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Rick Perry lays another egg


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Memo to US presidential candidate Rick Perry: Turkey isn’t run by “Islamic terrorists.” Rather, it’s the U.S.’s most important Muslim ally. For proof, look no further than Turkey’s recent installation of a crucial radar system that’s an essential part of U.S. plans to defend NATO against Iranian nuclear missiles—ignoring hysterical opposition from Teheran. And Turkey’s prime minister has just toured the newly hatched democracies of the Middle East—urging former Islamist parties to keep religion out of politics and singing the praises of secularism.

Jewish Hikers—Convicted Iranian Spies—Update

The two men both Jewish have been convicted by Iran for spying.  Don’t bother commenting that they are Christians who celebrate Christmas.  They are ethnic Jews end of story. That’s always the context I use the term, never solely as a religious group.  These hikers really strike me as Zionists but that we may never know. 

The Jewish woman hiker Sarah was set free for health reasons with a large bail paid first.  But the two men not so lucky:

Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were taken into custody while vacationing in Iraq two summers ago, after they got lost in the mountains and wandered into Iran. A third hiker, Sarah Shourd, was released last year on $500,000 bail. Even before the verdict was announced, the families of the hikers told Newsweek they would appeal a decision that didn’t bring their sons home immediately.

“To our many supporters: we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your messages of support!” the family wrote on their Twitter account, upon announcement of the verdict. “What we need now more than ever is your support in getting Shane & Josh released. Peaceful communication is MOST supportive to us during this intensely challenging time, especially as it honors the values that Sarah, Shane and Josh hold so dear.”

The men have now served 750 days in prison, compared to the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979 which lasted 444 days.

An Iranian court is scheduled to issue a verdict within a week in the case of two American hikers detained in Iran, the hikers’ lawyer Sunday.

Attorney Masoud Shafiei said Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer are innocent of charges that they illegally entered Iran as spies. The lawyer reiterated at a hearing Sunday that the Americans have maintained their innocence throughout months of imprisonment.

If the court reaches a guilty verdict, Shafiei said the time the two have spent in Iranian custody is enough.

“I believe that even if the court finds my clients guilty, the two years that they have already served in prison would be considered as their sentence and they would be released,” he said. Sunday’s hearing occurred two years to the date of their arrest while hiking near the country’s border with Iraq.

Fattal and Bauer could be freed within a week of a court order, according to the lawyer.

“Freedom Fever” hits Arab World

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Freedom fever is burning in the hearts of the Arab world: Egypt, Yemen, Tunsia, Libya, and beyond all have the fire of freedom burning within.

Mohamar Quaddafi said that he and his sons won’t leave their country.

Indian workers have left and are telling all kinds of horror stories.  The Indians are like the Mexicans are here, they migrate to work in other countries and then go back home.

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Burn the Quran? Go for it.

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A pastor plans to burn the Koran.  Terry Jones’, who heads a tiny church in Florida, action is being compared to Nazi Germany that burned books of all kind. Then they burned people. He says that the book is evil and should have been burned a long time ago. What good will it do? I think it will inflame the flammable. I had a vision of a huge sword rising from the water decades ago.   America did not see the rise of Islam coming to America. Recall  they took over Spain and had to be expelled like the Jews.  Hell, we can’t even get rid of a few million illegals.

Holy books are holy for those who use them. I just boxed up some of my holy scriptures, yes, the Koran went in a box with some Buddhists books. The book is, well, just a book.  I have the Adi Granth as well as the Dhammapada, all scriptures for faith, but not prescription for living as some would have it. Actually, the books like the Bible are prescriptions for living a good life.

Are we becoming a nation who hates Islam and its followers? Don’t forget many of those Muslims are black people, regular black folks born here in America. They chose to follow this religion. I predict it might also inflame racial hatred. This is not just the religion of Malaysia or Arabia or the Middle East, but also of America.