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Obama: “(my son) he would look like Trayvon”

If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said, underscoring how the issue affected him on a personal, and not just a political or legal, level. “I think [Trayvon’s parents] are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

Some comments are suggesting that Obama has waded in because this kid was black but had nothing to say when a white kid was set afire by two black teens.:

To be fair the white kid did not lose his life but he was burned up pretty badly as they poured gasoline on him and threw a BIC lighter at him.  They were all teens and it was not a case of a grown man chasing down a kid and killing him…lots of differences here but both may be hate crimes as the black boys said “that’s what you get white boy.”  Hate crime writ large.

 What about the horrible case in NJ where some Mexican thugs executed four teens in cold blood.

Today, this is on my mind because I first, accidently, called my one black student in class “Trayvon” and his name is similar to Tryavon. I quickly corrected myself before the kids realized what I said. But not sure these youngsters are aware of the media and its impact on this case. 

President-elect Barack Obama, Mrs. Michelle Ob...

President-elect Barack Obama, Mrs. Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha (7) and Malia (10) at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC, getting ready for the first day of school. Photo by Callie Shell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Michelle Obama a big hit across the Pond

Scroll through the photos and the activities of the Obamas while in England. I really like the McQueen outfit she wore to speak to group at Oxford. I think I will make that puppy at home on one of my machines.  You could belt it or find a similar white tunic the pants are easy.  Looking good Michelle.

Are Black Women Uglier than any other Race? Psychology Today Thinks so

If you click on the link below it will take you to the entire crappy article. Beauty is subjective and political. Also men are more attractive or beautiful than women. You cannot measure scientifically the likes of someone it is the first thing we are taught in science.

Miss Jamaica--Runner-up for Miss Universe

I knew it: black women cannot win in this society.  First we are perpetually mocked for one reason or another take Michelle Obama mocked as “fat” and that’s code for black in my book.   Sunday Psychology Today made it official that black women are ugly and fat. The racial cowards however have removed the offending article.  No don’t take it down, defend it I say. 

Thanks to some “scientist” on Psychology Today he offers evidence that black women are somehow less attractive than any other race of women, besides also the fattest, in an article that they have removed. The answers were given ranks. 

Here’s a link to parts of it. I will update when I can access the other sites that kept the entire article.


A lot of you have probably already seen this, but I feel compelled as an Angry Black Woman to add my own commentary. The story is this:

Yesterday (a Sunday), Psychology Today blog The Scientific Fundamentalist posted a piece that was originally titled “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” but is now magically re-titled “Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than Other Men?” I know the change happened because I saw the original a few hours ago. Google doesn’t have a cache of the page, but when I searched I saw the original title, as so:

Michelle Obama is wrong!

Michelle Obama said it was hard to please a kid palate and that one had to do drive through in order to have peace at a meal. WTF!

The palate is trained to like what it is fed. If you TRAIN your kids that YOU DO NOT DO takeout then they won’t demand TAKEOUT! This is the lazy black woman’s way. I taught black kids from the ghetto and guess what they ate at McDonald’s more than five times a week. Who knew? I sure as hell did not. Then I took them to the library so they could see how much fat and calories they were eating. And lo and behold they were eating one day’s fat in ONE MEAL.

I hate when people at the top spew lies and ignorance. A CHILD MUST BE trained to eat WTF you cook or serve. I have relatives whose kids won’t touch oatmeal or would throw up if it were served to them because they had to have McDonalds for freakin breakfast.

GIVE me a break. LIES AND MORE LIES from retarded leaders.

Michelle’s PSA in Pearls

Not only is Michelle Obama wearing pearls in this just-released psa with Jill Biden, but she is also wearing the dusty pink lipstick she wore with that suit. She looks great. Can’t say that I can take credit for it, but maybe she did listen. It may have been shot last week, not sure, but it was released just last night or is yet to come.


Michelle Obama: Pretty in Pink

On 09/09/09 Obama delivered a rare joint session speech. He wore a red stripped tie and Michelle, she wore pink, well dusty rose actually. But with the matching lipstick–looked the best I’ve ever seen her. She can wear that color well. She did not have her arms out. Her hair was perfect. I saw her stand up and it was a suit. Yes, you should wear more suits Michelle quite fetching. Causal solid colored suits, suit you fine. You might also want to grab a pair of pearls, they are classic too.

When she goes on casual outings I think she needs a little more pizzaz. She looks too much like she is still on the block on the southside of Chicago. If you look at the photos of Jackie when she was playing…she was still stunning. She would wear sun dresses and fitted slacks with a jacket of some sort, unless she was on the beach naturally.

I think Michelle could perk up her casual outfits a bit more. The fall and winter are coming so she should be looking a bit more formal rather than casual. Since she does not have little babies she could wear suits, casual suits more often. Hillary is still rocking the pantsuits. She wore a cherry red suit. She looks good in red. And with her post oak legs, well I can see her covering them up. But speaking of Hillary I like her more each day in her new role as top dog in the house, I mean cabinet.

I listened to Mark Levin on the way home. And he said that he would break up the president’s speech in bits and pieces, live while he spoke. He said that they would rather listen to him! Oh boy, what a big head. I am listening to the speech now and Barack just used my phrase “game the system.” I gave Roland a question to feed to Obama and it was about illegal aliens not being able to game the system. He just used it in the same context as I did. Now someone heckled him with “you lied.”