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Now I am struggling with depression

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Depression  is the bane of dedicated writers and regular folks too.   Can’t promise much production as I should be in intensive therapy for the next few weeks.  I am keeping a diary and journal of my struggle and may hope to publish it God willing to help others who have to overcome childhood abuse and neglect.  I am delayed onset depression. I can tell you that exercise and food and social withdrawal kept me going.  When younger I was a sex addict.  But I never used alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs and never attempted suicide.   So therefore I am eligible for outpatient treatment.

Pray for me and I’ll pray for you.  This is the worst disease ever.  People told me I was crazy, they were right.  People told me to lose weight, now I’ve lost 30 pounds in about two months.  Not having an appetite seems really really strange to me.  I miss being outside.  I did a lot of crying and praying.  Now I am into relaxation, meds, accupuncture and SLOWING MYSELF WAY DOWN.

I will write when I can.  I did not even watch the debates nor care to. You know that’s not like me.  I am taking no pleasure in my life or life in general.  Just my season to suffer.  Yesterday was my birthday too.


Brain fog: ginko and vinpocetine

I have been using both these supplements ginko biloboa and vinpocetine and Omega-3 (walnuts and flax seed oil) and B vitamins for the past month.  And they really work. I have also changed my diet and got rid of things causing inflammation.  But I had bad brain fog could hardly think.  And as “friends” used to tell me “you crazy.” Well, they were right.  I earned by insanity honestly with a boatload of karma I have chosen to pay off in this lifetime.

But if you want to increase blood flow to your brain I highly recommend these two supplements.  I need to do a little research on supplements for depression such as St. John’s Wart.  That’s not my main problem but a symptom for now.  I have another diagnosis actually.  Things have greatly improved with prayers and proper diet.