican and thought his family was from Utah but he ends up in Boston, Mass running for senate (defeated) and Gov one term and now president.  Will the GOP give it to him out of pity?

At this writing Mitt has a 20 point lead over Newt but they have not called the election for him yet.

Mitt Romney has spent 15 million to defeat Newt Gingrich in Florida because it is a winner take all primary.  That’s too bad that anyone has to spend that kind of money and those types of negative ads to drop the other contender.

Florida is not the end. It seems so because of all  the delegates. If Newt does not have the money then how can he go on.  Only in America would you get a Mitt v Newt strange first names.

Mexican male prostitute held in murder of Jewish flight attendant (in Mexico)

Nick Aaronson

(Credit: Twitter/KPHO)
CNN reported that the ex con was in a bar across the street from Aronson’s hotel and his fingerprints were found inside his hotel room where he allegedly beat and strangled unsuspecting Nick with a belt.  The bar was a in a nice area of Mexico and the suspect said that it was a “revenge attack” and that he did not kill Nick but wanted to beat him up because he slept with his friend and gave him a disease and that it was a 15 y/o from Arizon that killed him.  Since Jose is a male prostitute the person he was revenging could have been a man or a woman.  So was Nick Aaronson gay? That was not clear who the person was.  There must have been something to it or perhaps since he was a prostitute he propositioned Nick, right.  Otherwise how the heck did he get in his room?  Nick’s body was found nude also.  So, if we connect the dots Nick was cruising the bar scene in Mexico and happened on this killer.  The only problem they point out is that 90% of crimes in Mexico go unsolved.  We are so surprised to hear that one.
This sums up that he was probably gay okay: “The blog LGBTQ Nation reportsthat “Aaronson, who was gay, was active in several LGBT rights causes, including participating in the NOH8 Campaign, was a supporter of marriage equality, and advocated on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign.”The victim’s sexuality has not been confirmed in any of the mainstream news reports I have seen yet.”

Read more:

(CBS/AP) MEXICO CITY – Police arrested a 20-year-old man Monday for allegedly killing a U.S. Airways flight attendant in his Mexico City hotel room and stealing his belongings and the safe deposit box. Authorities said Jose Manuel Ramirez beat flight attendant Nick Aaronson and then strangled him with a belt. Police said the victim was 27, but other reports said he was 33.

According to CBS station KCBS, Ramirez, is a male prostitute known as “the shadow” who police say has a criminal record and had been released from a Mexico City prison in June.

Chief prosecutor Miguel Mancera said Ramirez and Aaronson arrived at the downtown Hilton early Friday and went to the room together. Mancera said the attack and theft happened shortly after that, but added that he did not know how much money was reportedly stolen and what was in the safe box.

Other U.S. Airways flight attendants asked hotel employees to check Aaronson’s room Saturday and his naked body was found lying on the floor with his hands tied behind his back.

Mancera said the suspect was identified after studying the hotel’s surveillance videos.

Mexican illegal arrested in Carrollton for rape and murder of 10-year-old girl

On the news there was talk about this as an international case because Jazmen and her family were from Mexico and her grandparents still lived in Mexico and the government wanted to assist in their coming to Texas in order to be at her funeral.

It started out as a call to 911 about a missing girl.  The family was there visiting friends and she was very excited to spend time with a family who was leaving for Mexico. At about midnight they noted that she was not in the room and they also noticed that Jose Sifuentes who was a family friend, and I guess also spending the night, was missing at the same time or for at least 15 minutes.

He was looked at as a person of interest since he was in the home and was missing and could not explain why or his story changed.  The next day his arrest was announced after finding the body of Jazmen it was revealed that she had been raped and stabbed to death.  The police found a bloody knife in his SUV.  So he probably took her there and raped her and murdered her maybe in the field where she was found dead.

Whether or not he is an illegal they are trying to say he had work papers or something like that.  But more than likely he was an illegal killing another person but this time not as a drunk driver.

CARROLLTON — Carrollton police arrested 23-year-old Jose Sifuentes and charged him with murder Tuesday for the stabbing death of Jasmen Gonzalez. They say Sifuentes knew his 10-year-old victim and is related to her by marriage.

Sifuentes had been labeled a “person of interest” since Sunday, when Jasmen’s body was found a short distance away from the Carrollton apartments where she had been staying with family members.

The girl and her parents had come to North Texas for the weekend from their home in Oklahoma City.

Am I a Conservative too?


I believe that our immigration laws should be changed that they are too lenient.  I am for a wall on the border of Mexico and the US.  Do we need one at Canada too? I don’t think so because they are more like us and speak English.

I don’t believe in global warming but I do believe that solar activity and sun spots are causing much of the global warming that we are experiencing.  And man does not affect the sun’s activity.  Just like any catastrophe from nature is greater than ANYTHING that humanity can cook up so the sun is greater than the sum of man’s effort to continually trash and fuck up the planet. 

Thirdly, I think taxes are way too high for people who make less than 30K a year.  But the rich should pay more at the same time we have way too much government and too much pentagon.

I am against the vast war complex that has become the pentagon. 

I wish that we had not gone off the gold standard.

The income tax code should be simplified and some of the loopholes that are legal looked at.

I don’t believe in the shipping of jobs overseas to China and bringing in cheap ass Chinese goods and Asians here to fill jobs that Americans can fill.

I believe that employers are to blame for the illegals taking jobs that used to go to students and young people and black people.   We know there is no purity test.

I consider myself politically centrist and a moderate and a swing voter.  In other words the one that pols love to woo to their side.  Keep trying right now I am just not convinced that the politicians have gotten out of bed with the fat cat banksters.

Chris Christie: Of Book and Bulk

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie

Image via Wikipedia

It seems to me that most serious presidential candidates will write at least one book before they throw their hat in the ring or name in the hat (Sarah Palin).  But Chris Christie has done little about his bulk and nothing about a book in the year preceeding this one.  Is it de rigeur for one to write a book beforehand? It doesn’t hurt and most of the time it actually helps. 

Rick Perry, his moderate and soft on illegal alien stance, was not really a big part of his book “Fed Up!”  Well, that’s what the people of Texas and other states are really saying to the business and the pols we are fed up with the freebies and the magnets that bring so many illegals here from Mexico in particular.  We have too much legal immigration too.  But that is being swallowed up by the vast illegal alien invasion in the southwest that is spreading to the northeast quickly.

Former Gov. Richardson was also a talking head today and he was so dirty politically that Obama could not give him a high-profile job.  Good riddance to Gov. Richardson I say.  He threw his two cents in about Rick Perry but it did not add up to much. 

Famously, Obama wrote two damn books before he ran and people are still mining them for gems of self confession about being a lefty so far that he borders on Communist and socialism. I don’t care about that.  But I am not voting for any political neophytes and no fatties.  LOL

Newsroom manager (Marisol Castaneda) found decapitated alongside a sign

Autonomous University of Tamaulipas

Image via Wikipedia

Woman Decapitated in Mexico

Marisol Macías Castañeda, a newsroom manager for the Primera Hora newspaper in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, was found decapitated alongside a sign saying she was killed for her postings on a social-networking site. The site, Nuevo Laredo en Vivo, has a section for reporting the location of drug-gang lookouts and sales points, which possibly angered the Zetas cartel. It may be the third case so far this month of drug cartels killing people for what they said on the Internet.