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It’s ‘Good riddance’ to the unwashed pols

Wow,  use a common idiom, maybe to myself, and we get tongue-tied pols tripping all over their tongues and using “good riddens’ instead.  No such word as ‘riddens’ there is ‘ridden’ like guilt-ridden or bed-ridden but it does not substitute for the real word ‘riddance’ which means glad something is gone and done.  Let’s name names here; Steele and Swarzanegger, sp, who both used, recently, ‘riddens’ as in ‘good riddens’ instead of ‘riddance.’  Heloise is the first person even use that idiom as far as I can tell anyway.

Rush Ready For Primetime

Rush transcript from CPAC.

Rush stole the primetime CPAC show with his rousing speech that went an hour overtime.

They don’t have the right to take money that’s not theirs, from the back pockets of producers, and give it to groups like ACORN, which are going to advance the Democrat Party. If anybody but government were doing this, it would be a crime. And many of us think it’s bordering on that as it exists now. [Applause]

President Obama is so busy trying to foment and create anger in a created atmosphere of crisis, he is so busy fueling the emotions of class envy that he’s forgotten it’s not his money that he’s spending. [Applause] In fact, the money he’s spending is not ours. He’s spending wealth that has yet to be created. And that is not sustainable. It will not work. This has been tried around the world. And every time it’s been tried, it’s a failed disaster.

Rush said that Obama forgot that it’s not his money he’s spending. No one heard Rush remind Bush and his criminal cronies that it was not their money spent on Iraq and oil.

Rush ATTACKED Steele on radio today: “Where are your guts?” He went on to tell Steele that he is not doing his job RNC, not president. Steele, Rush wants you to get over yourself and stop being cute on the talk shows. He all but called Steele a stepin fetchin negro. Steele you are not the head of the party but the RNC, so RUN for prez if you want street cred with the Limbaugh crowd.


“Bottom Line #1–Creating Jobs” First Presidential News Conference

was held today by President Obama. He faced the press corps tonight. But first he went on a whirlwind tour to Elkhart, IN, the home of the big trailers, that ain’t selling these days, then he returned to the White House for a press conference. Can you say “the sellin’ is smellin”?” I just made that up.

Here’s the entire transcript thanks to CNN:
The truth is that he is pitching his stimulus package to the people only after the votes have been settled. Pundits, including Heloise predict that despite Rush, Hannity and Levine pooh-poohing this ugly bill, it will pass. It will pass so get over it.
How convincing is Obama, not sure, but the press room looks like my game room, same colors, same drapes and similar chandelier…hmmm. I digress, the Prez was led away from stimulating talk to talk about Afghanistan and that’s so boring.

Obama did tout that he has put more Republicans in his cabinet than others and that’s supposed to win him recognition from real conservatives and not just the RINO crowd.

But he better look out for Michael Steele who says he gonna get the Dems with his smartness and his wild understanding of the economy as demonstrated in his interviews. His Hannity interview is full of mutual back slapping. He was wise to go on FOX after his WTF interview with George.

My man Obama  used “bottom line” a bunch of times and he said one of his “main bottom lines is getting credit flowing to the people.”

Listen to Levine

Levine on the radio tonight was livid. This guy is piping hot over Obama and the socialist movement from the FDR days until now. He also called out the “Repubicans” but it was funnier hearing him say it than reading the word “pubic” in the middle. He is hating on the 3 RINOs who voted with Obama and planned to launch their boats to Obama Island. He was especially vehement when it came to Arlen Spector. They are both Jews but he hates Spector who is out of Pennsylvania, a Jewish safe haven to be sure, and also a pretty purple state. Levine said that Spector’s job was in jeopardy and that the good people of Pennsylvania will vote his ass out of office with money, organization and counter wingnut grassroots! You tell ’em Levine.

Getting back to Barack– how successful was his press debut as Prez, impressive actually. He sounded and looked presidential. He called on Sam Stein of the Huffington Post to ask a question. He asked about the proposal to investigate the Bush administration.

 Obama said he has not seen the proposal but  that “my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture, we are going to abide by the Geneva Conventions…Nobody’s above the law…people should be prosecuted just like any ordinary citizen…want to look forward rather than look backward.”

Mara Liason asked my kind of question: about “where’s the health care and the Republicans on board down the road?” How are you going to get more Republicans involved? He said that the jockeying for position has to be put aside because the little people can’t afford it. He said we should be able to work together. He reminded her that the Republicans were surprised and were on board when they saw the tax cuts. But he said the lesson he learned, is one I heard from another smart pundit, forget who, that Obama should not have given up the big tax cuts so damn easy. He acknowledged that he played the tax-cut card WAY too early and too big.


Steele stole GOP Chair–Updated

Michael Steele appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and here’s what he had to say to them Dems!

“We want you to work with us, and for those of you who wish to obstruct–get ready to get knocked over!”

He said that he wants to move the party forward on the ideas that matter. Inquiring minds want to know “what ideas?” 

 He was talking to Dems and GOP alike. He is “NOT IN THE MOOD” for people to stand in the way and say we “can’t do it because we’ve always done it this way.”

Steele offered this warning (paraphrase) For the democrats who want to put up roadblocks, obfuscation, sleight of hand, and name calling he ‘s not gonna put up with it.

Q: Give me three names that are movers in the party and under 50?

A:  Bobby Jindal, Gov. Sarah Palin, and Tim Pawlenty will define the field in the years to come.

He has mentioned two of the people I also echoed as folks to watch. Doesn’t mean they’re going anywhere, just WATCH ‘EM! LOL

Heloise predicted as much when she wrote an article about the future of the GOP. I said they need to put a black face on the GOP. It was a hard-won battle but apparently Michael Steele prevailed.

Many speculated that it would be Newt Gingrich but I narrowed it down to either Steele or Jindal. Not sure if Jindal was in the area.  I didn’t know they had to vote on it, but that’s how it’s done on the GOP national level:

“We’re going to say to friend and foe alike: We want you to be a part of us, we want you to with be with us, and for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over,” Steele said.

He won 91 votes out of a possible 168 in the sixth round. A simple majority of 85 was needed, but it took six rounds for Steele to win.  Reuters


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