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Illegals LINKED to Economic Meltdown

Bangladeshi illegals in India.

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Here’s a link with snapshot of what people are thinking about Perry and those who provide welfare and welcome to illegals.  This is on the same level as universities in this country who fill their engineering classes with foreign students.   My take: this is what led to 9/11 the open arms, welcome and money taken and given by universities who need to fill seats in their math and engineering departments made 9/11 possible IMO.

We also know that the damn wars have also caused the meltdown and a damn president from Texas who again gave away the country to the rich and sent our enemies billions of dollars in foreign aid and we are still doing it.  I don’t mean Israel they get a drop in the bucket compared to other places like Pakistan who are not our friends.  Bush put that horrible pig-faced AG Gonzalez in place.  Would Perry appoint a bunch of Mexicans too?


Now we have the advent of a crushing number of illegals.  And Perry is worse on illegal immigration than I thought.   Perry looks good on camera but bad on paper.  He has given away the state and you can see evidence of it every freakin day.  I had no idea how much he has given to illegals to go to university.  But it is the libs at the university who want this. They need to fill seats and will partner with anybody to do so. 

Look at the jobs that teenagers used to hold: MacDonalds, entry-level jobs at large businesses, grocery stores, fast food places and small businesses.  These jobs are now all filled with bilingual illegals and legal immigrants from south of the border including  Mexico because they speak Spanish.  The basic entry level and minimum wage jobs are now filled with people from Mexico both legal and illegals.  That’s why teens can’t get a job.

Then there is the economic meltdown of 2008 and the banks that were in bed with the drug cartels and the money from Mexico that flowed here and needed laundering.  Then there is the housing glut created by the illegal workforce in large states including Nevada.  It has all backfired on the country whose politicians try to tell us immigration is good for the bottom line.   It’s linked only the politicians won’t connect those dots because they think you are not that smart to catch their tricks. 


Sign of the Times: “This is Crapitalism”

Robert F. Kennedy, Cabinet Room, White House, ...

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I just watched video with West and Smiley on poverty tour.  They spoke with Amy Goodman and in one of the videos she showed a poor man holding a sign and on the reverse side it read “This is craptialism” what a sign what a truth.

Tavis and Cornell are real brothers and also best friends.  They are also outsiders and it seems that were outside the pale from the getgo with Obama.  I mean Tavis got bounced around on TV and radio in part because he had his doubts or his outs with Obama.  He was vocal.  West was also vocal in his criticism of Obama due to that question of accessibility.  He did not make himself accessible to blacks but did make himself open for business in the white rich world of banksters and wall street fat cats.

JFK was a rich man’s son but he had a heart for the poor and this came out with the work that his brother RFK undertook when he ran for the presidency: Poverty and the war on poverty.  True the poor will always be with us and so will genocide but does that mean we do nothing about it?  It means that the wheel of karma grinds on but we must not let it grind us down. Bobby did not think so he believed that something could be done.  Then Teddy came along and gave away the country.  We did not have that in mind.

In my article The Age of Opinion I was asked about my cryptic statement of Obama as the first “black” president and why didn’t I elaborate on that statement.  I kinda wish that I had when I had that stream of thought going for that article.  I juxtaposed it with the authentic black versus the plantation politician that was widely used in Chicago along with other terms for blacks who sold out their own when they got a little taste of power.

That’s the definition of authentic black that person does not sell out his people for a little power.  That’s why I am here and not somewhere else because I will not sell my opinion to fit a mold of what I am supposed to say or not say.  I see what the federal government thinks of illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico for instance.   Your tax dollars fed them three squares a day at school.  It also feeds black and white kids.   But it seems to go out of its way to insure that Mexican immigrants get that welfare that we are now paying for. All the forms are written in Spanish and English because we have not declared an official language in this country.  That’s why we have so many different languages printed.

Is that crapitalism? In a way it is.  The children of the poor get fed, we pay, and the rich strike back by taking away from the coffers of taxes, by making the boxes smaller and charging more money, by buying ads on TV and we pay the price at the pump and the grocery store.  Can capitalism sustain itself in the face of a race of brown border runners who breed faster than you can say “free breakfast.”  The other thing are the taxes not paid by big business and their ability to move lock, stock and barrel out of the country.

The poor will always be with us in crapitalism and they will also make the middle class poorer when capital goes to China. 

Mexican student kills white principal

This Mexican man, named Eduardo Marmelejo a 17 yo, stabbed the principal to death because he did not like her and planned to kill her. It’s small school and he got her alone and did the deed. Hope he gets death so taxpayers don’t have to pay. The name marmelejo is a typical Mexican surname. To add insult to injury mexicans are taking over Chicago and its suburbs. I am sure there are some nice and gentle Mexican students I know there are because I’ve seen them.  But when you get into the millions of illegals who are here you are bound to get some really bad apples and plain killers who will unlease their bad homelife on us all. 

For the good, few good Mexicans who come here legally and abide by the laws yes, you have to suffer for the bad ones just like black people get a bad name when the reggins come out of the woodwork with their damn pants down below their butt and underwear showing or not because they gonna walk like gorillas since the pants are not pulled up and these thugs, the real thugs on top of everything so quick to riot and just now riotinng all over the world via twitter.  Yes, it makes non whites look like hooligans, and we are not all like that for sure.  So, don’t mean to paint all Mexicans with a broad brush but the illegal ones are just ten million too many for my taste. 

Boycott this film “A Better Life”

Kennedy's official Senate portrait in the 1990s

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A Better Life is a recent film by a liberal Jew who seeks to push the liberal agenda on America.  Oh, I know that a lot of white libs love those damn illegals, esp. the Mexican variety, I see it all the time here.  But many more like myself, not enough black people though, see the handwriting on the wall that the illegals have jumped over: we will take over your country and you WON’T stop us!

They wave their dirty flags in our faces and we take it.  We know they are overbreeding humans, we get that.  But Jewish filmmakers want to put their plight in our faces so that we can become bleeding heart libs like Ted Kennedy.  Stop the Ted Kennedy’s and Chris Weitz‘s of the world.  Just go to a grocery store or to Wal Mart and you will see women in their thirties who look fifty with stairstep kids following them usually from 3 to 6 in number, the older ones don’t come with them, where they have two shopping carts and pay with foodstamps enough to choke a horsemeat.

Stop the madness, stop this country from becoming a third world rendez vous where anyone from anywhere can swim, fly or walk across our borders, get a job, get welfare, not pay taxes, overload our schools, shutter our hospitals, drive down salaries, drive the economy into the meltdown ditch and not to mention overcrowd the prisons and overburden tax-paying citizens who need jobs not a handout or have to compete with illegals from everywhere especially from Mexico and China.

A Better Life (new film pushes Jewish agenda pro illegal aliens from Mexico)

”]Cover of "El Norte [Region 4]"

I don’t watch films by this Jewish producer Weitz, even though I do go to many movies that are produced by Jewish producers. I mean who can avoid that? It’s hard to avoid it but you can pick and choose.  The man that brought the world American Pie with some boys screwing into an apple pie (an American symbol) and a film I did not watch nor did I watch any of his vampire movies.  Jews push evil no doubt and when it strikes one of their own, they get miffed, discombobulated, no clue as to why a Jew Aron Levi would kill. 

Now Chris Weitz, who said he gots lots of hate mail and online comments. And I have found lots of those same comments whenever I read anything about how illegals are sucking this country dry. 

Anyway, has done a new film as he was on Morning Jew today and talked about his film.  You know it is totally pro Mexican, pro illegal immigration.  We already knew that they were outbirth rating everybody else for want of a nicer word, but we don’t need it in our faces.  I would boycott this film, yes, I would. And as some of you may be aware Mexicans and illegals have been especially hateful of blacks in So Central LA where they have terrorized, murdered and run off thousands of  black folks who were there long before the illegals, and son of illegals, anchors and sons of anchors got there.  Here is a pro film review below so you can see those who are illegals and love what’s happening to our country want to see more films about their kind. 

here’s a pro movie review: source:

…the setting for Chris Weitz’s “A Better Life,” about a single father who exists under the radar and dreams the American dream.

Very few American 
movies have dealt with the experience of illegals – “El Norte” (the best of them), “The Border,” and “The Visitor” are probably the best known. ..Carlos (Demián Bichir), who works as a gardener’s helper, lives with his 14-year-old son Luis (José Julián) in a rundown apartment in East L.A. He sleeps on the couch so that Luis can have a comfortable bed and be fresh for school, even though Luis, a good student when he wants to be, often skips classes to hang out with his other truant friends.
When Blasco (the wonderful Joaquín Cosio), who owns the lawn business, decides to go back to Mexico, he offers to sell Carlos his truck and equipment. Since Carlos has no driver’s license – and because a routine traffic violation could result in deportation for him – he is reluctant at first. Eventually he takes up his sister’s generous offer of a loan and buys the truck. A new world opens up to him, until, on his first day – when his new truck is stolen. As Carlos and Luis comb the barrio and South Central L.A. in search of the stolen truck, they slowly bond. Or rather, Luis bonds with his father. Carlos’s love for his son is never in doubt. His prime motivation for buying the truck and risking 
everything was simple: He wants to move his son into a better neighborhood and away from the gangs the boy has so far tenuously resisted.

Former TV-Producer Beresford Redman Possible Extradition to Mexico

Monica Burgos (Brazilian, possibly part Jewish…her maiden name) had argument with her husband and then he killed her are the allegations against the former Survivor producer.  Monica’s sister was on Jane Velez.

A federal judge has ordered former reality television producer Bruce Beresford-Redman (Jewish) to be extradited back to Mexico to face charges that he murdered his wife Monica Burgos in April 2010.

In an extradition hearing Tuesday, the judge, siding with Mexican and U.S. prosecutors, found probable cause that the former “Survivor” producer committed the crime. This decision sets in motion the transfer process to send an American to Mexico to stand trial.

Why I prefer cats and kittens: Youtube dreaming kitten gets hug from mom

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Mama kitten hugs her dreaming baby Youtube video with 10 million hits and counting.

The New “Crossings”? Found: 513 Illegals crammed into 2 trucks

Colectivo en Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Image via Wikipedia check out the link for the X-ray photo! This is too much. We are just letting these MFs into our country.

Packed together in the tightest of cabins, with little air to breathe and no space at all in which to move, the migrants in this picture show just how far some will go to try to sneak into America.

Mexican police found the 513 agonisingly squashed together in two trucks just outside Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas – an eye-watering 18-hour-drive away from the nearest US border.

They were caught when the trucks sped through a vehicle scanner at a police checkpoint. After the astonishing X-ray image came up on screens, police gave chase, finding 240 people in one truck and 273 crammed into the other

Read more:

New Country, New Race

Soledad O’Brien of CNN is exploring race and being latino in America. She has the same roots as myself, white, black and Cuban. I also have Italian and Native American. And she easily looks like members of my own family on either side. This article is about he new classification. And if we do as Brazil has done “race by observation” then you would think that Soledad is a light skinned black woman, especially if she has her good hair au naturel. So if you are hispanic and look white, well then you are NOW white.

In case you were unaware the Feds have upped the ante on race in America. Now, if I want to I can claim all my races and my ethnic background. So, I would be hispanic, black and white on paper.

But there’s more: the illegals who have now moved here have gotten more than they bargained for–they are now white. This is what happened to the Irish and the Italians. In Europe they are the Mediterranean or the Celtic and they are not considered Anglo or Anglo Saxon or really white. But they are, it was a head fake by their brothers who said that being Anglo was superior to being from Sicily.

Here’s what makes me mad this is the same old thing: everybody in America is white including the Mexicans but blacks who have been in this country for centuries. Many like my immediate family, relatives and in laws and relatives by marriage look not black, but yet they are.

Welcome to America. Those who have been in this country as little as two months, on paper, are now white. They don’t want to be white but unless you can prove you are Native American then you are white.

Recall this is what happened to the Jews. They filled up Europe and became more white by intermarriage. Some did not intermarry but married within the family hence the hook noses and the eyes on top of each other etc. but they were white and Hitler did not like it so he set about fixing it. This sets up the game of the future for likely targets of genocide. The handwriting on the fed is not with invisible ink anymore…it’s real.

Media Don’t Mention Swine Flu Comes From Pig Crap — Pig Poop is Prolific!

The U.S. should be pointing the dirty finger at itself as reported 4/26-09:

The recent swine flu outbreak taking place in Mexico may have originated at a US-owned pig-breeding farm by the name of Granjas Carroll (aka Carroll Farms), which is owned, in part by the Smithfield Food Company. Smithfield also promotes the consumption of genetically-altered foods, and even owns certain genetic lines of pork breeding. On April 12 of 2009, before the swine flu outbreak was covered by mainstream media outlets, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada broke a story on how Carroll Farms was polluting the drinking water near the towns of La Gloria and Perote, in Veracruz.

As one unfamiliar with pig as food but pig as polluter I have been seeking something be done about the pig farms in N. Carolina before it is too late and the ecology is totally ruined by the great glut of feces that swine and swine farms generate.

Pig poop is prolific.

And if it goes uncontrolled more disease incubation. When the left rallies against pig farms we get shut up. But who is shutting up now? Those living with swine flu, that’s who.

From the same above-named source: at ground zero the local Mexicans are complaining of:

large quantities of pig excrement in the waterways to the smell of chemicals and feces in several towns.