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The Other Brain

Rendering of human brain.

Now I am fascinated by the role of the glia and the microglia in a brain that is damaged or well.  I just heard about this other brain within the, well, brain.  It does not operate by sending electrical impulses therefore its signal is not picked up by EEG like the normal brain.

It work by using calcium channels and a new book called The Other Brain explains it.

I have other reasons for brain research. I have always had a form of photo epilepsy which causes one to fall in the presence of flashing lights like fireworks. I know my brain was damaged in most recent life. And this I must transcend and transform. Not easy to do. But the gods are not exempt from the law like the banksters.

My first field of study was the etheric body which is not only another brain but indeed another body that is subtle and overlays the dense physical one. Meditate on that.

Today I know that the brain’s power comes from miniaturizing and concentrating its components to such an extreme that its working parts are invisible. Like the working parts of a computer miniaturized beyond the resolution of the human eye, the working components of the brain are invisible unless they are magnified hundreds or thousands of times larger by powerful microscopes.

A century ago the newly perfected optical instrument gave scientists their first look at the cellular structure of brain tissue. What these pioneering scientists glimpsed through that window into brain tissue astonished them. Brain cells were unlike those anywhere else in the body. Their observations revolutionized our understanding of the brain and charted the course of neuroscience for the next century.

We seem not to be able to identify the soul or the mind.  But I am beginning to think that they are one and the same thing.